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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 30. December 2020 online

The Moon is travelling through the sign of Cancer, a full moon is today. Eat only light food, the stomach is sensitive and we are gaining weight easily today. Pay attention to your partner and family, cook something delicious, take a trip to water or go for a swim.

17. Lunar day

The Bell is a symbol of this day. It is the day of female energy, its patroness is the goddess Shakti which is the symbol of womanhood. Laugh, celebrate, dance, enjoy life, treat yourselves to freedom. It is a good day for entering to marriage! Do not provoke disputes, avoid anger and do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Try to be in harmony today. Today is a suitable day for partner relationships and sexual contacts. Tonight's dreams come true in three days. Treatments will be successful today. People with thyroid disorders will more tend to anger and quarrels. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♋ Cancer
Phase Full moon
Lunar day 17
Moonrise 16:17
Moonset 08:27
Power Decreasing
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality


Full moon means activity, culmination, fulfilment and climax. Revenge, touchiness, excessive sentimentality, exhaustion are its negative side. At full moon, sleepwalking manifests itself, diseases get worse and wounds bleed more. Criminality and tendency to suicide are rising. The most children are born. People feel restlessness, psyche is tense. Also mood changes are frequent, emotions are unstable. Metabolism is slower, organism is more weakened. Women tend to be more irritable and unobjective, contrarily men tend to be solicitous and obliging and are more interested in sex. 


Unburden yourself of your worries to someone close, confide your desires. Meditate with beautiful music, listen to sounds of nature and try to find music also in yourself.


Today is under the sign of emotions. People are closer each other, but they may be hypersensitive, even sentimental. Intuition has the main word. Past and various forms of fear make themselves felt. We return to childhood, we cry easily. It is convenient day for visiting family and improving of your dwelling. We also have desire to experiment in cooking. We are allured to water, romantic inclinations are awakening. We can also feel nervousness and irritability, we are easily influenced. Today do not start long-term projects nor any construction, do not lend money.

What Moon in Cancer teaches us:

To experience feelings into depth, listen to our heart, stand by our love.


Whatever you do good for the chest region today, acts doubly positive, preventive and curative. What burdens chest, stomach, liver, gall bladder and lungs, has more harmful effect in the days of Cancer than other days. Prefer to leave night revelry to another day, so the liver has not a lot of work. If you are sensitive to liver, gall bladder, lung or breast, then use just today for doing something good for these organs. We recommend to drink liver tea. Stomach bothers these days, heartburn and frequent belching may trouble you, therefore light diet is recommended. Women may feel unpleasant tension or pain in their breasts, gentle massage in circular motion using suitable creams or oils will help. The full moon is the least suitable day for surgical interventions, if you can, choose another date.

Medical plant for today: Chamomile - chamomile tea soothes stomach and harmonize energies


Today is the full moon and a body is gaining weight maximally, so food should be light and low-calorie. Moreover in the days of Cancer, stomach, gall bladder, lungs and liver are affected, thus, do not eat any heavy and fried foods. It is suitable to take directly a fasting or lightening fruit, vegetable or rice day. Do not mix fruits with other food, eat them on an empty stomach. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices during the day.

Days of Cancer are carbohydrate days with respect to nutrition. It means that somebody digests floury dishes, pasta and sweets better than ever today, whereas somebody worse. Observe which group do you belong to, to know whether to avoid flour and sugar or contrarily. If you are struggling with overweight, today eat wholemeal bread, leave out foods with high content of carbohydrates.
It is the day of a leaf, you may prefer leafy vegetables and herbs in your diet:

  • chicory, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi, corn salad, leek, rhubarb, wild rocket, head and iceberg lettuce, spinach, endive, cabbage, savoy, basil, mint, chives, sweet balm, parsley, sage, thyme

Herbal teas, especially those with strengthening effects on the liver, gall bladder and stomach, are suitable drinks, for example St. John's wort or chicory tea. The tea of sweet balm has a soothing effects on psyche which is sensitive today. Coffee will not be proper for sensitive stomach today. If you will drink milk, add a pinch of cinnamon in it, it helps against mucus congestion.


In this day do not have your hair cut, it would not hold well and get tangled. If possible, do not even wash your hair today, dandruff would develop and hair would get weaker. Hair cutting is not suitable at the full moon. Do not carry out peeling of your skin either.

Suitable essential oils and fragrances: Violet, Iris, Geránium, Vanilla, Ylang-ylang, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lemongrass


At the full moon, influence of witchcraft is huge. The good, love and new power are called. The Full Moon in Cancer is filled with energy of family, home and motherhood. Today rituals and prayers to call pregnancy and a new home are effective. Also spells to call abundance will be effective. You have chance to learn something about your family history and past lives. Today you will be especially successful at divination, because Cancer supports intuition and extrasensory perception.


Dirt goes down by washing well in the days of Cancer, however, do not wash items that could be damaged by moisture, for example, things made of wood. Do not air blankets outdoors, moisture would remain in them. Do not varnish and paint, do not decorate rooms, everything will dry badly today, including laundry. If you have dry air in your flat, install an evaporator with water on a heater, that will be beneficial also to indoor plants.


Days of Cancer are the days of a leaf with decreasing force. It is full moon, so do not plant, replant nor hoe anything. Today gather herbs, at full moon they have the greatest strength, especially their roots. It is convenient day for fertilization, but watering of plants leave for another time. You can search a spring for a well. Pay attention to maintenance of a swimming pool, pond or pool. Today do not perform pruning of trees and bushes. The day is unfavorable for food preservation, their storing and keeping.

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