Green Food against Diseases and As Effective Prevention

Green foods are good for health and they are a suitable and balanced source of nutrients. They belong somewhere between a food and a food complement. Their effect on health is not only supportive, but also preventive. These foods are a great and balanced source of nutrients and they have a preventive effect against a whole range of lifestyle diseases. Most of them can be used in a long term without any problems, but there are also several contraindications, which are stated in the article below.

These green foods contain chlorophyll - vegetable dye, a green pigment, which can be found in green plants, blue-green algae and some other kinds of algae. They have a unique regenerative, anti-inflammatory and also healing effects. They also contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, active enzymes and other nutrients in ideal mutual ratios. The supportive effects on human health are almost miraculous.

When you start using the green foods, you should prepare for the fact that you begin toclean your organism , which can take several months. The regeneration of organism most often takes two to three months. The current condition of your organism depends on a whole range of factors, current health condition and also on how did you care for your organism in the past years, thus also on your diet and lifestyle.

Long before the discovery of green pigment, chlorophyll and photosynthesis process, green parts of plants have been valued and used as natural medicine. Unique qualities of chlorophyll made him one of the most scientifically examined natural substances for therapeutic use. Modern medicine started to use these means in the first half of the 20th century; at present, they are used in various ways in medicinal practice. Except for being food supplements, they are also used to support healing of wounds and in the mouth hygiene.

Currently, the numbers of green foods grow. The quality of other common foods is often not very good and we also suffer from various negative influences of the surrounding environment, stress situations, toxic stress and others. The health state of Czech population is not very positive. Occurrence of allergic diseases and asthma is high, every fifth Czech suffers from this disease. Every third citizen of our republic will contract cancer. You can begin with living healthy from the basics for example by including green foods into your diet. Green foods are very suitable for sportsmen, who expend a lot of energy by moving, as well as for people with demanding work, both on the physical or mental side; they are also good for children of all ages as well as for pregnant and lactating women.

Freshwater alga chlorella pyrenoidosa and young barley are the basic green foods. They work as great harmonizers of our bodily processes, improve the quality of cells in our whole body.

Young Barley

After mixing the young barley with water, the drink will fill you up and clean you in the same time. It has a high content of chlorophyll, large amount of active enzymes and it can start digestion and organism cleaning. Because of the high content of oxidants, it slows down cellular ageing and it also decreases the probability of cancer growing. It is often being used as a part of some diets, reduction courses and fasts. It strengthens the immunity system and its balance. It has a positive effect on one's cardiovascular system, especially because of the high iron and chlorophyll content. It affects blood count positively, has a anti-clotting effects, prevents creation of thromboses, coronary diseases and myocardial infarction. It also supports the healing of skin diseases, accelerates regeneration of organism and all the tissues in human body, as well as healing of wounds.

Growing Young Barley

Young barley is grown in accordance with the rules of biological growing, without any pesticides or herbicides. Only its young leaves, which display the largest content of useful elements and nutritious compounds, are being gathered. It is grown mostly in the United States of America. The soil, in which the young barley is being grown, is being cultivated in a careful manner. Growing of young barley and lucerne is often being altered, because in this manner, the soil is regularly enriched with nitrogen, which then naturally increases the contents of chlorophyll in the plant.

Harvesting Young Barley

Young barley is being harvested in strict hygienic conditions, the harvest is rather fast. After the young barley leaves are harvested, they are rinsed and pressed. The pressed extract is then dried in less then two minutes at the temperature of 31°C. The temperature must not be higher, because the destruction of important agents the barley contains would then occur. A light green powder is made after proper drying.

The young barley powder contains enzymes and chlorophyll, a whole range of vitamins and minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The not negligible amount of fibrous material and vegetable proteins is also important. Apart from that, it contains young barley and tryptophane enzyme, which creates serotonin. This is a hormone, which supports good mood, a so-called "happiness hormone".

Using Young Barley

One tea spoon two times a day before eating is the recommended dose for an adult. In children of three years and older, the dosage is half a tea spoon a day. Mix the powder with 150 ml of water, or juice. If you use a shaker for preparation, the taste of the drink will be finer. If you use young barley, then you should drink a sufficient amount of liquids during the day. In first ten days of using barley, the dose should be lower. Organism detoxification takes place at first; it can worsen the skin condition, cause gas and diarrhoea.

Do not ever dissolve the young barley at a temperature higher than 45°C, because you would destroy the important enzymes and elements. You can improve the bitterness of the drink by mixing in a tomato or some carrot juice.

Even though the young barley is generally recommended, there are conditions, under which the using is not recommended. It is not recommended to people after an organ transplant, at least for the period of at least 9 months. After an digestive system operation, it is recommended not to use green barley for a week. In case of an irradiation treatment, the young barley should not be used 3 days before and 3 days after the irradiation. It is also not recommended in case of acute pulmonary embolism and in case of inflammation of deep venous system.


In developing countries, when the number of starving people grew, there was a search for new sources of first-rate foods. In the fifties and sixties of the last century, the focus was on algae. This involves water plants; especially the cellular, microscopic forms feature quick growth and large content of valuable elements. The algae have an enormous advantage: they can be used completely, because no less valuable side products, common in grown crops (straw, dead leaves, roots) are being made. Another advantage is the fact that in cultivation of algae, no losses of supplied nutrients nor their degradation occur, on the contrary to classic agriculture.

Chlorella is a freshwater miscroscopic unicellular alga, unique because of its highest content of chlorophyll in the known plants in general. It is not used only because of its high content of chlorophyll, but it presents one of the richest sources of minerals, proteins and minerals. It is being called the most healthy food in history. Because of the chlorellin, which can stop or suppress a number of infection, also have anti-bacterial effects. Other positive effects on the organism constitute improvement of immunity and sexual performance. It contributes to complete cleaning and organism detoxification. Because of it, the organism becomes more resistant to various infections.

Similarly to green barley, chlorella has a positive influence on cardiovascular system, contributes to protection of heart and blood vessels and decreases the level of cholesterol. In general, it has a positive influence on the energy charge of the organism, positively influences sleep and ability to think.

Growth factor (CFG, Chlorella growth factor) is one of the most important compounds of chlorella. Chlorella is the only organism on planet Earth, which can quadruple its volume during the course of twenty four hours. No other organism on the planet is capable of that. We do not know all the exact effects of the CFG factor, but it is evident that it is very effective in healing chronic diseases of various kind and is improves healing of all types of tissue.

Growing and Harvesting Chlorella

Asian countries, especially Japan, have the longest tradition in growing this unicellular alga. Here, the use of chlorella has a long tradition not only in nutrition, but also in the area of cosmetics and pharmacy. Chlorella is not suitable for consumption in its natural form, and thus it is processed further. The degree of quality of chlorella is determined by a careful and quality processing. This alga is most often grown in a warm climate. This area has the ideal climate for growing of this alga, the harvest takes place in the evening, when the alga has already drawn enough energy from sunlight. The high contents of chlorophyll can be seen on beautiful, emerald colour of the alga.

Using Chlorella

Chlorella is used in the form of tablets. Usually recommended dose for an adult is around twenty tablets a day, distributed into several daily doses, three or four is the best. However, it is suitable to prepare the organism for the green foods and increase the doses gradually. Achieve the recommended dose within two to four weeks. Harmonization effects of chlorella will start to demonstrate after three months of using, organism cleaning after approximately half a year.


Spirulina is a multicellular, spiral-shaped plant, belonging among plants, growing both in fresh and salt water. It looks like a small spiral in the water. It is a valuable micro-alga, which contains a whole range of elements and provides special nutrients for human organism. It is a rich source of chlorophyll and it has perfect detoxification effect. It helps to remove toxic elements, chemical toxins and heavy metals from the body. As a nutrition supplement, it features one of the highest contents of protein at all. It belongs among the most effective aids in losing weight.

Spirulina supplies vitamins and minerals and supports the digestive system. It reduces cholesterol, it acts against viruses, supplies necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients to the body. It helps against diabetes and it enhances our physical immunity. It is also great as prevention against anaemia and to support blood production.

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