Masculine and Feminine Energy: the Force within Us

Masculine and Feminine Energy: the Force within UsIn childhood, we tend to be playful, joyful and spontaneous and our view of the world and its goings seems full of surprises and magic to us. We discover the layers of being and its various planes without prejudice, we are free and cheerful and full of energy. However, as we grow and mature, we usually forget how to play. We also forget the joy of living to the fullest as we used to.

Upbringing, Childhood and Our Energy

Our upbringing creates values that are formed by various perspectives and evaluating judgements from various people in our surroundings. We amount experience in relationships where we assert what we have learned, what was shown to us as correct, appropriate and desirable, what creates the "ideal model of ourselves". Under this pressure, we have been disappointed, deprived, frustrated and judged negatively more than once and we have experienced doubts of ourselves, of our own power. Our self-respect may have been disrupted as well as respect to life, to others and to the world, and we have learned rather to adapt and adjust to what is expected and wanted of us. We ceased to follow what we feel and desire in our nature and towards what we are heading in life.

People say that women are fundamentally nearer to the universe and its energies. It is given by women's destiny, to become mothers, to give life. Men are the driving force and direction for women, they lead and incept life. Men are predestined to protect.

Feminine Energy

Women can perceive their energy and power by means of their menstrual cycle. Women are cyclic, they go through the individual stages of the cycle and it is interesting that usually women menstruate around the time of the full moon or new moon. The Moon is actually a feminine element (full moon = cycle of the white moon and new moon = cycle of the red moon) which is also cyclic. In each phase of the menstrual cycle, feminine energy and its workings connect. Women have their life energy stored in the pelvic area where their ovaries are physically located. They are depicted as a triangle, which means they are able to be connected to the energy of the universe more, they go from one point to another in greater complexities and context, they are able to comprehend more. However, work with this energy is individual.

Menstrual Cycle and Feminine Energy

  • Virgin Energy = Pre-Ovulation Stage

The virgin energy is related to launching new projects; it is a period that belongs solely to the woman herself. At this time, she is freed from the cycle of reproduction, she is only to herself. During this period, the woman gains self-confidence, she is sociable and able to deal with everyday troubles and worries smoothly. She is much more determined, focused in her work and able to achieve more. Woman's sexuality is fresh now and this phase becomes the period of joy and fun. Her entire appearance reflects the enthusiasm of the outer world.

  • Mother Energy = Ovulation Stage

Mother energy brings along the productivity of existing projects. It is a period when women are still radiant, but on a different frequency than in the pre-ovulation phase. The period of mother energy is a phase when the woman stops dealing so much with herself because she is more prepared for the selflessness of maternity. Her own desires and needs are now less important to the woman. She focuses more on caring for others during this stage, she radiates love and harmony. Her sexuality blossoms in experiencing deep love and sharing with others. She is like a magnet to more people and people usually go to the woman for help and support.

  • Sorceress Energy = Egg-Releasing Stage, No Fertilization

The sorceress energy is a period of unbounded creativity. It is a phase when the woman experiences her inner side and is aware of the secrets of nature and her harmony with it. However, she is also less focused at this time and her willingness to deal with everyday common matters diminishes. On the contrary, her ability to dream and her intuition improve significantly at this time. Feminine sexuality is very intense at this time, with almost magical power. The woman is well aware of impact of her power on men, so the energies can get very passionate.

  • Old Woman Energy = Menstruation

The old woman energy during menstruation itself means a period of introspection, of reflecting and evaluating herself. The period of actual menstruation in terms of feminine energy is a period when the women grows distant from the common world. It is a period when it is necessary to sleep and dream, the woman has intuitive energy but doesn't manifest it openly, apart from essential visions. She reacts more to her dreams, she is a part of nature and intuitively recognizes its principles. She seeks answers to problems and learns to accept her past as well as the uncertainty of the upcoming future. Her sexuality blossoms in the same way as during full moon but instead of channelling her energy out physically, the sexuality enhances the woman's spiritual side.

In each stage of the cycle, woman has both dark and light energies. There are no fixed borderlines between the phases, but one energy smoothly transcends into another.

Masculine Energy

The Sun is the masculine element. Sun is energetic, life-enhancing, shining and powerful. If its power gets excessive, it can get aggressive and destructive. Men were perceived as teachers of wisdom, strong-willed, decisive, judicious, determined to perform and oblige. They are the ones who dispose of physical strength, but at the same time, they are proficient in the art of a loving protector. Men's power is also stored in their pelvic area as it is given by their sex, but men usually head towards one goal and one direction or point. They need to exert a very focused energy towards their goal; when achieving one goal and closing this taks, they can take on another task fully and presently. Otherwise they seem very absent-minded.

Men are often considered "big children". They usually strive for appreciation, respect and the feeling of being accepted by their surroundings. They should get these first from their father or a group of male close friends in their childhood, father being a very important person in their lives. Earlier, these natural needs of fulfilment were represented by rites of passage and overcoming obstacles, fear, etc. A man had to be only with himself, he needed to rely only on himself and process his experience. This depth of experience went through silent sharing from man to man; there was no need of words - they just knew. Sharing silence is much more powerful for men than words; they need to retreat to their core to themselves. Nowadays, their partners can help them with that by participating in mutual show of respect in the relationship as well as support and sufficient space for each other.

Merging of Masculine and Feminine Energy

Men and women make for a plait of opposite elements complementing the natural whole of life. We learn from one another and that is about mutual respect, tolerance, love, understanding, friendship, sharing and using the best within us. With great tolerance we are able to accept what makes us unique. That is our shortcomings we also learn to work with. We often go through life with deep learning and knowledge slumbering within us not being used to their fullest. We tend to forget that returning to the period of children, playfulness, when we used to live with lightness, can be very liberating. Each of us desires to live fuller and happier, with lightness and joy in connecting with other people, animals and plants. We wish to have firm background, stable jobs and sufficient resources.

Nowadays, many men and women are more aware, they strive to work on themselves and to fully use all their power and energy nestled in our deep memory. Mutual interconnectedness and enhancement of this power comes through intercourse. There are many approaches working on a higher-quality and deeper sexual experience because it is not only about reproduction, but also about connecting with each other and with higher powers. This leads to deep experiences on many levels, both in each individual and in the depth of the relationship, also transcending into other relationships. It is also about awareness of the animal power and working with it for our development.

Tantra vs. Masculine and Feminine Energy

It is not about being aware only of the good but also of the destructive; what is our driving force and creative energy. According to ancient tantric tradition, the entire universe is born from the ecstatic cosmic unification male principle (+) and the feminine principle (-). It reflects on the human level in the form of mutual love and harmony. It gives us an indirect invitation to explore a refined and transfigurative dimension of sexuality. For those who deal with tantra in depth, it is obvious that it highly appreciates the importance of sexual power as the basic potential of our beings and the engine of all life on our planet. You can feel its often unexpected importance for the spiritual life.

Spirituality and sexuality do not contradict in the slightest , if done with perfect control of the sexual potential. It would be misguided to waste energy and time suppressing sexual energy, though it is much smarter and more useful to act similarly as in the martial arts that utilize the power of the enemy, and take advantage fruitfully and creatively of forces to awaken the higher aspects of being and accelerate spiritual evolution. Tantra yoga may be just what the modern man needs to keep their balance. Any woman harmoniously developed and fully aware of her sexual potential (compared with men) is a powerful cosmic mediator; through her intuition, she can achieve the Farther Reality much faster.

Woman, often unsuspecting of anything, stores sexual power within herself which can be completely sublimate through transmutation and beneficial focus of the generative power so as to make the woman feel increasingly closer to the Creator. Through tantric sexual practices, man attains a different vision of sexuality that is not rampant, as is the case in so-called sexual freedom, but neither puritanical. It is understood outside of winter, which are periods of sexual rest. According to tantra yoga, sexual intercourse in winter harmful for both women and men. Also, according to traditional Chinese medicine, one intercourse in winter depletes the body as much as a hundred sexual intercourses in summer. Different energies of women and men who are deeply rooted in one another and firmly clicked into each other do not induce pleasant states only during sexual intercourse, but always respond when a man and a woman are together. A higher frequency of sexual fantasies in men is probably related to higher levels of the male hormone testosterone, the amount of which in a female body is much smaller. This sex hormone determines the levels of so-called sexual desire, i.e. the intensity of sexual needs. However, in women, there is the period in which they are overwhelmed by thoughts of love. It is a season of romance and sexual fantasies in women in it are as frequent as in men.

Masculine and Feminine Sexual Fantasies

Male sexuality is based more biologically precisely because of more powerful hormonal determination; the female sexuality is then primarily relational and emotional, conditioned by various psychological factors. Therefore, in men's sexual imagination only scenes directly associated with physical contact occur while female masturbatory fantasies tend to be richer and more as a kind of a story where there are loved. Especially for women, erotic fantasies can also help in therapy of sexual dysfunction. Especially in anorgasmic women (i.e. those not able to reach climax), it is important to involve sexually excitable fantasies as masturbatory practice. There are many philosophies, approaches and principles from which you can choose, various communities are formed supporting and developing individuals and connections into one whole and connection to a higher power and a full-fledged feeling of compassion for all living beings.

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