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Lunar calendar

Lunar calendar 22. April 2014 online

The Moon is travelling through the sign of Capricorn and is in waning phase. Capricorn affects the skin and nails, but also affects knees, hips and joints. Do not take long walks today, you should rather go swimming. It is convenient day for a manicure and pedicure.

23. Lunar day

The Crocodile is its symbol. It is very complicated and unfavourable day. Today you should perform cleansing practices, be sexually abstemious, to sacrifice yourselves, repent and forgive. Try not to succumb to anger and vindictiveness, it could turn against you. Your surroundings can be aggressive, so it is best to stay home today. Anyway, you would not handle too much today. Do not doubt yourselves nor the rightness of your way. Smoke your home with fragrant sticks, Sprinkle with holy water or clean it any other way. Do not overeat. 

Lunar day in short
Sign ♑ Capricorn
♒ Aquarius
Phase Waning,
II. quarter
Lunar day 23
Moonrise 02:15
Moonset 12:07
Power Rising
Quality of the day
Nutrient quality

Waning Moon is favourable for all matters that are in a stage of strengthening, maintenance and finishing. It restricts growth and helps to eliminate everything that is undesirable.


You are doing well in business and in employment, things are organized and planned superbly, rules are followed. Authority rules. We distinguish clearly what is right and what is not. The convenient day to organize courses, trainings and lectures and for beginning of new projects. Today emotions stand aside, reason and materialism are in the forefront. Do not let catch you off guard by colder behaviour and criticism, it is tendency to pessimism. You may feel that nobody understands you. But on the other hand, you can expect a reward or increase in salary, your work will be appreciated, but you will also have more responsibilities. Love arising this day has conditions hold forever.

What Moon in Capricorn teaches us:

To know our limits, distinguish what is important. To utilize our talent and abilities and concentrate them in favour of a greater work.


Capricorn affects the skeleton, body posture, movement, knees and skin. In the days of Capricorn, whatever you do for skin, skeleton and knees, it has double effect than other days. And contrary, what is bad for your skin, knees and skeleton, today will have worse effect than other time. Therefore, do not burden bones and knees unnecessarily these days, it might have lasting consequences. Even surgical procedures in these places are not suitable today. Also beware of chilling back muscles and pay attention to correct body posture. Do not set out for mountain hikes and long walks after a long pause or as a beginner. Knees are very strained at every movement now, take an elevator, avoid stairs. Footballers having damaged meniscus should not overdo their training definitely. Compresses of knees carry out very good service as a prevention or treatment. Now you can do something good also for other bones and joints. In the morning, do some exercises briskly. Exercise to put joints in motion and warm them up, circular movements of a trunk and stretching exercises are appropriate. Do exercises to stimulate blood circulation, „shoulder stand", cycling in supine position. Be careful about your skin, do not expose it to frost, sun, solarium, smog and smoke unnecessarily.

Medical plant for today: Comfrey – an ointment of comfrey root joins and heals


At the waning Moon, you can eat as you are accustomed, weight is usually unchanged or slightly decreasing. In the days of Capricorn, nutritional quality is salt, therefore effect of salt in a body is more strong. If salt is harmful for you, then particularly pay attention to your diet today. If you tolerate salt well, today you will need it more than usual contrarily. So, eat salty foods, however, do not overdo salting, in order to kidneys are not overburdened. You can flavour dishes with horseradish and ginger.
It is the day of a root, therefore vary your diet with vegetables growing under the ground:

  • celery, chicory, black salsify, beetroot, potatoes, garlic, onion, fennel, horseradish, carrot, parsnip, radish, turnip

Consume sprouts, nuts and various seeds. Drink pure water in larger quantities than other drinks, herbal teas of nettles and horsetail are also suitable. If you have a sensitive stomach, do not drink coffee today. Phase of waning Moon supports excretion of toxins from a body and slimming, drink cleansing teas and make detoxifying massages of all body.


Today is the convenient day for care of skin and nails. Nourishing facial masks will have effect. Use high quality natural cosmetics for skin care. Protect your skin from frost and sun. This day do not forget toenails and fingernails, it is an ideal time for cutting and filing. Nails cut in Capricorn are hard, tolerate a lot and do not break so easily. Today do not cut hair, then they will be greying faster. It is convenient day for massage of auricles, pierce ear holes, application of ear candles and ear care. Relaxing and detoxifying massages, herbal baths, whole body packs and also swimming will do you good. "Water Days" are also very good for lymphatic drainages.

Suitable essential oils and fragrances: mint, thyme, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, lemongrasss, verbena, cedar, myrtle, basil, pine


In the waning Moon rituals and enchantments are performed to get rid various bad habits, overweight, negative impact of other people, to eliminate diseases, sale of something, to break away from a relationship that we do not want, thus all the magic to avert, separate, remove or end anything bad or unwanted. In Capricorn mostly magic to remove negative influences in jobs and careers, in new projects and works are carried out.


Organize everything what you have chaos in, at home and at work, whether they are family photos or linen in drawers or a heap of pending documents on your desk. Impregnate clothes and shoes, treat leather things. Repairs made today will not have to be repeated again, built and manufactured items will have long lifetime.

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