Is There an Energy Vampire Around You?

Is There an Energy Vampire Around You?Current time can be very demanding on us. Most of us, if not all, live in a continuous emotional and physical stress and tension. When we communicate, we have a tendency - even unknowingly - to disrupt other people's balance and interfere with each other's spiritual attunement and peace. Such people who take our energy appear in the form of our colleagues at work, our employees, bosses, random co-travelers in the public transport, neighbours, etc. In worse cases, our friends or even partners can be energy vampires.

People who take our energy can do so intentionally or unintentionally. In some cases, even plants and pets can take our energy away. However, it is important that it is not easy to take the energy from us. The energy is taken only in cases when we let it, either consciously or unconsciously.

Types of Energy Vampires among Humans

There are several types of energy vampires. Each of them has some characteristic features and manifestations.

Type: Toucher

Seeks nearness and communication. Such a person lacks enough communication with other people and seeks it everywhere. They like being near other people. They like pressing onto someone and touches people more than they find tolerable.

Type: Victim

An unhappy person or someone who pretends to be unhappy. They seek people who will pity them and as soon as that happens, they stick onto them and drain their energy.

Type: Loving person

This type is very dangerous. He/she covers their actions with love. They let others fall in love with them and then use their energy. But they cannot function without the love of these people.

Type: Commander

A commanding, decisive or even bossy type. E.g. if this person is a manager of a workplace, they are able to drain energy from others very effectively.

Type: Selfish person

This type of vampire usually stems from spoiled children. These individuals are used to getting everything in their life and giving nothing back or in return. However, they bring this habit to their adult life and to new places, e.g. into their new family. And so a closed energy system forms which is dangerous mainly for their new partner.

Intentional Energy Vampires

They are people who use energy of others intentionally and deliberately. They learned that when take take or steal energy from someone, they feel better. And they become addicted to the energy. They deliberately provoke others to ellicit a sharp response and they feel the happiest when they are able to throw the other person off or provide an angry reaction from them. (Strong emotions open the gates to the internal energy). Their daily dose of energy has been met.

These energy vampires usually utter humiliating or disrespectful remarks they direct towards easily-spottable weaker individuals. In order to elicit the reaction they need, they sometimes get into a long, arrogant and ridiculing speech. They strive to evoke anger and loud angry noises between people. At such moment, a great amount of energy releases and passes from the angry person to the energy vampire. These people really know how to provoke a fight. They will bother you, irritate you, keep asking you questions. They will require advice from you they don't really need. This type of vampires also includes all aggressors because they get their energy out of desperation, fear and feeling of inferiority of their victims.

Some of these energy vampires don't even realise they are vampires but they got used to the fact they feel good when other's feel bad. And so they make effort to do what makes them happy. When we deal with such a person, we begin to feel worse ourselves while they feel better than before. These energy vampires also sometimes try to induce feelings of guilt, fear and anxiety in others. They keep their surroundings at bay by excessively secretive behaviour, using unfinished sentences etc.

Is There an Energy Vampire Around You?

Unintentional Energy Vampires


Unintentional energy vampires can also cause considerable damage. In many cases, they are our own mothers. There is an energy line between a mother and her child similar to the umbilical chord. Up to ca 6 years of age, we share an aura case with our mothers; it is a protective case and connection between the mother and the child. The energy line still exists fairly strongly, but after finishing the sixth year, it starts to disappear. After that, we acquire our own energy case, an autonomous energy bubble.

If the mother needs the presence of her child badly, whether because of a divorce or another type of emotional strain, she uses the energy to keep herself emotionally stabilized. Therefore, she unknowingly draws the child to herself with this line. She gives the child energy in order to prevent their mutual separation. In such a connection, there is a very strong and very turbulent relationship that keeps swinging from love to hate and vice versa.

Another type is smothering love. Mother's energy doesn't allow the child to get on his/her own feet and they spend their entire life in a sort of a symbiotic relationship that can be exhausting for the child in terms of energy.


Temporary Energy Vampires


This is probably the most frequent variation of the energy vampirism. At moments when we feel low on energy ourselves; when we feel sick or tired, we may have a tendency to cry on someone's shoulder, to complain and be pitied. This behaviour may drain some energy from our comforters; it is mainly older people that need to take energy from others in this manner. However, these cases of energy drain are not that dangerous. We can share our energy with someone, temporarily. Aura quickly compensates the energy passed to someone and it is possible that these people will share their energy with you when the time comes.

Do not be afraid to give your energy to someone who really needs it. However, be careful not to give too much of it. It is advisable to take energy exercise that stabilize our energy field and replenish your energy.


When Your Partner Is an Energy Vampire

It is very demanding to live with an energy vampire. Only few people take such people to be their life-long partners; such relationships usually don't last long. There are even people who feel a bond with their vampire partners that is so strong that it makes them sacrifice themselves voluntarily. However, even such self-sacrifice usually only lasts for so long. The "victims" start to notice symptoms of sickness and exhaustion on themselves.

Is There an Energy Vampire Around You?

There is virtually no protection against an energy vampire at home, but you can get rid of the draining influence at least partially by not wearing anything given to you by the energy vampire, i.e. earrings, rings, brooches, necklaces or even clothes. Also, remove all photographs and pictures of the given person.

How to Protect Yourself against Energy Vampires

More sensitive people respond to an encounter with an energy vampire unmistakably. Their breathing gets difficult, they feel weakened and they may feel pressure in their body or stomach. It is advisable to take a step back from such a person's influence or from his direct nearness. You can defend yourself against energy vampires by means of amulets, stones or charms.

If you find yourself in the presence of an energy vampire, make eye contact as little as possible and try to avoid emotions. By showing emotions, we open our internal doors to others. We become accessible more easily and therefore we also clear the path to our energy to the energy vampires.

You can protect yourself momentarily against an energy vampire by turning sideways and crossing your little fingers on both hands. This protection is only temporary. There are also long-term approaches you can take to protect yourself against an energy vampire: hole up in your protective bubble, make a cross or use Horus' Eye.

  • Holing yourself up in your protective bubble is an autonomous protective system that can be renewed at any time. Recreating the energy bubble is fairly undemanding and you can repeat the steps to it at any time during the day. It is advisable to form the bubble around you preventively in the morning, before you leave the house. Sit calmly, close your eyes and imagine that you are coating your body into a white light case that reaches several centimetres above your head and underneath your feet and protects you.
  • Another option is to make a cross. When encountering a person who drains your energy, cross your legs at your ankles and join your fingers or only the thumbs and index fingers. This will close your energy circuit and the energy cannot leave the energy field.
  • The Horus' Eye is a strong energy emitter we can use to protect ourselves against an energy vampire. In case you want to use it, you need to place a small shard of mirror to the place of the pupil of the eye. Such an amulet will keep you safe. At the moment someone will try to drain your energy, it will reflect back on them.

How to Replenish the Energy of the Body and Soul


Do not forget a sufficient amount of regular and quality sleep. The body should rest in sleep for at least 8 hours a day, and if you manage to adjust your daily routine so that you get up and go to sleep at the same time every day, it makes a perfect sleep regime. Do not take your work home, keep weekends or days off. You can also replenish your energy during a busy day, by an activity that you enjoy - listening to music you like, by short meditation or visualisation.

Sit comfortable at home, in your office or parked car. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Imagine you are in your favourite place in the countryside, on a meadow or in a forest, somewhere where there is peace and quiet. Relax like this for five to ten minutes. You will recognize that you feel better in a moment; you relaxed and got rid of stress a little.

Refrain from alcohol; although it may serve well for a moment, it becomes exhausting and tiring in a long-term perspective. Instead, enjoy a walk on fresh air.

Also, those who deal with various types of energy in long-term may help you replenish it. They may recognize more correctly than you where are you missing your energy and replenish it for you or give you some advice on how to do it on your own.


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