How to Improve Low Blood Pressure

We talk about low blood pressure (hypotension) in cases when its values decrease under 115/75 mm Hg in a rested person and it keeps decreasing even when that person gets up. That is a typical symptom of low blood pressure.

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

Hypotension is characterized by dizziness, staggering, cold feet, irrepressible yawning, fatigue, troubles getting up from a seated position, e.g. in the morning during getting out of bed.

Low Blood Pressure Causes

Causes of low blood pressure remain unknown. We have congenital propensities to it; this concerns women more frequently than men. Low blood pressure may also be induced by certain medical drugs or serious diseases such as diabetes, the Parkinson's disease and hypothyroidism. Mild hypotension may not be anything to worry about. However, we need to take things seriously in cases where hypotension alternates with tachycardia and phases of extremely high blood pressure, or when the pressure drops by more than 30 mm Hg when getting up from a seated position, accompanied by heart rhythm disturbances and severe heartbeat slowing. A cardiologist should definitely examine such cases.

First Aid for Dizziness

People suffering from low blood pressure (hypotension) often feel dizzy when getting up from lower positions. It is helpful to squat and hold for a little while, or stand up and cross your legs. This crossing itself increases blood pressure by 10-15 mm Hg.

How to Improve Low Blood Pressure

Cooking salt

Sodium contained in the salt has a positive influence on blood pressure. Approximately 30% people are sensitive to salt, i.e. their blood pressure responds to it with above-average sensitivity. People with low blood pressure may therefore try increasing the amount of salt in their diet. However, this doesn't mean they should start eating salty ready food, potato chips, preserved food, etc. They should eat a lot more vegetables - whether fresh or cooked - and sufficiently salted.

Vitamin C

It has been proven that vitamin C improves effects of adrenaline on blood pressure increase. Adrenaline is a hormone formed in adrenal glands and in a part of the autonomic nervous system. Prefer vitamin C in fresh food rather than in pills. Vitamin C is mostly found in citrus fruits, but also in kiwi, papaya, strawberries, cranberries, black currant as well as in vegetables - in tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, spinach and potatoes. Also the amalaki fruit is also a good source of vitamin C. The following chart shows the amount of vitamin C in individual foods:


Amount (mg/100 g)


Amount (mg/100 g)





Black currant




Brussels sprouts












Red currant


early potatoes















The liquorice root contains an aromatic substance glycyrrhizin which supports inhibition of hormones from adrenal glands which retain salt in the body and support potassium discharge. Consequently, water management in the body changes and the blood pressure rises. However, the danger of swelling also rises. Liquorice is a part of candy called "pendrek" in the Czech Republic.

Sufficient Amount of Fluids

People with low blood pressure should drink plenty of fluids to maintain high volume of their blood. The most suitable drink is mineral water. They should drink the first glass of the day shortly after getting up in the morning. This will increase their blood pressure spontaneously and maintain it so for approx. 2 hours. Coffee and occasional glass of wine may bring some ease to the hypotensers; however, depending on dispositions and individual reactions to caffeine and alcohol, these may also take contrary effect.

Regular Sport

It has been proven that 2 hours of sports a week help low blood pressure rise. Suitable sports include body building, endurance training, cycling, aerobics, gymnastics, swimming (mainly in colder water).

Low Blood Pressure - What Foods Should You Avoid?

When it comes to food and low blood pressure, you should avoid combinations of carbohydrates with potassium, e.g. having müesli and milk for breakfast. These may cause trouble such as nervousness, irritation, weakness and cramps. Instead, you should enjoy bread with eggs and cheese, i.e. protein-rich breakfast with sufficient amount of vitamin B and salt. We recommend light foods which will facilitate the work of the cardiovascular system and stabilize circulation.

Also, remember to watch the time when steeping black tea. Make sure to keep it under 2 minutes. This will make the tea release as much caffeine as it can as well as other substances affecting blood pressure.

Stack Your Pillows High

If you suffer from low blood pressure, place an extra pillow under your head for the night. Many hypotensers have increased blood pressure during the night; this leads to salt discharge which leads to strong pressure drop in the morning. It is therefore good to add an extra pillow under your head and the upper body.

Home Recipes against Low Blood Pressure

Rosemary Wine

Preparation: Mix 1 l white wine with 20 g dried rosemary leaves and leave it in a closed jar for 5 days, then strain. Drink 2 glasses a day, with a meal.

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