Tree Energy Helps Heal Both Body and Mind

Fotolia_4759166_MSame as any organism, even trees have their own energy. They can help us replenish our energy, they restore harmony, balance, they help heal body and mind. Each tree has its specific ways and abilities to give these to people. However, the energy of trees is not for everybody...

History of Trees on Our Planet

Without plants and trees life on our planet Earth would hardly be possible. Photosynthesis, taking place mainly thanks to the trees, is the source of atmospheric oxygen. Woody plants are plants the stems of which turn into wood. The stems of trees grow unlike in other plants; not only in length but also in width, forming wood on the inside and bast on the outside. Emerging rings are the result of the activities of the cambium. Layers of old bast alternate with layers of old wood, creating colour contrasts. From the annual rings, their colours, number, shape and density, we can be read past years climate, temperature and so on. Trees have amazing root systems, many of which achieve the same cardinality underground, as the tree crown visible above.

The first trees as we know them today appeared in prehistoric times as large horsetails, ferns and club mosses.

The maximum height that the trees grow reach up tp 120 meters; however only a few trees achieve such size, such as sequoias. Furthermore, Giant Sequoia is one of tree species living as long as 4,000 years.

How to Draw Energy from Trees

Before we approach the tree and hug the whole trunk, we ask the tree whether we can drain some energy from it. We can also check out the tree at first to see if it is free of cracks and dry branches. We will perceive the tree energy better without any excess noise around us. If the trunk is of a smaller diameter we join hands and intertwine our fingers and place our head on the trunk as well. If circumstances allow, it is good to be barefoot. Focus on the tree energy and take a deep breath. In order to replenish your energy, hold the tree for 5 to 10 minutes. Your body takes as much energy as it needs. After you let go of the tree, remember to thank the tree for the transfer of energy.

The Healing Power of Trees

At present, we are rediscovering the healing power of trees. However, our ancestors it knew very well and knew how to use it well. There were sacred groves of oak, beech and chestnut trees. Sick people used to come to these groves to support their health and people who found themselves in difficult situations used to lay under the huge branches to sleep in order to dream answers to their questions and advice.

The actual stay in a forest alone is beneficial for the body and mind. The ancient Celts generally highly appreciated the nature and they respected trees, held them in reverence. Based on properties of trees, they developed and used a tree horoscope, an equivalent of our horoscope.

In order to use the energy of trees properly, it is also good to know what qualities and energy individual trees transmit, what we can expect from them and what they are suitable for.


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Pine tree has been worshipped since the Middle Ages; especially in China and in Japan, pine tree it is considered a tree appreciating living beings and souls of dead ancestors. Even within Europe, pine was always a symbol of strength, longevity, fertility and health. Pine has a healing effect, especially its resin or pitch. Even its buds have healing power; a decoction of fresh or dried buds is used against bronchitis, neurosis and rheumatism.

Draw energy from a pine tree or a pine forest when you need to restore emotional balance, enhance memory and sharpen your intellect. Being near pines easily rids you of rhinitis, colds and infections.

BIRCH (Betula pendula)

Birch has a slender white trunk and fine branches, already the sight of it makes people calmer. The tree is suitable for melancholy, it evokes good mood and dispels gloom. Sleeping under a birch tree is recommended for people who experience exhaustion, whether by disease or hard work. Tea made from birch leaves is diuretic, helps dissolve bladder stones and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Hugging a birch tree brings harmony and peace and general improvement. Birch develops intuition and sensitivity.

BEECH (Fagus sylvatica)

Ancient Slavs believed that where beeches grow, man is protected from all spells and magic. Beech tree is considered a fertility tree. Beech nuts collected in autumn were eaten to cleanse the body. People chewed fresh beech leaves to fight rash in the mouth, made decoctions of beech leaves to treat rashes.

Being near a beech relieves stress, headaches and treats problems with blood pressure. Beech strengthens the ability of perspective and tolerance. To understand your surroundings and find common ground with it, hug a beech, which helps to find a compromise.

WINTER AND SUMMER OAK (Quercus petraea, robur)

Priests of ancient Greece were able to recognize divine signs from rustling of leaves of these sacred trees. Celts and Slavs worshipped oaks and even brought sacrificial offerings to them. Sleeping in the shade of an oak brings prophetic dreams. Oak bark has anti-inflammatory properties, and is used in bad digestion, treatment of haemorrhoids, skin inflammations, poorly healing wounds and for sweaty feet.

Oak energy gives health, strength and vitality. If you are troubled by some seemingly intractable problems, then visit an oak; it will give you strength, promote thought processes and decision-making - will nudge you to the best solution.


An apple tree is a typical tree of Czech and Moravian gardens, originally from Turkmenistan and the Caucasus. Apple has a very important position in mythology. It symbolizes a woman's sexual attraction, love and fertility. In folk medicine, apples are recommended to encourage love and love-related prophesies. In Christianity, the apple symbolizes worldly lusts, to which Adam and Eve succumbed. In the past, people believed in the magical powers of apple. They chanted various spells and wishes under apple trees. The girls used to put apples under their pillows on the New Year's Eve because they believed that at midnight, they will see the face of her future husband in a dream.

Apple trees help restore life courage, good mood, is a symbol of fertility, life, love.

FIR TREE (Abies)

Fir also helps in healing serious illnesses. It symbolizes patience, grandeur and stability. At the winter solstice, the Celts decorated a fir with ribbons and brought it gifts for the gods. Fir branches were added also to the first bath of a newborn child to be a strong, and the fir spirit protect him from evil. Essential oils derived from young shoots and needles serve as part of the external preparations against rheumatism, it is inhaled during severe breathing difficulties and it is soothing and invigorating in bath additives.

If you are overworked, hug a fir. The tree and its energy help with problems with low self-esteem, people in a hurry and people with problems in sexual life. Fir calms man and strengthens their vitality.

CHESTNUT (Aesculus hippocastanum)

Chestnut bark has healing effects and is used to treat haemorrhoids and varicose veins. The extract of the flowers or fruits is used to treat and alleviate rheumatic complaints, and promotes better circulation of a given region. Wearing chestnut fruit in the pocket allegedly helps against rheumatism. To sleep quietly and peacefully, place a few chestnuts into your bed under the mattress. It was believed that chestnuts also protect people against impure forces.

Chestnut is helpful in times of stress, anxiety and fear, it helps heal the soul and find lost confidence and certainty again.

LINDEN (Tilia cordata/platyphyllos)

Linden tree is perceived as a tree of reconciliation. Already in ancient times, two feuding families planted linden as part of the reconciliation, as the protector of peace. Linden is a love tree straightening interpersonal relationships and conflicts. Linden blossom is used as a remedy for colds, congestion in the airways and in fevers. Linden energy induces healthy relaxation and brings about a welcoming atmosphere in relationships between two or more people. It is recommended to people with exaggerated fears of the future and misanthropes.

Linden tree is romantics, stimulates the heart, promotes love, moderates troubled spirits and sorrow and enhances relaxation.

LARCH (Larix decidua)

Larch tree reinforces confidence and gives us necessary energy. Larch resin is used in production of an ointment for rheumatism, but the ointment can be used also for lubrication in colds and bronchitis. It is a symbol of a new beginning, a renewal and a better life. It rejuvenates us both mentally and physically. Larch bark is used for baths against perspiration and foot odour.

Being under a larch is highly recommended for pessimists as it induces good mood and helps in solving complicated matters. It encourages patience and perseverance.

WALNUT (Juglans)

It is very suitable for calming, relaxation and meditation. It enables man to connect with their alter ego, supports independence.

SPRUCE (Picea)

Spruces have protective power and are planted near houses. They protect us against evil, illness, adversity and so on. It is a tree of womanhood and motherhood. The active healing ingredient in spruce is its essential oil obtained from young spring shoots. The shoots may be dried, used for inhalation or as supplement herbal teas. Spruces purify the air beautifully. Spruce energy is kind and soothing.


  • Capricorn - beech, apple, birch, elm
  • Aquarius - pine, maple, poplar
  • Pisces - linden, willow, maple, ash
  • Aries - oak, acacia, alder
  • Taurus - elm, walnut, poplar
  • Gemini - ash, chestnut, pine, hornbeam
  • Cancer - birch, apple, alder
  • Leo - poplar, plum, pine, elm
  • Virgo - willow, linden, spruce, alder
  • Libra - walnut, alder, larch, elm
  • Scorpio - chestnut, pear, walnut, cherry
  • Sagittarius - ash, beech, larch, hornbeam

How Tree Energy Works

Developing the perception of energy tree is the way of harmony and peace. They draw the Earth energy into themselves through their roots and the energy of the universe with their leaves. Both energies mix in the trunk, together with the tree's own unique energy.

Naturally, tree energy is influenced by the environment in which the tree grows and by where it is located. Energy and power of trees are huge and very beneficial. Handle trees sensitively and kindly, always ask them for energy and also thank them for it. During the energy transmitting, you can feel shaking, tingling, breeze, and a flow positive feelings.

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