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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 22. March 2020 online

The Moon is travelling through the sign of Pisces, it is in waning phase. Pisces have influence on soles and toes. Make time for their bath and massage. Go in for artistic creation, relax, meditate. Irrigate indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs and trees.

28. Lunar day

The Karma and Lotus are symbols of this day. Today we can know and understand the goal of our life and also to achieve it. Chakras (energy centers in a body) open, so try to purify your body, emotions and mind as much as possible today. You can experience spiritual awakening! Fortune tellers, clairvoyants and people dealing with parapsychology and esotericism have their day today. It is a good day to work with dreams. Thanks to them, you can understand what is going on with you. If you are flying in a dream, you have a high energy level. A great day to buy a house or repair it. Eyes will hypersensitive today, protect them from bright light, reduce working with a computer and watching TV. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♓ Pisces
Phase Waning
Lunar day 28
Moonrise 05:50
Moonset 16:11
Power Rising
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality

Waning Moon is favourable for all matters that are in a stage of strengthening, maintenance and finishing. It restricts growth and helps to eliminate everything that is undesirable.


Fantasy is working in full swing, we are attracted by fantasy world and mystique. Reason passes rule on to emotions, inner world is more colourful than surface. Time for meditation and immersion in ourselves. Also romanticism comes into play today. We are hospitable, we are able to create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, ideally in connection with music and water. Practical things put off till another day, creative spirit dominates today, therefore sing, paint, create!

What Moon in the Pisces teaches us:

To accept and tolerate everything that comes to us. We can get carried away by flow of life unconsciously, but after some time it is necessary to pluck up courage and begin to create our own future consciously.


The Pisces affect feet, walking and lymphatic system. Whatever you do good for your legs today, will have doubly positive effect. Surgery procedures on legs are an exception. Everything that burdens legs, it has more harmful effect in the days of the Pisces than other time. Legs are very important and sensitive parts of a body. When a leg is sick, the whole person is sick. Each part your body is reflected in reflex zones of feet and can be affected by massages of acupressure points on feet soles. Women start a massage on the left foot, the men on the right one. We push by thumbs on individual places for about 1 minute, we increase pressure gradually. We also twist and pull all toes. These massages can help loosen spasm or tension in a body and they help take waste products away from your body. Bubble bath with sea salt also will be good for feet. Do not stand at one place long and keep your feet warm today. In the Pisces, all we get into our body has more intensive effect than on other days. Therefore try to leave out alcohol, nicotine and various other poisons now. Today addictions arise faster, a body accepts all medicines well, but even undesirable ones.
In waning moon, wounds heal well and quickly, scars do not remain after them. A body regenerates faster.

Medical plant for today: Plantain – juice from leaves heals wounds and plantain energy moderates traumas


At the waning moon, you can eat as you are accustomed, weight is usually unchanged or slightly decreasing. The feeling of hunger is usually not strong. In days of the Pisces, saccharides are nutritive quality. This means that somebody digests floury dishes, pasta and sweets better than ever today, whereas somebody worse. Observe which group do you belong to, to know whether to avoid flour and sugar or contrarily. If you are struggling with overweight, today eat wholemeal bread, leave out foods with high content of carbohydrates.

It is the day of a leaf, you may prefer leafy vegetables and herbs in your diet:

  • chicory, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi, corn salad, leek, rhubarb, wild rocket, head and iceberg lettuce, spinach, endive, cabbage, savoy, basil, mint, chives, lemon balm, parsley, sage, thyme

Today herbal teas and pure water are suitable drinks. Phase of waning Moon supports excretion of toxins from a body and slimming, blood is cleaned. If you want to purify yourself, drink cleansing and detoxifying teas and make massage of all body with suitable oil every day.


Today is the least suitable day for cutting and washing of hair, then dandruff is formed often, hair become thinner and weaker. Warm your limbs, go to a sauna. Take a bath and foot massage, ideally a massage of reflex zones on feet. Pour quality bath salt or decoction of herbs in water. Today do not remove calloused skin nor corns, choose another sign in the waning Moon for it, the Pisces are not favourable. Do not make skin peeling either. Take care not only of your body but also your soul – listen to relaxation music, read, paint, relax, meditate, get pampered.

Suitable essential oils and fragrances: mint, bergamot, resin, olibanum, vetiver, muscat sage, nard


Clean and wash things, furniture, floors, do not wash wooden ones, but you can treat them with wax and oil. Let soak dirty laundry. Dirt will go down well, but everything will be drying worse, so leave varnishing, painting and drying more for "air" days.


During the waning Moon rituals and enchantments are performed to get rid various bad habits, overweight, negative impact of other people, to eliminate diseases, sale of something, to break away from a relationship that we do not want, thus all the magic to avert, separate, remove or end anything bad or unwanted. In the Pisces magic for love, for help to others, for relationships between people and for protection of life on Earth are carried out.


Days of Pisces are the days of a leaf with increasing force. They are in the waning Moon from March to September. They are humid and cold days that are not favourable for storing of food and harvest, drying, fermenting, smoke-curing and preserving. Everything harvested today should be consumed immediately. Do not use artificial fertilizers for plants. Painting and varnishing put off till another time. Days are suitable for these garden work, with regard to seasons and weather:

  • Sowing and planting of leafy vegetables, melons, squashes, courgettes
  • Sowing and planting of medicinal plants (not herbs for drying) and decorative flowers
  • Sowing and planting of lettuces and fast growing plants
  • Planting of potatoes (preferably immediately after the full moon)
  • Watering of indoor and outdoor plants
  • Plant fertilization with natural fertilizers
  • Lawn mowing
  • Well drilling
  • Care for a pond, swimming pool, small pond
  • Building of a garden house
  • Construction of a fence

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