Natural Aphrodisiacs Help Maintain Passion in Relationships

Passion is an indispensable part of a relationship between two people and it needs to be continuously suitably nurtured because it helps maintain the sparkle between the partners - the sensuality that keeps up not only the mutual emotional affection but also the lust. Natural aphrodisiacs are one of the options. We can often find them among commonly used foods. Do you know what aphrodisiac treasures you have in your kitchen?

The term aphrodisiac represents a substance that increases and supports sexual desire and intensifies related experience. Aphrodisiacs are used all around the world and their history goes back to the ancient time of Antiquity. Ever since the dawn of time, people have been looking for ways to make their intimate moments ever more pleasant. Aphrodisiacs may have demonstrable physiological effects or function through imagination, on the placebo principle. In general, they may be considered helpers in physical and mental relaxation and powerful stimulants.

Effects Vary

We have mentioned above that effects of aphrodisiacs may vary. Some of them strengthen us in general and give us energy, other manifest by influencing our hormonal system; there are also aphrodisiacs acting directly on our psyche - e.g. they block brain "reason" centres or support noradrenalin formation. From this point of view, alcohol may also be an aphrodisiac.

Natural Aphrodisiacs in Your Kitchen

If we look at strictly natural aphrodisiacs, we find that we encounter them every day when preparing various dishes. The following brief summary will give you some insight on what natural aphrodisiacs you may have at home and not even know about.


At the first sight it seems unbelievable that garlic may have some aphrodisiacal effects, mainly of stimulating nature. Dishes containing a sufficient amount of garlic are therefore responsible for the saying that love goes through the stomach.


A popular spice enriching food with its delicious taste and smell, is highly stimulating. Its effects may manifest as continuous good mood and pleasant emotional state of mind.



Supporting circulation in general and better blood supply to our organs - such are the effects of rosemary which we know thanks to its irreplaceable aroma.


Cocoa Beans

Many people consider even chocolate an aphrodisiac. This belief results from the fact that cocoa in cocoa beans is stimulating and able to widen our blood vessels.



There are very few people who don't enjoy the taste and smell of vanilla which is used not only in the food industry. Vanilla both stimulates and strengthens us.



This popular fruit symbolizes passion through its typical red colour, but it also contains zinc to make our genitals work smoothly thus improving sexual performance.



The composition of celery root supports potency improvement and celery tops also play an important role deepening our desire. Since it contains a fairly large amount of magnesium, it is more recommended for men.

Natural Aphrodisiacs Include Spanish Flies and Ginseng

Many readers have surely come across the term Spanish flies which represent a very popular aphrodisiac; however the fact is that their application is very risky. It is in fact a liquid that Spanish flies (beetles called Lytta vesicatoria) secrete from their knee joints. The main component is highly toxic cantharidin has euphoric effects, but at the same time it is highly poisonous. Another very popular aphrodisiac is ginseng; its root has been used in alternative medicine since time immemorial. Its extracts are used in agents strengthening immunity and general condition. Ginseng is considered an aphrodisiac because of its stimulating effects that increase sexual appetite.

Natural aphrodisiacs may help deal with sexual problems that may arise in any relationship from time to time. Their strength consists in waking our passions which makes us enjoy our intimate life again to the fullest.

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