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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 13. July 2016 online

The Moon is travelling through the sign of Scorpio, it is in waxing phase. The Scorpio has influence on intimate area and urinary tract. Drink teas strengthening these organs, make a herbal sitz bath. Today you can experience passion and love, but beware of jealousy.

10. Lunar day

The Fountain is its symbol. Today karma is activated. Get to know your roots, strengthen your family tradition. Draw energy in your family and also give it out in the family. Today try to improve and strengthen relationships between your loved ones and relatives. Tell stories to children from their or your childhood. You can take old photos out and look at them together. Have a rest at that, relax, keep calm. Today definitely try to avoid domestic conflict. The day suitable for the beginning of construction or renovation of a house. Through today's dreams, you can get into your past lives. Sauna or herbal bath with massage make you feel good today. Drink enough fluids. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♏ Scorpio
Phase Waxing
Lunar day 10
Moonrise 14:53
Moonset 00:57
Power Decreasing
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality

Waxing Moon is suitable for matters that are in the growth phase of development, as well as for new beginnings. Everything is growing faster in this period.


Key words of today are: sexuality, impulsivity, jealousy,risk, sensitivity, criticism, perceptiveness, passion, sensuality, resourcefulness, detached view. Tendencies to dark things rule. Prepare for criticism and for this, that you will criticize more, you are hypersensitive today and therefore more vulnerable than other time. Changes are accepted very heavily today, one sees things in black and white. Habit is second nature. You will be happy with your own company and will not feel like doing compromises, you will push through what you want. You put your finger exactly on a weak point of your opponent in discussions. However, do not start talks about money, you will always have the feeling that you have lost. Water helps soothe sore senses. Walk along a river or directly seaside holiday are an excellent treatment. Sensuality and passion, but also jealousy and quarrelsomeness manifest themselves in partner's relationships.

What Moon in Scorpio teaches us:

Importance of new life is above all other. The old is dying, so as the new is born.


Scorpio greatly influences genitals, bladder and ureter. Whatever you do good for these body parts in days of Scorpio, it will have doubly positive, preventive and treatment effect. Surgical procedures in these places are an exception, move them on another date in the waning Moon. What burdens the intimate area more significantly, will have more harmful effect than on other days.
In days of Scorpio, take care of the intimate area. Intimate hygiene should be a natural thing. Preventive sitz herbal baths can help in different women's problems now. Suitable herbs for a sitz bath: yarrow, lady's mantle, horsetail, pennycress, chamomile. Pour two handfuls of herbs with boiling water and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Fill a tub with warm water so that it reach no more than to your hips and pour in it extract of herbs. Remain in the bath as long as you will be comfortable, while water will getting cold, you can add hot water. Do not sit on cold ground today, especially expectant mothers should protect themselves from every strain and be careful not to get chilled. Today is suitable for treatment of hemorrhoids.

Medical plant for today: Calamus – tea from a root or pieces that are chewed refresh you. It rids of undigested food rests.


In days of Scorpio, saccharides are nutritive quality. This means that somebody digests floury dishes, pasta and sweets better than ever today, whereas somebody worse. Observe which group do you belong to, to know whether to avoid flour and sugar or contrarily. If you are struggling with overweight, today eat wholemeal bread, leave out foods with high content of carbohydrates. Cranberries are suitable for strengthening the urinary tract, so drink cranberry juice or eat dried cranberries.
It is the day of a leaf, so we recommend leafy vegetables:

  • chicory, savoy cabbage, corn salad, leek, rhubarb, wild rocket, head and iceberg lettuce, spinach, endive, cabbage

In the phase of waxing moon, a body accepts all better and put it in reserve. Try to eat less overall, do not overeat.


Today go to wellness, relax in a whirlpool. Relaxing massages and sitz-baths are beneficial to your body. Apply facial mask with nourishing effect on your skin. In Scorpio hair washing is not recommended, then they become greasy quickly. Leave also cutting and colouring of your hair to the days of Virgo rather.

Appropriate essential oils and fragrances: sandal, sandal wood, bergamot, carnation, orchid, patchouli, ylang-ylang, lavender, lemon


During waxing Moon, rituals and spells to call or support anything what we want or need are performed. We can conjure love, nice relationship, fertility, success, abundance and finance. Moon in Scorpio is suitable for protective magic, for love magic and for rituals to get rid of fear. 


Days of Scorpio are "water" days and are not suitable for painting and varnishing, everything dries badly today and materials soak up moisture. Therefore, do not wash wooden floors and furniture. On the contrary, dirt and stains can be cleared away from the laundry and items well. Do not use chemical preparations. Today buy only foodstuffs for quick consumption, do not store anything, all is quickly spoiled.

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