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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 21. March 2020 online

The Moon is travelling through the sign of Aquarius and is in waning phase. Aquarius affects calves, ankles and veins. Do not burden your legs with long walking and standing. The convenient day to visit family and friends.

27. Lunar day

The Sceptre is its symbol. It brings us hidden knowledge and searching of ourselves. Today we can understand the highest justice. We learn to take responsibility for our deeds. You can manage to reveal a secret in meditation, but do not practice it while a TV or radio are turned on. Hidden desires appear in dreams. Tune yourselves to higher vibrations, listen to music with higher keys, or just growl hmmm several times. This is in order to stimulate the 7th chakra at the crown of the head. It connects us with the Universe, from there messages come. Today do not drink alcohol, if you do not have to, so do not take any drugs. Lymphatic system and blood are influenced, therefore do not donate blood today. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♒ Aquarius
♓ Pisces
Phase Waning
Lunar day 27
Moonrise 05:28
Moonset 15:06
Power Rising
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality

Waning Moon is favourable for all matters that are in a stage of strengthening, maintenance and finishing. It restricts growth and helps to eliminate everything that is undesirable.


Today air energy of Aquarius rules, it is time of new ideas and plans. We are attracted by all mysterious, exciting and special, relation to art is shown. We desire independence, we refuse any way of influence, we want to be original. Nobody may to talk us into something, we need time for ourselves to realize our own life goals. We are interested in what is happening around, and how things will develop in the future. We can plan work projects. We are full of ideas, but we also build castles in the air. A good friend alongside will help us to build these plans on realistic foundations. We have rather emotional distance in partner relationships, but we sympathize with the needed, we tend to help them.

What Moon in Aquarius teaches us:

To connect the spiritual world with the material one, feel energy of people, things, plants and animals .. and generally everything around us. Consciously work with this ability and to know that it is only up to us whether we let these energies to influence us.


Aquarius affects calves, ankles and veins. Vein inflammation appears. Who is prone to varicose veins, they should avoid longer standing these days, ordinary walk through a city can become a nightmare in Aquarius. Lay your legs up during the day and apply suitable ointment against varicose veins to your calves. Showering with cold and warm water in turns and massages upwards from ankles will be good for tired legs. Surgeries of varicose veins should not be performed these days. Who will have cramps in their calves today, they should add more magnesium in their diet. It is for example in sunflower seeds. We perform stretching exercises to support our blood circulation. So exercises with your feet up are suitable, e.g. shoulder stand.

In waning moon, wounds heal well and quickly, scars do not remain after them. A body regenerates faster.


At the waning moon, you can eat as you are accustomed, weight is usually unchanged or slightly decreasing. The feeling of hunger is usually not strong. It is the day of a flower, so we recommend cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes, dill, chard. Spice up meals sufficiently, use mainly garlic for seasoning. Today you can eat cheese and meat to a lesser extent. Consume sprouts, nuts and various seeds, flavour meals also with ginger. Ginger warms up a body, make a tea from it. Avoid alcohol. Fried foods and chocolate are not suitable. Drink pure water in larger quantities than other drinks, furthermore herbal teas from flowers of plants. Moon is waning, now days are suitable for start of purifying and detoxifying cure. Phase of waning Moon supports excretion of toxins from a body and slimming, blood is cleaned. If you want to purify yourself, drink cleansing teas and make massage of all body with suitable oil every day.


The day is convenient for hair colouring and toning, also hair packs and facial mask affecting enlarged veins in the face have positive effect. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath and massage. Relaxing bath of feet is sufficient, when you add bath salt in a bath. However, it is necessary to be careful when massaging feet and calves, perform the massage very gently, towards the heart. It is necessary to avoid greater physical effort today, pamper your legs with special treating preparations. Have lymphatic massage made. Also sauna will do you good, it will support blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Suitable essential oils and fragrances: violet, thyme, lemon, mimosa, mint, anise, cedar, lemon balm


In the waning Moon rituals and enchantments are performed to get rid various bad habits, overweight, negative impact of other people, to eliminate diseases, sale of something, to break away from a relationship that we do not want, thus all the magic to avert or end anything bad or unwanted. In Aquarius magic for good relations and to settle disputes with friends is performed.


In the days of Aquarius, it is good to ventilate the whole house and also a cellar, make bigger cleaning. Wooden floors are washed. The suitable day for painting and varnishing, you can also start cleaning copper and silver.


Days of Aquarius are the days of a flower with increasing force. They are in the waning Moon from February to August. Weather is usually airy and clear. Days of Aquarius are not very suitable for work in a garden, it is good to reduce it to the bare essentials. You can at least repair a fence, ventilate a hothouse and a cellar, clean a greenhouse and a garden cabin. Today definitely do not transplant any plants, they would root poorly. Also watering put off to another day, if it is not necessary. Days are convenient for these work, with regard to seasons and weather:

  • Weeding, hoeing
  • Fertilization of flowers to create flowers
  • Picking of herbs and flowering plants
  • Plant cultivation
  • Painting and coating works outdoors
  • Construction of a garden house

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