The Third Eye Has Amazing Abilities. Can You Activate It?

Fotolia_2364236_XSThe third eye, the spiritual and mystic eye has the ability of extrasensory perception. It represents an extraordinary potential of perception, foresight, prescience and clairvoyance. It is a phenomenon mentioned in history throughout various cultures. The third eye is an eye that doesn't serve us for sight but we can use it to perceive what our ordinary eyes cannot. 

According to scientific interpretation, it is a pineal gland or epiphysis cerebri. This organ is unpaired, located in the middle of the brain, a part of diencephalon. It is an endocrine gland which, apart from its other functions, produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. This hormone influences circadian biorhythms, sleep and wakefulness and also reproductive glands' activity.

Ancient civilizations and modern mystics link the ability of extrasensory perception with the activity of the so-called third eye activation; the third eye is located in the same place as the aforementioned epiphysis.

Third Eye Was Known in Ancient Egypt 

Apparently, the oldest mention of the third eye was found in Ancient Egypt. We know the symbol of Horus eye from Egypt. Horus, one of the Egyptian gods, is the symbol of the fight of the Light against the Darkness and moves us to justice in the ancient Egyptian religion. According to the legend, Horus lost his eye (or both eyes) during a fight with tyrannical Seth and then created another eye, directly on the forehead between the eyebrows. That allowed him to see what ordinary eyes could not, to see what is underneath the surface of things and events. The so-called Horus eye surveyed religious ceremonies and laws. However, we mostly know the symbol of the third eye from Hinduism. Shiva had a third eye. This particular god represents the highest wisdom, understanding of the goings of the world and supernatural abilities. Sometimes, Shiva was called Trinetrishvara = the Lord with Three Eyes. Kama, the god of passion, was burned by Shiva's third eye when he tried to disturb him during his meditation.

When we explore legends and old stories, we also encounter the third eye in mythical creatures - cyclopes. Cyclopes are also mentioned in the Old Testament. They were tall, large and they only had one eye in the middle of their foreheads. These creatures were able to master the control of this organ and the communicated with each other solely telepathically. Later, under the influence of the material world, two eyes developed that allow seeing common earthly things. 

čakryThe Olmec culture, one of the oldest known cultures of Central America, depicts some of its gods with a groove on their foreheads; this may also be an interpretation of the third eye. In Vedic tradition, the third eye is represented by the sixth chakra. It symbolizes emotional intelligence, intuition, intellectual abilities, and cognitive functions. This chakra allows us to hear the voice of our Higher Self and see various visions. The ancient Chinese called the third eye the supernal eye. Taoists use the name the Niwan Palace and Descartes, the philosopher, defined the pineal gland as the seat of our human soul. Modern philosophers presumed that the pineal gland is the source of imagination and thanks to it, our soul and mind affect our physical body. Is is truly possible that this small organ hidden in our brain represents the potential to peek into unknown places and has abilities that science is short to grasp unambiguously?

The Third Eye According to Modern Science

Beside the fact that the epiphysis or pineal gland has many different functions such as influencing human sexual development, production of melatonin, controlling metabolism and daily rhythm, some of its characteristics are not so easy explained scientifically. Medicinal science has discovered that apart from the aforementioned functions, this gland also contains photosensitive cells. It has an important photo-sensory function, i.e. a scientifically acknowledged process. If we removed both eyes and subsequently exposed the anatomic part in the front part of the pineal gland to light, this organ would still be able to react to stimuli as our eyes. This fact leads some scientists to wonder whether the pineal gland is something more than a vestigial eye. It is possible that many of brain processes that have not been understood yet are located in this conical space. Some scientists maintain the opinion that the pineal gland activity is closely connected to mental activity related to meditation or heightened imagination. The pineal gland is responsible for production of DMT – dimethyltryptamine, also called the soul molecule. Releasing this molecule is considered to be one of the strongest known hallucinogenic neurotransmitters.

Third Eye - Where the Intuition Dwells


Intuition means insight, it represents the ability of fast comprehension and decision-making which is not supported by any logical thinking or decision-making but which is accompanied by the feeling of certainty and decisiveness. It is the ability to perceive and evaluate both real and hidden motives and situations. By activating the third eye, the intuition channel opens. If we obtain this ability, it is necessary to listen to the intuition, to the inner voice. Eventually, these impulses do not only come in short flashes and thoughts, but they become a conviction accompanied by joy and feeling of right action. When we succeed in removing non-functional systems that surrounded us and obstructed us from our actions, then the clarity of our knowledge increases our self-confidence and certainty of actions.

The third eye is where the intuition dwells together with telepathic abilities. Activating our third eye gives us the possibility to create new realities on physical and material level and cancel the old ones. Activating our third eye gives us the ability to respond by ourselves and strengthen it. Many people are very responsive in relation to others but forget about themselves. Thus, their own souls become unfulfilled. Each one of us has a third eye, but hardly anyone is able to use it. Activating the third eye serves mainly for our own spiritual development and helps us cope better with our own lives, make the right decisions, and develop our abilities and intuition.

Sometimes, we encounter individuals with increased sensitivity to their surroundings and to the material world. This sensitivity manifests by wearing sunglasses, hairstyles covering the forehead, eyes covered with hands. These people are usually internally convinced, even unknowingly, that it is impossible to achieve harmony in this world. They tend to be vulnerable and sensitive to criticism. Activating their third eye might help them by making them realise their own value and abilities. They need to be assured that everything is all right with them and they don't have to hide any more. 

Diseases and problems related to problematic function of the third eye:

  • headaches and migraines
  • problems with eyesight, whether myopia or hyperopia
  • inflammations of the respiratory tract
  • cavity problems

Opening the Third Eye

There is a wide range of exercises and processes to activate the third eye; they stem from various philosophies and experience. Therefore, you may also encounter many different methods from the ones specified below: But virtually any exercise to support the activation of the third eye should influence us in a positive way. It should gradate, support and enrich our spiritual abilities and strengths. You centre your energy and at the same time support your better mood, you rid yourself of depressive thoughts and moods.


Exercises for Opening the Third Eye

Third Eye Activation Through Meditation 

Sit yourself into your favourite meditation position, or lie down on a mat. Focus on your breath and begin inhale and exhale slowly with your nose. Close your eyes. Try as if "looking" with your eyes and concentrate on the point two fingers above your nose between the eyebrows (keep your eyes closed and do the exercise "behind the eyelids"). In order to support your focus on this point, touch the spot or even squeeze it gently between your fingers. You have to slightly roll your eyes; this may be slightly uncomfortable for you, but try to hold it.

Take a deep breath and exhale, but do not hold your breath in between. Try to remain in this position as long as it is possible for you without much strain. Then release your eyes but don't open them yet.

You can do this exercise several times a day; this is how your spiritual abilities and strengths gradate. Your energy gets centred and your hormone management improves. You can also perform this exercise in strong mental stress, it will soothe you and at the same time helps you get rid of depressions and bad mood. 

Activation of the Third Eye Through Staring Into the Mirror 

Look at your face in the mirror with dimmed light in the background. Only do this exercise if you are not too tired, however a little physical and mental tiredness does no harm. Watch your face in the mirror and try to relax. Concentrate on one point on your face, preferably on the third eye spot and do not change your glance. Hold your focus to this point as long as possible.

In a few moments, you will feel vibration and warmth around your neck and above it. You may start feeling pulsating energies. If you notice any changes complicated or straining for you, you can close your eyes and open them again. Be calm and relaxed. Become an observer - do not examine or judge what you see. If you don't feel any change 2 or 3 minutes into the exercise, stop your session and try some other time. Always practice glaring into the mirror for 10 minutes maximum. 

Third Eye Activation Through Precious Stones

léčivé-kamenyGemstones that may help us activate our third eye are amethyst, azurite and chrysocolla. We place these gemstones on the third-eye spot when we are calm and resting, breathing normally and focusing on our breathing.

  • Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz. Its name comes from Greek and means intoxicated. It is a symbol of cleanness, calm, love, protection and happiness. Amethyst can deeply relax us and calm us down with its energy. It can help us induce the calmness necessary to receive energies.
  • The typical azurite colour is blue. Azurite has detoxication effects, it helps in problems with bones and joints, it also heals skin and suitable when we suffer from neck trouble. It generally cleanses chakras, rids us of stress and alleviates our worries. It allows us to better focus on our meditation, increases intuition and supports spiritual growth.
  • Chrysocolla comes from Peru and is of blue to emerald green. It balances emotions, alleviates anxiety and obsessive thoughts, it teaches us patience, tolerance and peace when dealing with difficult situations.
  • Other stones we can try are sodalite, moldavite and crystal.

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