Indigo and Crystal Children

Indigo and Crystal ChildrenIndigo and crystal children is a term for people born in recent years on our planet. These children have specific abilities and they play a significant role in the effort of the planet Earth to prosper and become purer and better place for us to exist in. According to some opinions, these children even dispose of various paranormal abilities, such as mind-reading of others.

The term indigo children was coined by Nancy Ann Tappe who created this concept during the 1970s. Tappe, acting as a parapsychologist and a medium, started to notice that many children were born with indigo aura colour. Thus the term "indigo children". The blue colour is predominant in their aura; these children know what is their purpose here on Earth. Parents of these children should accept their extraordinary and specific qualities and guide them through life with love and care.

The Indigo Child Movement supports these children and their parents to help them develop qualities in these children that contemporary common authorities perceive as negative. Indigo children are considered to be perfect beings, on a higher level of development than their parents.

Followers of this movement believe that this type of children occurred in order to alert us to the current state of the world and to the necessity of its improvement. Their main efforts focus on restoring peace and order, removing corrupt institutions and transition to alternative types of medicine and healing.

At present, indigo children are from ca 13 to 31 years old. They are predecessors of the crystal children. Both generations occurred in abundance at the end of the 20th century - Indigos after 1978 and Crystals after 1995. Crystal children are 0-30 years old. Naturally, there were heralds of both generations quite earlier than that. That is why it is no surprise that some indigo children are over 50 years old today and some crystal children have become adults as well.

History of Indigo Children

Theories on people with special abilities started to occur in America at the end of the 1970s. The idea of indigo individuals was first published in 1999 in the book The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by L. Carroll and J. Tober. They stated that they acquired this concept through their communication with a spiritual entity called Kryon.

In 2006, the Russian daily newspaper Pravda published an article stating the following: "Experts say that almost 94% of babies born after 1994 are indigo children. Internal organs of these children have different functions from ours. Their immune system is several times stronger than in an average human. These children also have different DNA - mutated. In other words, as far as DNA of millions of inhabitants of this planet is concerned, the indigo children aren't human at all. A race of new creatures is entering the stage slowly but surely."

How to Recognize an Indigo Child - Traits and Manifestations

  • They entered the world with a feeling of their own nobility and they sometimes conduct themselves regally.
  • They say they "deserved to be here" and they are surprised when some doesn't share this view with them.
  • They do not overestimate themselves.
  • They have difficulties in accepting authorities without explanations or options.
  • They simply don't and won't do certain things.
  • They may appear somewhat antisocial when outside the group "of their own".
  • Creative thinking is their nature - they are stressed and frustrated by dogmatic systems.
  • It is usual for them to find new solutions both in school and at home.
  • They do not respond to education styles applying the guilt.
  • They are not afraid to say what they really need.

Further General Traits of Indigo Children

Already after they are born, indigo children often observe their mothers with very focused look. Their glance continues to be wise or even adult throughout their childhood. They manifest developed abstract thinking very early. These children are often intelligent above average, talented and gifted. They have an inherent sense of justice, injustice and they perceive adversities strongly and intensely in their heart. They tend to be independent, with a sense of honour and honesty. Although they have trouble with discipline and authorities, they need clearly marked borders. They need to understand and accept these borders within their conviction.

They are difficult to punish as they do not accept the philosophy of punishment as well as simple and traditional explanations and answers. They often take care of their schoolmates who have been hurt or mistreated, they demand true answers and they are strongly emphatic. However, sometimes they act as if they have no empathy at all. They sleep fairly little; they do not need as much sleep as average children to regenerate. Their subtle perception of reality makes them easy to irritate or overwhelm. They tend to be very sensitive, with inclination to crying.

They perceive the energy around us and the physical world is an illusion to them. They know we should live our lives in balance with ourselves and our environment. It is not unusual for "masculine" and "feminine" qualities to merge in them. They are very creative and fairly non-conformist. They are able to find correct and new solutions. They also tend to be loners, they find it hard to connect with common school topics, they are spiritual. Despite they do not overestimate the material world, they find it difficult to say goodbye to things. It is because they feel their substance and their soul.

They have strongly developed intuitive perception. They do not see the border between game, relationship, education and work. These children need support in order to find themselves, they are here to improve this world. If they develop, they will help us all improve this world and harmony in it.

Important Recommendation for Indigo Children's Parents

  • Answer the children's questions as often and as honestly as possible. Be open and give explanations adequate to their age, maturity and intelligence.
  • Do not try to manipulate them, "indigos" won't budge.
  • They are smaller but wiser, so act with appropriate respect to them. Do not assert your authority excessively; they do not respond to that well. Respect them for they deserve it.
  • Do not be afraid to speak to them as to your equals. Give them enough space for them to develop their autonomy. For example, let them pick out their own clothes. Respect their mental abilities and help them develop them.
  • It is also necessary to handle their emotional perception sensitively; they tend to be very sensitive, so learn to protect them and ground them properly. Their frequent mood swings are caused by the fact that they constantly take on emotions and energy of others. Do not be angry with them for this.
  • If you can, help them learn information on their indigo nature and their life mission. These children have unique abilities and qualities to help this world; until they realise this, they can have great mental strain; therefore, become their guides. When they know about their mission, they handle everything better and they can work on it peacefully.

Skeptical and Critical Opinions

Critics claim that their abilities are not special at all and that such qualities are observable in most children. Skeptics also call attention to the fact that the Indigo Movement lacks any sort of verifiable evidence which could support existence of such children and they consider the entire theory pseudo-scientific. They even support the opinion that troublesome children are designated as indigo which may delay their timely diagnosis and initiation of help and improvement.

Crystal Children

Crystal children have pastel rainbow-coloured aura. They are sensitive and emphatic. What strikes you the most at the first sight of these children is their eyes. These children tend to be very propitious, tolerant, balanced to wise. They show great musical talent, but the power of spoken words manifests later in them.

Indigo and Crystal ChildrenTheir natural gift is telepathy. They often hug other creatures spontaneously, mainly in hard situations. Crystal children contact their mothers already before their conception. The mother's pregnancy tends to be closely related to extraordinary experiences and mother's personal growth. Crystal children are very perceptive, they strongly comprehend the common energy of our planet, and they feel emotions of others as if they were their own. These children teach us to embrace love, they are emphatic, naturally optimistic, and they are strongly connected to the energy of Earth, Moon, stars, nature and animals. They are able to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the natural world; they don't need expensive electronic toys. They are fascinated by flowers or night sky. They bear very subtle energy and that is why it may seem that they are absent-minded, they are not ostentatious at the first impression.

They usually have a very strong attachment to someone from their family, whether a parent or a grandparent and they don't like being separated from them. These children know instinctively what their duties in this world are and they perform them. They need freedom to experience their emotions. It is suitable to teach them to meditate at an early age. Be patient as parents; don't force them to be in a certain way. Learn from them, they can provide beautiful stimuli. Let them have a regular regime to make them feel safer. What these children need the most is your love and support. They usually have a strong ability to visualize and a strongly developed imagination. Their imagination and visualisation exercises help them control their moods and glooms. They respond well to crystal, amethyst and rose quartz. During a visualisation exercise, put them up to imagining a rosy light that spreads from their feet upwards to their body and covers them like a blanket. Let them wish something on this light and breathe it in. After such visualisation, children tend to be significantly calmer and more content.

Crystal children are natural healers. There is much love in their hearts and their mere presence heals their surroundings. They bring light to us and they teach us to become more tolerant, kinder and more joyful. They are gifted with telepathy and clairvoyance.

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