How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

The morning glance into the mirror may come as a shock to some people. Mainly when unattractive circles and bags appear under the eyes. Their occurrence is frequently a proof of a sleepless night or general lack of sleep; however, genetic predispositions and general lifestyle also play their roles. Tired eyes may also indicate an onsetting illness.

Dark Circles Under Eyes - Cause 

Skin around eyes is very sensitive so everything harmful to it manifests in a striking way. Circles appear under eyes in case that something blocks the flow of blood and lymph in this area. Since blood flows slowly here, blood vessels and small blood vessels are much more pronounced than under normal circumstances.

Circles under eyes may also indicate presence of hemoglobin from the adjacent blood vessels. Dark bags and swelling occur as a consequence to fat and water retention in the area around eyes which can be a result of sleep when the subcutaneous tissue soaks in liquids (e.g. excess tears) much more easily. They are also a signal of changes in blood flow in that area. 

Fast Aid for Circles Under Eyes - Fridge Comes to Rescue

There is an easily accessible way to lighten up the skin around eyes and alleviate undesirable bags and circles under eyes: coldness. All you have to do is take an ice cube from your freezer, place it on the affected area and massage gently. A tea spoon inserted into a fridge for a little while does the same trick when you cover your whole eye with it. You can also fill your washbasin with comfortably cool water, submerge your face in it and blink intensively. If you had a cup of green or camomile tea for breakfast, do not throw away the tea bag and let it cool in the fridge for a few minutes as well. Then you can place it on your eyes which are not only cooled this way but also get affected by the beneficial substances in the tea. The same result can be achieved with slices of fresh cucumber.

Coldness is a great helper when it comes to circles under eyes because it increases the blood supply in the skin. However, this easy solution is only sufficient when circles or bags under eyes trouble you only sometimes. If you suffer from them for a longer time, it is necessary to consider other options as well - including a visit to your doctor. 

Find Out When the Circles Occur

If you want to get rid of circles and bags under eyes once and for all, you need to reveal their cause. Do circles under eyes occur after some stress at work when you have been working at a computer for most of the day? Or are they a consequence to a party held in a room filled with cigarette smoke? Then all you need to do is avoid these activities or limit them or just deal with the fact that after them you will get circles and bags under eyes. What other causes are there?

  • Water retention in the body
  • effects of cigarette smoke
  • bad lifestyle
  • chudokrevnost
  • effects of sunlight
  • eczema
  • allergies
  • changes in hormone levels in the body
  • too little/too much sleep
  • stress
  • excess strain on eyes
  • insufficient care for skin around the eyes

Therefore, it is obvious that circles under eyes are influenced especially by one keyword - lifestyle; that includes various habits, daily rhythm, diet and everything else that influences human body to various extents. If you are able to think about it and eliminate the bad factors, the fight against unattractive skin around your eyes gets much easier. But what if circles and bags under eyes indicate some illness?

When It Is Time to Go See a Doctor

Although sometimes persistent presence of circles under eyes is inherent in our genes and has no clear cause, you should be cautious. Darkened colour under the lower eyelid may act as a warning exclamation point. So if your fight against circles ad swellings keeps failing for a long time, go see your general practitioner. What do circles under eyes inform us about most frequently?

  • disrupted thyroid gland activity
  • disrupted metabolism functionality
  • heart disease
  • kidney disease
  • liver disease
  • bowel disease

Dark Circles Under Eyes - Removal 

There is a wide range of options to deal with this problem, ranging from the aforementioned changes in lifestyle to special cosmetics and cosmetic adjustments to home procedures with commonly accessible agents. We have described the fastest of them above. Let us now have a look at those that need to be put into practice with significant regularity and patience.

Drink water

That's the basic rule: drink enough fluids; coffee, black tea and alcohol don't count. Think about it throughout your day and gradually supply your body with 2 litres of fluids every day. This will improve your kidneys' activity and your body will not retain water and cause problems.

Supply on iron

Supply your diet with foods that contain enough iron. That will have you munching on legumes, liver, venison or sunflower seeds.

Suitable creams

Naturally, you also have to take care of the skin around your eyes using special creams containing sufficient amount of vitamin K and C. Never apply creams not specifically designed for the area of eyes. By doing so, you would risk faster aging of the area and more intensive circles and bags under eyes.


Last but not least, we recommend regular massages of the area; you can take them in a cosmetic studio or perform some simplified massages yourself. Massages will make the skin around eyes look better and make it more durable against negative influences.

Perform the massage with an easily-absorbable cream that will get into all spots necessary. Be careful and gentle, since this area is very sensitive. You can massage both eyes at once or alternate. Here are three basic techniques you will easily master at home and which won't take more than a few minutes of your time. The most beneficial time to massage your eyes is in the evening, before you go to bed: 

1/ Gently pat the skin around your eyes with the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger. Try and last at least a minute.

2/ Place your thumb joints on the skin under your eyes and gently massage the area in small circles. First, begin under the eye and move towards the inner corner of they and finish at the outer corner. Then, make a new move in the same manner and begin from the inner corner, across the area by the outer corner, and finish under the eye, where you first started. If you are not entirely sure, have a look at the picture on the right where the movements are marked in blue and green lines.

3/ Place your thumb under your eye and your index finger on its edge above the eye (as if holding a spyglass) and then gently stretch the skin by moving your fingers apart and back together again. Repeat 25 times.

Circles and bags under eyes can ruin the start of any day. However, if you choose to fight against them, you can get rid of them after some time or at least moderate the intensity with which they manifest. This takes patience and determination that will keep you cool. Because if you get upset every morning when looking into the mirror and getting angry at how bad you look because of the dark spots around your eyes, you only harm yourself more since stress is a cause of newly occurring circles and bags under the eyes..

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