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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 21. June 2014 online

The Moon is waning and travelling through the sign of Aries. The Aries affects a head, face, brain, eyes, nose and stamina. If you suffer from migraines, drink plenty of clean water and no coffee. The Aries favours changes and new beginnings. Go among people, arrange a date, go out with your friends.

24. Lunar day

The Bear is the symbol of this day. Male energy dominates today. Everything old is crumbling and new is arising. If you feel hopelessness, it is necessary to fight with it and refuse it dominate you. There is always a way. Today has very strong energy, so it is good to use it perhaps in challenging physical exercise, in any creation or for treatment of diseases by shamanic practices. You will feel influx of new sexual energy, desire for your own family and children, therefore it is also a good day for conception a child. Today it is good to start building a house. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♈ Aries
Phase Waning
Lunar day 24
Moonrise 01:27
Moonset 15:09
Power Rising
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality

Waning Moon is favourable for all matters that are in a stage of strengthening, maintenance and finishing. It restricts growth and helps to eliminate everything that is undesirable.


The Aries favours changes and new beginnings. Today, spontaneity, temperament, ambition, impulsivity and rashness are dominating. We are bubbling with energy, but beware of its correct use. We tend to "beat our head against the wall" and also try new and unknown things. We feel greater need for communication, but beware of quarrels. We are attracted to go out among people, to do something, verve and enthusiasm for various sporting activities are not absent. Today also favours trade and travel, our shyness fades. We feel like going also into more complicated things. Straight actions take precedence. We can fall in love passionately, but passion fades soon.

What Moon in Aries teaches us:

End everything that has no future. Become aware our strength, character and courage and to set out into the new and unknown.


Aries has influence on a head region and therefore migraines and headaches regularly come with it. Today do not perform any intervention on a head, especially not surgical ones, excepting acute cases. Whatever you do good for your head, eyes, brain and nose today, it will show itself doubly positively. Try to go through this day without stress and pressure, prepare a peaceful program. As a preventive measure against migraine, we advise to drink plenty of pure water and give up coffee, chocolate and sugar. Nevertheless, if migraine will come, ventilate a room enough or go out to get some fresh air. It also helps to lie down in a darker room for a while and think of pleasant things. Apply a cold compress on your head, very gentle massage of the head and scalp in circular motions is also effective.

Sign of Aries also affects a face, eyes and brain. If you can, do something good for your eyes today. Compresses on sore eyes, for example from eyebright, will not be in vain and a micromassage will do them good. Application of cold bags of green tea will help on tired eyes and undereye circles. Do not sit at a computer or watching television for a long time, try to avoid long-lasting crying. An old and effective remedy against eye strain is to moisten closed eyelids with your own saliva in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach.

At the waning moon, wounds heal well and quickly, scars do not remain after them. A body regenerates faster.

Medical plant for today: Dandelion – it is effective against headaches and helps to cleanse energy.


At the waning moon, you can eat as you are accustomed, weight is usually unchanged or slightly decreasing. The feeling of hunger is not usually strong. Days of Aries have fruit-protein quality. You will need more fruits and protein than other days, if you tolerate them well, a body processes them better today. If fruit or proteins do not do you good, then leave them out from your diet completely today. Eat fish and poultry, peas, beans, lentils, fruit vegetables. Eat fruits mostly in the morning and on an empty stomach, drink fresh fruit juices during the day. You can make a lightening fruit day and eat only fruit. Today indulge in dairy products. Spice meals up with piquant seasoning. Add sprouts, seeds and nuts to your diet.
It is the day of fruit, so it is recommended to eat:

  • onion, courgette, squash, aubergine, watermelon, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, ginger 
  • choose from fruits: pears, apples, forest berries, pineapple, strawberries, quince, kiwi, raspberries, mango, apricots, papaya, orange, currants, plums, cherries, grapes

Do not forget fluid intake, the most suitable liquid is pure water, which can be flavoured with a slice of lemon and a few leaves of mint or lemon balm. Those who suffer from migraines, let drink no coffee today! Prefer to have fruit tea. Have you heard about "baked tea"? Soothing and fortifying herbal teas will also do you good, mint tea against headache, soothing St. John's wort tea, lemon balm tea or basil tea are suitable. Our offer includes Tulsi teas from holy basil.

Phase of waning Moon promotes excretion of toxins from a body and weight loss, blood is cleaned. If you want to purify yourself, drink cleansing teas until 19 hours and make massage of all body with suitable oil every day.


Aries affects a face and head, so take your your facial cleansing mask, peeling or gentle massage of a face and décolletage using an appropriate essential oil. Today the skin gets rid of dead skin cells and the keratinous layer well. A few of folk recipes for skin treatment can be found here. Massage of scalp and hair roots will also do you very good. Let men do not shave his beard on Aries, bald spots on their face could start to arise. Even hair cutting is not recommended for these reasons. Change of hairstyle also will not be easy, hair is unruly and hairstyle will not be hold well today.

Appropriate essential oils and fragrances: lemon balm, mint, mandarin, clove, bay leaf, European elder, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, grapefruit


During the waning Moon, rituals and enchantments are performed to get rid of various bad habits, overweight, negative impact of other people, to eliminate diseases, sale of something, to break away from a relationship that we do not want, so all enchantments to turn away, separate, remove or end anything bad or unwanted. In Aries warrior rites and enchantments for implementation of ambitious plans are performed. 


Fire element dominates, then light fire in a fireplace or at least a candle. You can burn everything old and unnecessary in a stove or on the outdoor fire ring. Strong energy of fire will help you in greater and more exacting cleaning, you will find all cleaning and tidying work easy. You can clean up a cellar and garden shed. It is a good day for baking.


Days of Aries are the days of a fruit with increasing force. Days of Aries are in waning moon from April to October. They are warm days, convenient for work in garden. Moreover, energy of fire helps in cleaning work, so you can clean up a garden house, gazebo, cellar and greenhouse. Days of Aries are convenient for these activities, with regard to seasons and weather:

• Sowing and planting of crops and everything that is supposed to grow up fast and be consumed quickly (e.g. spinach, lettuces, radishes, chives, watercress, tomatoes)
• Sowing and planting of plants whose fruit is an underground part (e.g. root vegetable)
• Potato planting
• Cut and thinning of fruit trees and bushes
• Harvesting and storing of corn, fruits and root crops
• Fruit and vegetable preserving
• Fertilization of fruit and vegetables
• Ploughing, spraying, weeding
• Flower cutting
• Building of garden houses and fences

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