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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 2. March 2020 online

The Moon is travelling through Gemini and is in waxing phase. Gemini affect shoulders, arms, back, hands, bronchi and lungs. Go for a walk, fresh air will do you good. The day is suitable for visiting friends and relatives.

9. Lunar day

The Bat is its symbol. Today it is checked how a person worked with energies during previous 8 days and how they purified themselves. This day is considered satanic day, people are attracted to evil and practising black magic. Prepare for provocations and attacks from around you, fraudulent actions and guile and try to recognize this all. Try to forgive, you will cope this better, if you empathize with concerned people. Create your astral protection in order to a curse does not reach you. Naturally, a curse may also be removed from you, ask your spiritual helpers for that. Do not look in a mirror, astral beings can appear in it. Today it is good to get connected to energy of a Mother. It may be your mother, but also the maternal grandmother. Become aware these your roots. Tonight dreams come true. Chest pain and difficult breathing may occur. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♊ Gemini
Phase přibývající,
I. quarter
Lunar day 9
Moonrise 10:06
Moonset 00:54
Power Decreasing
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality

Waxing Moon is suitable for matters that are in the growth phase of development, as well as for new beginnings. Everything is growing faster in this period.


A day in Gemini is usually very changeable and a restless thanks to air element that dominates it. Versatility, liveliness and skilfulness are reflected in thinking. We have lots of ideas and plans and visions in our head, but we do not bring them to an end. The day favours creativity and artistic activities. There is tendency to do many things at once, emotions are unstable, we are usually curious. Do not be surprised if you are phoning for hours today, need for communication is extreme. The day is favourable for business negotiations, getting new contacts, travelling and dealing with correspondence. It is time of flirting and appointments without commitments. Filter information that get to you, they may not be true.

What Moon in Gemini teaches us:

It confirms importance of information exchange. Meetings and talks with various people, going through new experience, various kinds of work – it all enriches our soul.


Gemini have influence on shoulders, back, arms, hands, shoulder blades, collar bones, lungs and bronchi. Whatever you do good for these body parts, it will have doubly positive effect today. However, if shoulders and lungs regions are burdened, you will feel it more strongly than usually.

In the days of Gemini, weather changes often, therefore rheumatics tend to have problems. So get dressed well in a colder day, otherwise your body can draw your attention to itself unpleasantly. Rheumatic pains in shoulder region react to suitable oils and ointments very well now. In this day, you can do something good for region of collarbones and shoulder blades, back, shoulders and arms. Do some exercise of yoga or Pilates, go to a fitness gym. Gymnastics targeted to these regions of the body works wonders, but expect resulting pain of muscles. However, neither it is not a bad sign, because the body shows by this way, that it gets rid of harmful substances. Massage of neck, scruff and back also does you good today. In the days of Gemini, also lungs are affected, therefore it is useful to perform breathing exercises in the fresh air or at an open window. Go for a walk in the countryside and primarily avoid smoky rooms today. Apply herbal ointments to your chest and inhale essential oils over steam. Pregnant women can try abdominal breathing which will be beneficial to them at childbirth. Today is not a convenient day for any operations, especially operations of shoulders, back, arms, hands, shoulder blades, collarbones, lungs and bronchi, excepting acute cases.

Medical plant for today: Coltsfoot – its juice helps in ear pain, leaves placed on a forehead brightens energy.


Days of Gemini are the days of fat. Today someone tolerate fatty foods well, someone is bothered by mere smell of fat. Observe what concerns you. We recommend fats in natural form, such as nuts and various seeds. In Gemini the day of a flower is, therefore take blooming vegetables to eat, such as cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes. Drink pure water in larger quantities than other drinks, herbal teas of mint, agrimony, St. John's wort, calendula and other flowering plants are also suitable. In the phase of waxing moon, a body accepts all better and put it in reserve. Try to eat less overall, do not overeat.


Days of Gemini are most suitable for massages, especially if you feel blocking and tension in your body. Regenerative and strengthening massage of upper body part will be very effective. Prepare a warm herbal bath. Shoulder compress with warm mud will be the right thing today. The day is also suitable for hand care, massage them and treat with a suitable ointment or pack. Have manicure made, nails painted and lengthened.

Suitable essential oils and fragrances: Lavender, Rosemary, Violet, Mint, Tangerine, Thyme


During waxing Moon, rituals and spells to call or support anything, e.g. love, relationships, success, abundance and finance, fertility, are performed. In Gemini, rituals to renew communication and contact with others and to remove old disputes and problems are performed.


Today ventilate entire house, a cellar and rooms with stored harvest well. You can give duvets to ventilate outside, but only briefly. When buying food, more choose the fresh ones and if possible, do not store anything, everything is spoiled more quickly.


Days of Gemini are the days of a flower and transition between increasing and decreasing force. They are usually in the waxing Moon from December to June. Weather is usually windy and clear. Do not water houseplants. Days are convenient for these work, with regard to seasons and weather:

  • Sowing and planting of all climbing, creeping and overhanging plants (peas, beans, strawberries)
  • Sowing and planting of ornamental climbing plants
  • Sowing and planting of flowers
  • Defence against pests and diseases
  • Herbs gathering
  • Ventilation of a cellar and greenhouse
  • Additional fertilization of flowers

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