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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 31. October 2020 online

The Moon is travelling through the sign of Taurus, a full moon is today. Take a cleansing day. Beware of cold, protect your neck with a scarf. You can make plans for the future, the day favours beginnings of new projects.

16. Lunar day

It is the day of balance, purity, harmony and justice. Do not get excited on no account, make your well-being and try to be calm. Do not shout, do not be swayed by the envy and anger. The Butterfly is a symbol of today. Try to read something about butterflies, then you will easier understand energy of this day and processes going on within it. Strengthening exercises and ritual purification will come in very handy today. Sex is not recommended. Do not eat mushrooms nor animal food. Dreams reveal your desire for something or someone to you. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♉ Taurus
Phase Full moon
Lunar day 16
Moonrise 16:57
Moonset 06:18
Power Rising
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality


Full moon means activity, culmination, fulfilment and climax. Revenge, touchiness, excessive sentimentality, exhaustion are its negative side. At full moon, sleepwalking manifests itself, diseases get worse and wounds bleed more. Criminality and tendency to suicide are rising. The most children are born. People feel restlessness, psyche is tense. Also mood changes are frequent, emotions are unstable. Metabolism is slower, organism is more weakened. Women tend to be more irritable and unobjective, contrarily men tend to be solicitous and obliging and are more interested in sex. More about full moon can be found here ..


encourages us to enjoy by all the senses, have caring about yourself and pampering, so as our body is satisfied. But also soul needs attention, you can listen to its messages in peace and safety. Be careful with finances.


Days of Taurus are relatively earthy, stable and sure. Calm, clarity, polite behaviour, nobility rule. We can make plans for the future, deal with finance and material security. Today we are "down at earth", we are realistic, we have no tendency to risk or make sudden changes. But stubbornness and efforts to get our own way at any cost may show up. Any of today's decision is lasting. Therefore, today it is appropriate make long-term plans, sign contracts, open saving account or start bigger projects and works.

What Moon in Taurus teaches us:

Accept and observe rules of nature, identify the essential, get things sussed, uncover true feelings, strengthen our honour, fidelity and sense of duty.


The Moon in the sign of Taurus manifests itself by strong influence on a neck and nape region. Whatever you do good for your teeth, jaws, ears, larynx, speech organs, neck, nape and thyroid today, it will have doubly positive effect. And vice versa, what burdens neck region, it is more harmful than other days. Today, there is an increased risk of neck inflammations, sore throat, hoarseness, cold. Protect your neck with a scarf or shawl, avoid draught and open windows in a car. Gentle neck massage and relaxing exercises for neck spine will do you good. Do an exercise for thyroid activation, it is so called „shoulder stand". Drink preventively tea against hoarseness or tonsillitis, it influences especially well on this day, as well as other medicines against throat inflammations. A decoction of sage or sage leaves chewing are suitable. Today avoid longer manifestation of voice and crying, hoarse squawking could affect you. Gently massage your neck with suitable oil. Today also take care of your ears, they should not stay unprotected especially on a cold day, now they are more sensitive to draught and noise. Concerts and discos are not suitable choice today. The day is not favourable for surgical procedures in the neck region, pulling out and filling of teeth.

Medical plant for today: Wild strawberry and marigold. Both plants help to stimulate energy.


Today is the full moon and a body is gaining weight maximally, so food should be light and low-calorie. It is suitable to take directly a fasting or lightening fruit, vegetable or rice day. Do not mix fruits with other food, eat it on an empty stomach. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices during the day.

In days of Taurus, salt is nutrient quality, thus effect of salt in the body is strengthened. If salt harms you, then especially pay attention to your diet today. If you tolerate salt well, you will need it more than usual, contrarily. Thus, eat salty foods, however, do not use too much salt, so as kidneys are not overburdened. Avoid dairy products, flour sweets, coffee and chocolate.
It is the day of a root, so consume what grows and produces under the ground:

  • potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, beetroots, asparagus, onions, carrots, radishes, celery, parsley.

Spice food enough, do not be afraid of strong spices such as coriander, nutmeg, ginger or oregano.


Today go to a beauty salon, skin care is worthwhile for you in Taurus. Take a nourishing facial mask, creams are well absorbed at the full moon. Today a massage will do you good, especially massage of neck and upper back.

Appropriate essential oils and fragrances: sandalwood, rosewood, jasmine, anise, verbena, lily, hyacinth, during a cold eucalyptus, ravensara, tea plant


At the full moon, influence of witchcraft is huge. The good, love and a new power are called. In the days of Taurus, spells are focused mainly on housing, money and property, new projects, on love and fertility. 


The day is suitable for working with wood. Prepare wood for heating, wash a wooden floor.


Days of Taurus are the days of a root with increasing force. It is full moon, so do not plant, replant nor hoe anything. Today gather herbs, at full moon they have the greatest strength, especially their roots. It is convenient day for fertilization, but watering of plants leave for another time.

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