Would You Like to Clean Up Your Home As Well As Your Mind? Plan the Big Clean With Feng Shui

Úklid podle učení feng šuejFeng shui is a traditional Chinese philosophy focusing on the relationship on man and space they live in. Feng shui provides many rules and pieces of advice to help you make your home into a harmonious haven of positive energy. One of the many parts of the feng shui philosophy is how to clean up your home properly. So get inspired here and start cleaning up your home according to the feng shui principles. By cleaning up your house, you also clean your life; you get rid of excess burdens that prevent you from developing and take your joy out of your life.

Basic Rules of Feng Shui Cleaning

Get ready for the big feng shui cleaning properly - buy trash bags and cleaning agents. The first step is to remove anything unnecessary from your household, things that are no good to you anymore. Your house should also be rid of all things evoking unpleasant memories. Certainly do remove those. The same applies to your clothes. Fashionable pieces you have not worn in over a year have no place in your closet anymore. Clothes that still look nice can be sold or exchanged at a bazaar.

Cleared area without unnecessary clutter begins to breathe more easily and makes the energy flow better.

When you have removed all the clutter, you can start really cleaning and washing using cleaning agents; however, remember to store the cleaning supplies somewhere out of sight when you have finished the clean-up. Feng shui makes a point of making them invisible. It allegedly brings bad luck and discord into the house.
The feng shui philosophy also states as important that you remove all things that disrupt the paths around the house. Small and narrow hallways can only have the most necessary things in them.

Cleaning the hallway or entryway according to feng shui

It is a place that usually gathers most junk after the winter. The entry into an abode symbolizes the beginning of the qi energy flowing. It is necessary to clean this space so that there are no shoes, coats and umbrellas all over the place. A mirror should not be place directly opposite the entry. It is pleasant to put something welcoming and heart-warming into the entryway, e.g. flowers, etc.

Cleaning the bedroom according to feng shui

The place you sleep in should be clean and neat. If possible, there should be no TV or computers in the bedroom. The space under the beds should only serve for storage of bedroom sheets, blankets and pillows.

Cleaning the living room according to feng shui

It is a place where all the family members meet. It should be cosy and pleasantly furnished, not cluttered. Furniture with sharp edges is not suitable, it creates harmful energy. If you have such furniture in your house, you can at least cover the edges with a tablecloth. The room should not centre on a TV, but rather on a fireplace or the seating area.

Cleaning the kitchen according to feng shui

According to feng shui, kitchen is very important, it is the centre of the home's fire and the health of the family depends on it. It should be a clean, clutter-free space with nothing to stand in the way of life energy flowing.

Cleaning the bathroom according to feng shui

Cleaning the body is very closely linked to the cleaning of the soul. The bathroom should be spacious, neat and airy. Door to the bathroom should always be closed. It is a place where a person may be alone of a while.

What to keep and what to throw?

In order to clean your home according to feng shui, it is good to allocate some time to this task and prepare for the entire process thoroughly. Think about what you will do with the things you no longer need, whether you will throw them away, give them away or sell them. Deciding on what to keep and what to toss is usually very subjective and in many cases very difficult.

  • Surely remove anything associated with painful memories. This also applies to pictures of people who hurt you. Remove also things that you feel are giving you unpleasant feelings or anxiety.
  • Straighten up your papers and throw out all old promotional flyers, old papers and letter envelopes.
  • Unnecessary or broken electrical appliances slow down your prosperity and happiness significantly and that is why you should have them fix or throw them out immediately.
  • Never throw out any things of your partner or children without their consent. You never know what things that you consider trash are their treasure.

Cleaning up the garage, the attic, basement and pantry according to feng shui

These are all places where we tend to gather all the unnecessary junk. By doing that, we don't solve much, do we? The old energy still binds us. Throw out all the unnecessary things.

Throw out anything that is not functioning and that has no collector or art value. Things that do have this value can always be given away or sold to and antique store. You can give away your old clothes to your friends or their children, or donate them to charity.

Cleaning your house like this is good for you. It lets you breathe more easily, everything is arranged better, neater and keeping your place tidy doesn't seem that hard anymore.

Cleansing the space's energy

Cleansing the space in your home or office is an inherent part of the feng shui clean-up. Spaces you live in should undergo such cleansing on a regular basis. The energy that stays at a given place after your ancestors, previous owners or tenants may cause health problems, problems in career and relationships and they may also manifest in odd inexplicable coincidences.

Cleaning according to the principles of feng shui is not complicated and does not take much time, but its results are surprising. It is good to cleanse your space when:

  1. you move into new space where a stranger lived previously,
  2. when a significant unpleasant event takes place in your life (a long illness, divorce, conflicts, crises, death of a loved one),
  3. you realise you need some change, something new, pure, fresh air...
  4. You may also cleanse your space preventively to maintain the quality of the flowing energy and your living comfort.

Other tips on feng shui cleaning

If you feel well in your home, your mind is calmer, more balanced as well and it brings results. If you feel anxious and unpleasant, it is high time you did something about it and decide for some change.

  • If possible, always put your own furniture into your new abode, especially if you don't know anything about its previous owners. If it is not possible to change all the furniture for whatever reason, at least do something with the bed, at least with the mattresses.
  • Wash all window and door frames meticulously. You may also put a few drops of nice-smelling oils into water. Clean frames keep the negative energy outside.
  • Inspect the plants in the house. They should be healthy, without dusty leaves, atd. The best energy is the energy of plants that have plenty of soil and water. You should not keep old, ill or dried flowers in your house - they do not work well for the space.
  • Crystals and candles have great cleansing energy - they harmonize the space of your home and office and they help stimulate man's energy and thinking. Perfectly honed crystals help you focus your thinking, support creativity and social life. These crystals do not only emit their positive energy on people, but also on the pets and plants of the house.
  • According to feng shui, the Ba-gua mirror is a great helper for cleansing and safeguarding the home space. It serves best hanging freely in the entryway of the house or flat. On the mirror, there is a mirror on one side and symbols of yin and yang on the other side.
  • The energy of the space flows in walls and plasters, so if we want to live in an old house, it is suitable to repaint it or remove all the layers down to the bricks and put up new plasters altogether.
  • We should always repaint the walls once in three years in order to refresh the rooms.
  • Another option is sour treatment. The sourness will make stagnant energy flow again. Best use water with vinegar and smear it on the entrance, door frames, doorknob and all parts of the space that are neglected.
  • Salt cleanse absorbs the ambient energy, sucks it in. Best throw coarse-grained sea salt around the floors for a night; sweep the salt up in the morning and bury it in the garden outside of the house.
  • You can also pour salt into glass bowls - ca 2 tablespoons of coarse-grained sea salt. Place a bowl with this salt into each room before you leave the house. After you come back, air the space out and again put the salt away from the house.
  • Incense is also a powerful cleansing agent for the house. With an incense stick in hand, walk through all the rooms of the house clockwise.
  • Well selected, pleasant and calming music also helps soften and harmonize the mood of your home. You can even let it play for the entire time you are out. The energy in the house will calm down.

The energetic cleansing of your living space may become your private ritual. It makes you stop for a moment and ruminate your expectations of the future. With these thoughts in mind, walk through your home and visualize your thoughts and desires. Thus you set the plan to be fulfilled eventually.

Colours for a harmonious home

If you are planning to paint the house along with the big clean-up, think about what colours to choose.
Light and warm colours such as yellow are suitable. Red is also an option, although you must not overdo it. Although red is a colour symbolizing happiness and abundance, some of its shades might be aggressive and upsetting.

Faded and drab colours are suitable for the bedroom. Choose colours that do not disrupt your sleep. Pick colours that are calming, such as blue, light-green, grey and beige.

Bathrooms are good in pure white, light green or light blue.

Living rooms tend to work well in earthy tones - shades of brown and yellow, and you may also use patterns here.

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