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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 21. June 2020 online

The Moon is travelling through the Gemini, the new moon is today. Gemini affect shoulders, arms, back, hands, bronchi and lungs. Go for a walk, fresh air will do you good. The day is suitable for visiting friends and relatives.

30. Lunar day

The Golden Swan is its symbol. This day is the last one in the lunar cycle, try to use it to forgiveness, finishing affairs and repayment of debts, not only financial ones. Eschew aggression. Clean up the house and put a talisman in it, for example in the form of a protective sign in the shape of a star or a cross. Talismans are very powerful today. We recommend a light diet. A taxed organ is the brain, so spare it. 

1. Lunar day

The Lantern is its symbol. It is good to devote it to purification. Element of fire will help you. Sit by the fireside or in candlelight and watch a flame. Think about all that you would like to get rid of and give it to the fire that burns all the negativity. Forgive, excuse, clean things from the past. Leave exercising and physical activity for another day. Today create an intention of what you want to be fulfilled. Wishes and ideas of today really come true, therefore wish only what you really want. Negative thoughts can cause gall bladder and renal stones. Look for spiritual causes of your illnesses. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♊ Gemini
♋ Cancer
Phase New moon
Lunar day 30, 1
Moonrise 04:53
Moonset 21:40
Power Decreasing
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality


New moon represents new beginnings, but also termination and inner change. Creative thoughts and ideas are very original, it is necessary to use them, give them direction and form. Many opportunities lie ahead of us, we only have to choose from them. New moon is a reversal between exhaustion and a surge of new energy. At first we may perceive this energy as tension, restlessness, impatience and excitement that can pass into irritated reactions. We feel activity, but we do not know which direction to aim it. Something begins, but it is so elusive, we are bursting with impatience to embark on it. 


Look inside yourself, whether you are open to new matters, if you are willing to accept new friends and renew contacts with the old ones. Try to strengthen existing relationships and do not be afraid to seek new ones.


A day in Gemini is usually very changeable and a restless thanks to air element that dominates it. Versatility, liveliness and skilfulness are reflected in thinking. We have lots of ideas and plans and visions in our head, but we do not bring them to an end. The day favours creativity and artistic activities. There is tendency to do many things at once, emotions are unstable, we are usually curious. Do not be surprised if you are phoning for hours today, need for communication is extreme. The day is favourable for business negotiations, getting new contacts, travelling and dealing with correspondence. It is time of flirting and appointments without commitments. Filter information that get to you, they may not be true.

What Moon in Gemini teaches us:

It confirms importance of information exchange. Meetings and talks with various people, going through new experience, various kinds of work – it all enriches our soul.


Gemini have influence on shoulders, back, arms, hands, shoulder blades, collar bones, lungs and bronchi. Whatever you do good for these body parts, it will have doubly positive effect today. However, if shoulders and lungs regions are burdened, you will feel it more strongly than usually.

In the days of Gemini, weather changes often, therefore rheumatics tend to have problems. So get dressed well in a colder day, otherwise your body can draw your attention to itself unpleasantly. Rheumatic pains in shoulder region react to suitable oils and ointments very well now. In this day, you can do something good for region of collarbones and shoulder blades, back, shoulders and arms. Do some exercise of yoga or Pilates, go to a fitness gym. Gymnastics targeted to these regions of the body works wonders, but expect resulting pain of muscles. However, neither it is not a bad sign, because the body shows by this way, that it gets rid of harmful substances. Massage of neck, scruff and back also does you good today. In the days of Gemini, also lungs are affected, therefore it is useful to perform breathing exercises in the fresh air or at an open window. Go for a walk in the countryside and primarily avoid smoky rooms today. Apply herbal ointments to your chest and inhale essential oils over steam. Pregnant women can try abdominal breathing which will be beneficial to them at childbirth. Today is not a convenient day for operations of shoulders, back, arms, hands, shoulder blades, collarbones, lungs and bronchi, excepting acute cases.

Medical plant for today: Coltsfoot – its juice helps in ear pain, leaves placed on a forehead brightens energy.


New moon is the perfect day for purification, diet or fasting. You should consume only one foodstuff of vegetable origin that does not remain in the digestive tract long. Basmati rice is convenient, it is very light and best digestible. You can also make Ayurvedic relief day or eat only fruits and vegetables. In the new moon metabolism works faster and if the body is not burdened by heavy food, it itself will get rid of toxic substances most effectively. It will use energy, which would otherwise be consumed for food digestion, for recovery and washing out toxins. If you do not dare a diet or fasting, we recommend at least meals from fresh foodstuffs and thermally unprocessed meals, so called living food.

Days of Gemini are the days of fat. Today someone tolerate fatty foods well, someone is bothered by mere smell of fat. Observe what concerns you. We recommend fats in natural form, such as nuts and various seeds. In Gemini the day of a flower is, therefore take blooming vegetables to eat, such as cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes. Drink pure water in larger quantities than other drinks, herbal teas of mint, agrimony, St. John's wort, calendula and other flowering plants are also suitable.


Days of Gemini are most suitable for massages, especially if you feel blocking and tension in your body. Massage of upper body part and detoxifying and lymphatic massages will be very effective. Prepare a warm herbal bath. Shoulder compress with warm mud will be the right thing today. The day is also suitable for hand care, massage them and treat with a suitable ointment or pack. Have manicure made, nails painted and lengthened.

Suitable essential oils and fragrances: Lavender, Rosemary, Violet, Mint, Tangerine, Thyme


In the new moon, magic to support new beginnings, projects and goals is the most appropriate. Wishes articulated in the new moon come true. In Gemini, rituals to renew communication and contact with others and to remove old disputes and problems are performed.


Today ventilate entire house well, when suitable weather, also a cellar and rooms with stored harvest. Clean shelves in a cellar and utility room. You can give duvets to ventilate outside and to clean mattress. Paint, varnish, decorate.


Days of Gemini are the days of a flower and a node point between increasing and decreasing force. At new moon, nothing shoud be planted, sown or replanted. Nothing will grow up, neither seeds nor roots will take. However, it is the best day for treatment of old, sick and poorly growing woody plants and plants. Greatly trim house plants growing poorly. Prune diseased trees, do not be afraid of radical cut, you will be surprised to see that they begin to grow again and bear abundantly. You can make new garden and planting plans, to paint fence, garden furniture, cabin. Ventilate. Carry out work with regard to weather and seasons.

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