Su-Jok therapy - a method thanks to which you can get rid of chronic diseases

Su-jokSu-Jok is a therapeutic method that is diagnostic and therapeutic. Act in a manner that mitigates the various types and intensities of pain in our body, allows simple and affordable first aid for acute illnesses and injuries, helps treat functional disorders of the body, stabilizes the patient's condition, reduces fever and reduces inflammation in the body. Su-Jok method-can even improve states of body during long-term chronic diseases. Su-Jok therapy is great in the way that it can be introduced to everyone and that everybody can learn how to help themselves and their loved ones.

Thanks to the knowledge Su-Jok, we can improve our physical and mental health. It also can assist in shifting our lives into harmony and greater overall satisfaction.

The author of this method is that the South Korean scientist Professor Park Jae Woo, who build it on base of deep knowledge of Eastern philosophy and medicine collected for thousands of years, in conjunction with laws of Western medicine. He compiled his own system and set of rules for alternative treatment methods. His approach is complex, both in diagnostics and in therapy. His approach unites Indian, Chinese, and Egyptian natural treatments and modern Western medical approaches.

A comprehensive approach to treating humans

Western medicine and Oriental medicine are able to cure the same diseases, but they do it using different approaches in treatment and diagnosis itself. Western medicine treats the symptoms of the disease and its consequences, it is interested in primarily and mainly direct cause of the disease, the mechanism of formation and development of the disease and its symptoms. Oriental Medicine approach to the patient is much more comprehensive. It is not addressing only the direct link, but it also respects the whole person, his bioenergetics system, and physical, emotional, and mental components.

Eastern comprehensive approach respects invariable and generally applicable principles of harmony, balance, and energy system.

Su-Jok therapy

Su-Jok therapy is based on the principle of similarity. There are points on arms and legs according to this theory that correspond to different organs and parts of our physical body. If there is somewhere in our body problem, then the problem is manifested by pain or a problem somewhere in area of our hands and feet. Sometimes it may appear spots, dimples, and warts. If we begin treat this places effectively in time, then we are sending a certain part of our body information that it should begin to heal itself. It is important to "treat" the right spot in the right way. It is possible to pressure on it - do acupressure or acupuncture, magnetic by using special magnets, stick on them stimulants, or warm and dye them.

Su-Jok therapy utilizes similarities of leg and hand due to our entire body, and the fact that you can help yourselves through their active and natural use. Hands and feet are the basic features of grip and stability of the body and a second function, as it is understood by Su-Jok, which is the most unique similarity to the human body and their ability to self-heal the rest of the body through them.

The three basic systems of similarity Su-Jok therapy are:

  1. Basic System: body projection on the hand from the wrist to the fingertips and the leg from the ankle to the fingertips
  2. The system of insects: projection on individual fingers
  3. Mini-system: projection on the last phalanx of the finger

Su-Jok: Basic system

Our body consists of the torso and the other five major parts - the head and four limbs. Similarly, our hand has a palm and five parts - five fingers. Head bent to one side and on the opposite limb, as well as the thumb on the palm is apart from the other fingers. Fingers and limbs have three parts and three large joints. Head and neck, as well as a thumb, consists from two parts. The thumb is the most active and most important, representing the head and neck, middle and ring finger are projections of feet and forefinger and little finger are projections hands.

In the very similar way as are projected hands, neck and limbs within the surface of the palm and back of the hand, is mirrored the surface of the body and internal organs. The changes in body manifest the changes in the hands and feet, whether with arising of spots and warts, but also by changing the temperature and microscopic changes, not visible at first glance.

Chest, heart, and lungs are reflected in palmar - thumb area and abdomen with stomach, intestines, and other internal organs are visible in area of palm. Entrails are displayed on the palm side of the hand, the skeleton, and muscles on the dorsal side of the hand. A projection on foot is based on a similar principle.

Su-Jok: The system of insects

Under this strange name hides a projection in the area of fingers. In a system of insect, corresponding the last phalanx of the finger (nail segment) to head, neck is projected into the last line. Middle phalanx corresponds to the chest and rib cage, including the screening of all bodies’ organs, seven thoracic vertebrae, and seven pairs of ribs. The middle joint of the finger reflects the diaphragm. Phalanx nearest to the palm corresponds to the abdominal cavity, again including its organs and the rear part of the thoracic spine, lumbar spine, coccyx, and sacrum. Limbs are reflected on the sides of the fingers. This map on the toes is suitable for the treatment of joints, spine, and larger organs such as the lungs, liver, and heart.

Su-Jok: Mini-system

Mini systems are miniature maps of organs reflecting on the last phalanx of.

Su-jok - ruka Su-jok - noha

The principle of Su-Jok therapy

The principle of treatment through the points on the body is based on the similarity of the parts of our body and on stimulation of certain needed points, which are related with given illness. At various problems and illnesses is necessary to find appropriate pathological point that is painful, that signalizes the trouble, and therefore we treat it.

How to find the right point

To find the correct point, which has to be treated, is used diagnostic stick or other object with round ends of a diameter of about 2 mm. We pressure with slight pressure on the presumed site of the pathological point. If is this point noticeably painful, even when the pressure is still the same, evidently it signalizes broken or diseased organ and this specified point is therefore our searched and found healing point.

Thus, for example, you can try in a relatively simple way heal headaches. Just take a curved stick and explore with pressure the area of the last phalanx, where is projected our head. Sick place is presented by increased sensitivity of the relevant point on the belly and dorsal side of the thumb.

How to treat founded a therapeutic point

  • Using acupressure

Make relaxing massage by doing circular motions for one to two minutes, until the pain become quiet. With complaints of chronic nature must be taken shorter and more intense stimulating massage, at which you have to press the point strongly several times a day for several seconds (about 5 to 10 seconds).

We can massage one particular point or group of points of similar zone. Massage the zone with massage roller, or you can buy a special massage rings. For acupressure it can be used both artificial and natural materials, from the natural material you can try seeds of corn, apples, buckwheat, mung beans, and so on.

The effectiveness of this treatment involves radiation of biological waves of germinative (i.e. a healthy and undamaged) seed. They stimulate the active points, fill them with vital energy and at the same time they absorb the energy of their disease. Seeds of different plants differ in their characteristics and each has its own uniqueness.

More about acupuncture and acupressure can be found here.

  • Treatment with the help of the magnetic field

Treating with use of method Su-Jok and magnetic field is performed that we put at specific points on our body tiny magnets in the shape of the lens. If you attach to the sore point magnet with its north pole, then it activates the regeneration of the damaged spot, this way we stimulate point and hence it improves the functionality of wanted organ. If we attach on or body magnet with its south pole, then it take away energy and so it alleviates the pain and subside the inflammation. Combination of magnet and so called “Acupressure stars” leads to a doubling effect of the magnetic field and acupressure.

  • Treatment with the help of heat and exposure to cold

If you feel cold in the body or shortage of energy, then warming is a method that will help. We can warm up point on our body in different ways, but probably best method is moxibustion point. Moxa is pressed, dried, and variously shaped wormwood. We warm up the healed point with lighted Moxo. Moxibustion is a universal method that is used for chronic medical problems, back and spine aches in a condition of exhaustion, colds, and viral diseases. In case that early symptoms occurs, it is suitable “mox” one to three times and in the interval of six to twelve hours.

In case of inflammation, fever, or bleeding we must cool these points. For cooling, we usually use piece of ice.

  • Treatment with colour

We can effect our active points on our hands even with the help of colours. Colours can also influence various pathological processes in our organism. For treating, we are colouring the points with marker. If, for example, occurs spontaneous redness, it is recommended to treat such a point with the help of black. Places on our body where which are itching or swollen is good to treat with green colour. Red colour will help in back pain, arthrosis, and in case of deterioration of the function of individual organs.

In conclusion about a Su-Jok

Su-Jok helps with a large spectrum of problems or diseases. It is based on the fact that all of our health problems are mainly caused by an imbalance of energy in our body. This imbalance can Su-Jok harmonize, and thus improve the overall condition of man. For us it is rather an alternative method, but for example in Russia you can meet with this method in the classic medical clinics. Treatment may also use other methods of therapy Su Jok such as Twist therapy (treatment and prevention using the rotational movement of the body), meditation of smile and Sam Won gong (physical exercise therapy). Su-Jok assumes the client's active cooperation in the treatment and a desire to heal.

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