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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 9. June 2014 online

The Moon is going through the sign of Libra and is in waxing phase. The Libra has influence on hips, liver, blood, kidneys and urinary bladder. If you do not have to, so do not make any important decisions. Beautify yourselves and your home, you have good aesthetic sense today.

13. Lunar day

The Wheel and Skein are its symbols. Today we can try to untangle threads of our destiny and look in our karma. The flow of energy through the chakras grows stronger. It is a good day to start with education, today you will be better at thinking. Collect information. Magic and occultism are doing well, therefore a magical talisman, created today, will have great power. Go out, you will feel very happy among people. You might treat yourself to something good to eat with them, since today transformation of the spirit is going on through food. Keep your stomach constantly full today! Avoid aggression and take rejuvenating treatment. Dreams will tell you true information. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♎ Libra
♏ Scorpio
Phase Waxing
Lunar day 13
Moonrise 16:50
Moonset 02:36
Power Decreasing
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality

Waxing Moon is suitable for matters that are in the growth phase of development, as well as for new beginnings. Everything is growing faster in this period.


In the days of Libra, harmony in relationships with others and with yourself is standing in centre of attention. Honesty, aesthetics and refinement rule. Reactions are more sensitive. It is difficult to be objective, impatience is in the air. Take some time for yourself, relax. You can feel joy of beauty and maybe wave of creativity overwhelm you. Social events, celebrations, business meetings, familiarization and dates are popular. Today do not make fundamental decisions, do not solve complicated relationship issues. It is tendency to doubts and hesitation and therefore you can agree with everything that someone delude you. Try to get on well with people, forget disputes today.

What Moon in Libra teaches us:

To accept everything that comes to us in life, to accept the past, old injuries and injustices, so as we may be in harmony with ourselves. It is not just black and white, life has a thousand shades.


Libra influences hip joints, hips, bladder and kidneys. Whatever you do for these body parts in these days, it will have doubly positive effect, excepting surgical procedures in this region. Everything that burden hips, kidneys and bladder, will affect doubly harmful.

Today it is easy to get bladder and kidney inflammation, pay attention to keep these regions in warm. Do not hesitate to put a heating pad to your bed in the evening. Drink a lot during the day so that the bladder and kidneys are purified well. Exercise aimed at hip region helps. You should also do something for blood purification. It is advisable to drink herbal teas for purification of kidneys and blood. We recommend Jancuv kidney tea. Do sports, run and practise exercises for hips and legs.

Medical plant for today: Rose and yarrow - rose in aroma oil harmonizes energy, yarrow tea strengthens kidneys


In the days of Libra, a body processes fats well. Somebody tolerates fatty foods well today, somebody is bothered just mere smell of fat. Watch how about you. We recommend fats in natural form, such as nuts and various seeds, you can eat also sweets in small amounts. Try clarified butter or ghee, the most appropriate fat for man according to Ayurveda. It is the day of a flower, so put cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes, dill, chard into your diet.
Drink fresh water in larger quantity than other drinks. They are also suitable teas to purify blood and strengthen kidneys and teas from flowers of plants - marigold, hibiscus, St. John's wort, rosehip and mint ones are also suitable. In the phase of waxing moon, a body accepts all better and put it in reserve. Try to eat less overall, do not overeat.


Moon in Libra encourages a sense of beauty and aesthetics. Visit a beauty salon, treat yourself to a skin care, beautifying baths, hair styling, manicure, pedicure. Take a cleansing face mask. Fight against striae and cellulite. Massage problem areas with coarse facecloth clockwise, then put cream or oil for tissue stretching on them

Appropriate essential oils and fragrances: rose oil, rose, musk, orange, jasmine


During waxing Moon, rituals and spells to call or support anything, e.g. love, relationships, success, abundance and finance, fertility, are performed. In Libra magic primarily for calling of self-confidence, courage, wisdom is performed. 


The Libra is convenient for airing of a flat, a cellar, airing of duvets and mattresses outdoors. Make cleaning in a pantry. Carry out small repairs and housework. You can paint a flat and paint a fence, colours will be drying well today. Wash windows, wash curtains, make order in cupboards and a linen cupboard. Clean glass and chinaware. You can fasten and repair windows and glass panes. Treat footwear and clothing with impregnation. Decorate your dwelling, today you have very good aesthetic feelings. You have a chance to buy yourself or your loved ones a beautiful thing when shopping. Buy only foodstuffs for quick consumption, do not store anything, all is quickly spoiled.


Days of Libra are the days of a flower with decreasing force. They are in the waxing Moon from April to October. Weather is usually windy and warm. Days of Libra are neutral for gardening, neither good nor bad. Tidy your tools and garden machinery, sharpen saws and knives. Sort out jams in a larder – if some of them are infested with mould, throw them away. Dispose of stored harvest that is invaded by rot. Today do not water houseplants. The day is convenient for these garden activities, with regard to seasons and weather:

  • Sowing and planting of flowering herbs
  • Sowing and planting of flowers
  • Planting of flower bulbs blooming in early spring (summer)
  • Fertilization of flowers for nice flowering
  • Planting and cultivation of roses, care for roses
  • Picking of tubers and seeds

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