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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 17. September 2020 online

The Moon is travelling through the sign of Virgo, the new moon is today. The Virgo affects digestive organs, so we recommend light food. New moon is suitable for a diet or fasting. Take the time to care for themselves.

30. Lunar day

The Golden Swan is its symbol. This day is the last one in the lunar cycle, try to use it to forgiveness, finishing affairs and repayment of debts, not only financial ones. Eschew aggression. Clean up the house and put a talisman in it, for example in the form of a protective sign in the shape of a star or a cross. Talismans are very powerful today. We recommend a light diet. A taxed organ is the brain, so spare it. 

1. Lunar day

The Lantern is its symbol. It is good to devote it to purification. Element of fire will help you. Sit by the fireside or in candlelight and watch a flame. Think about all that you would like to get rid of and give it to the fire that burns all the negativity. Forgive, excuse, clean things from the past. Leave exercising and physical activity for another day. Today create an intention of what you want to be fulfilled. Wishes and ideas of today really come true, therefore wish only what you really want. Negative thoughts can cause gall bladder and renal stones. Look for spiritual causes of your illnesses. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♍ Virgo
♎ Libra
Phase New moon
Lunar day 30, 1
Moonrise 06:10
Moonset 19:41
Power Decreasing
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality


New moon represents new beginnings, but also termination and inner change. Creative thoughts and ideas are very original, it is necessary to use them, give them direction and form. Many opportunities lie ahead of us, we only have to choose from them. New moon is a reversal between exhaustion and a surge of new energy. At first we may perceive this energy as tension, restlessness, impatience and excitement that can pass into irritated reactions. We feel activity, but we do not know which direction to aim it. Something begins, but it is so elusive, we are bursting with impatience to embark on it. 


Admit your deepest fears and concerns, analyze them, carry them to the light.


Days in the Virgo are full of analysing, dissecting, organizing, concentration on details and duties, cleaning. Care for family and your health is at the forefront today. Establishing partnerships leave to another day, Virgo is too cold and critical for that. Sober behaviour will be displayed in all areas of life. Learning, small repairs, activities requiring detailed approach and dealing with correspondence will go well. Today you bring to an end things that you have been putting off for a long time.

What Moon in Virgo teaches us

If we want to achieve something, so do not ease up, stick our way, be persistent and tireless. Thanks to self-awareness and connection with the surroundings we can know how to apply our skills.


The sign of Virgo affects abdominal region, especially the digestive organs. All you do good for your belly today, it will have doubly positive effect.. But also what harms your intestines, will harm more today than on other days. In Virgo sensitive people have problems with digestion. Therefore, appropriate diet is recommended these days, heavy or fatty foods should not be eaten. Today is the convenient day to see a doctor. Enough exercise will good for your intestine. You can make a gentle abdominal massage by circular movements clockwise, rotate your trunk and make a few forward bends, so you will support intestinal activity. Do exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles. Lubricate your belly with oil which stretches tissues. The day is not favourable for surgical procedures, especially not in the abdominal region.


It is the new moon and Moon in Virgo, which affects intestines and digestion. Therefore it is highly desirable you pay attention to right diet today. It is ideal to take a relief diet day or directly fasting today. You should consume only one foodstuff of vegetable origin that does not remain in the digestive tract long. Basmati rice is convenient, it is very light and best digestible. You can also use carrots or potatoes or make a fruit day. In the new moon metabolism works faster and if the body is not burdened by heavy food, it itself will get rid of toxic substances most effectively. It will use energy, which would otherwise be consumed for food digestion, for recovery and washing out toxins. Fresh live food, briefly cooked vegetables and foods with high content of fiber will be beneficial for intestines.

In days of Virgo, salt is nutrient quality, thus effect of salt in the body is strengthened. If salt harms you, then especially pay attention to your diet today. If you tolerate salt well, you will need it more than usual, contrarily. Thus, eat salty foods, however, do not use too much salt, so as kidneys are not overburdened.
It is the day of a root, therefore give priority to vegetables growing in the ground in your diet:

  • Potatoes, celery, chicory, black root, beetroot, garlic, fennel, horseradish, carrot, parsnip, radish, turnip.

Drink a glass of warm water in the morning after waking up, thereby intestines will be activated. Drink teas for purification of the digestive tract and support of digestion during the day. Ayurvedic KKF tea is very effective. Drink also clean water and herbal teas from mint, agrimony, St. John's wort and calendula. Sweeten with quality Czech honey or try low-calorie palm sugar.

Medical plant for today: Chicory – tea from chicory root will support metabolism


Today is the very convenient day for overall care for body and hair. If you have your hair done this day, it will keep its form and beauty for a longer time, the hairstyle will hold well. However, do not cut and dye your hair today. Wash your hair with natural shampoo and make nutritious pack, we recommend hair oil from Himalayan herbs. Take a facial cleansing mask. Care also for your nails. Warm up your body in a warm bath with herbs and sea salt.

Appropriate essential oils and fragrances: Frankincense, Verbena, Jasmine, Levender, Hyacinth, sage, Vetiver, Sage Muscat


In the new moon, magic to support new beginnings, projects and goals is the most appropriate. Wishes articulated in the new moon come true. In Virgo rites to banish a disease, to remove negative energies and vibrations, to bring on health are carried out. 


Tidy up and arrange your things, make order in cupboards, clean stains from upholstery and fabrics. Today focus on details and trifles. Make small repairs, you will be efficient and precise today. Also baking will go well, dough will rise well. Dust your home. Put a few drops of lemon essence on a cloth which you will clean furniture with, a lemon rids wiped things of energy traces, it is suitable especially for old furniture. This essence can also be used in a sprayer, because it disinfects the air. Do you buy in second-hand shop? Then do not forget to put a few drops of lemon essence into a softener, you will clean clothes from energy of a previous wearer. Mix the lemon essence into colours when painting rooms, especially, if you have moved in an older flat.


Days of Virgo are the days of a root with decreasing force. At new moon, nothing shoud be planted, sown or replanted. Nothing will grow up, neither seeds nor roots will take. However, it is the best day for treatment of old, sick and poorly growing woody plants and plants. Greatly trim house plants growing poorly. Prune diseased trees, do not be afraid of radical cut, you will be surprised to see that they begin to grow again and bear abundantly.

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