Flower Horoscope for All Signs

The flower horoscope stems from the date of birth. Unlike the classic astrological horoscope, the flower horoscope contains 36 signs. Each of us is similar to a flower which characterized our most important qualities, characteristics and lifestyle approaches. Flowers can refresh your soul and their essences are used for body healing.

Can You See Yourself in the Flower Horoscope?

IRIS 1 January - 10 January

Iris characterizes people who are persistent, strong-minded and eager. Their qualities are willingness to listen to others and the ability to help. They tend to be optimistic; however, sometimes they may have difficulties saying or otherwise expressing their emotions. They are capable and hard-working and they choose similar people for their friends and partners.

ASTER 11 January - 20 January

Aster people are intelligent and rational mode of thinking prevails in them. They are great organizers, able to plan everything meticulously and in the minutest detail. They are able to follow through with their matters even if they have to make some sacrifices. They are very reliable in personal relationships. They seek temperamental and sensitive partners.

GERBER 21 January - 31 January

Gerber people are very sociable, they love change and excitement and they need to be "on the move" constantly. They have a great sense of orientation and can handle crises well. They love fun and entertainment; they tend to be fun and won't spoil any jokes. Although gerberas are sensitive, they do not often show it. They are optimists and have lots of friends; they are always willing to help others. They are usually very popular among people.

DANDELION 1 February - 10 February

Dandelion people are friendly, sociable and they radiate peace and harmony. They love harmony and routine and they dislike making changes. In terms of feelings, dandelions tend to be careful; they often need plenty of tolerance and understanding in their relationships. They live in their closed world and it is difficult for them to let anyone in. They take long time to trust someone. However, they are dazzling at social occasions.

DAISY 11 February - 19 February

Same as this gentle flower, people born in the sign of Daisy tend to be gentle, modest and nice. They can sacrifice themselves for others, they are persistent and strong-minded. Daisies do not get discouraged by obstacles easily; they are able to assert themselves and they are not thrown off easily. They are a bit volatile when it comes to love. They desire a nice and harmonious relationship and therefore they take a long time to find the right partner.

TULIP 20 February - 29 February

Tulips are very sociable, they love fun and entertainment; on the other hand, they may seem boastful to arrogant, but this thick skin contains a sensitive personality that behaves very differently in their private life. They tend to be volatile when it comes to love as they love seeking new and new adventures. They are fairly moody.

MIMOSA 1 March - 10 March

People born in this sign have extraordinary characters. They are dreamers striving for admiration and constantly expecting something from life. They require a lot of acknowledgement and approval from others and they enjoy being pampered. In reality, their self-confidence is not that unshakeable and they have to work on it throughout their lives.

VIOLET 11 March - 20 March

Violets like safety and certainty, they are inconspicuous and calm. They are usually not too quick to push ahead, and despite the fact they strive their place in the sun, they are not too ambitious. They are modest and full of ideals, they live in their fantasy world, expecting a lot from the future. They are always willing to help others and patient and kind in love.

PRIMROSE 21 March - 31 March

Primroses make for interesting and extraordinary people, attracting the attention of others. They are hard-working, they know what they want from life and they always get support and help from others. They tend to be lucky in love, but they are picky and volatile. Primroses approach life as a challenge, they do not experience too many hardships. Others usually support them and help them achieve their goals.

HYDRANGEA 1 April – 10 April

Hydrangea people are interesting personalities who attract attention both with their appearance and their behaviour. They are patient and strong-minded and so they often achieve their goals. They are able to dazzle others and get what they want. Primroses value their freedom and independence very much. They also respect their partner's freedom in love relationships and they are fairly intuitive.

LILAC 11 April - 20 April

People born Lilacs are usually full of joy of life and energy. They are optimistic, cheerful and their character and strong-mindedness often get them what they want in life. When it comes to their goals, they can be very persistent, but they are volatile in terms of affection as they need a lot of new experiences.

CAMELLIA 21 April - 30 April

These people desire success and acknowledgement in the society and they always want to have privileged positions. Their ability is the talent to get others to take their side; they make for great friends and they are faithful and stable in their love relationships. They are outstanding with their charisma, self-confidence and courage which are inspiring. They often show artistic abilities and talents.

PEONY 1 May - 10 May

Everybody loves people born in Peony; they are optimistic energetic people who won't spoil any fun. They are good listeners, they give excellent advice and they are always glad to help. People around them love them, Peonies often have lots of friends and they are able to enjoy life to the fullest. Their meticulousness and sense of humour often make their lives calm; however, they may get passionate and jealous when it comes to love.

LILY OF THE VALLEY 11 May - 21 May

Although Lilies of the valley may seem naive and modest, they are quite the opposite. They love luxury, good food and drinks and they have rational down-to-earth thinking. They often stride straight towards their goal, they know exactly what they want from life and they love to be pampered. In love relationships, lilies of the valley require faithfulness, honesty and care.

ROSE 22 May - 31 May

Rose is a beautiful flower that can dazzle others and capture their interest. People born in this sign are the same. They may have a propensity to be bossy and they tend to be picky. People of Rose are talented and interested in arts and literature. They are able to experience love to its fullest, they know no middle ground. They want all or nothing. They make or interesting but complicated persons.

AZALEA 1 June - 10 June

Azaleas are great observers, they are able to gather helpful information and use them perfectly. They easily succumb to their feelings and perceptions, but this quality may sometimes backfire. They love to learn everything new and they love travelling into unknown places. However, Azaleas do not make love simple. They are able to manipulate and control their partner but once they finish, they lose interest in them and move on.

LILY 11 June - 20 June

Lily is a magnificent and pure flower and people born in this sign make a similar impression, sometimes they may even seem resistant and cold. Lilies are dreamers and romantics, they find no interest in anything earthly; they desire a romantic love as in stories, they want their prince on a white horse or a fair princess and they project these desires onto their general perception of the world. They are not easy to get along well with, they seem untouchable and inaccessible. However, if you win their trust, you win a great friend for a lifetime.

PANSY VIOLET 21 June - 30 June

This flower is magical and cute, it does not push forward too much, but it definitely knows its worth. Pansy violets hate schemes and they always say everything straight up. Their personal charisma is overwhelming, they are very sociable and popular since they are kind-hearted and open, and they live in the moment. Pansy violets like their love gentle and colourful.

JASMINE 1 July - 10 July

Jasmines are strong-minded, active and hard-working. They are able to overcome all obstacles and they have a strong sense of responsibility. They are courageous and achieve their goals and wishes. Jasmines get on board with everything new and they are able to motivate others to give higher performance. They require much love and attention and they are reliable caregivers.

OX-EYE DAISY 11 July - 20 July

Ox-eye daisies are inconspicuous but beautiful. People born in this sign tend to be cheerful and agile, but also flirtatious. They do not experience love too much, but they like to talk about it. They are friendly and popular, they are able to understand others and meet them halfway. However, they also expect acknowledgement and admiration from them. If Lox-eye daisies feel content, they are able to go a long way.

CARNATION 21 July - 31 July

Carnations have great ambitions, but they usually lack a sufficient dose of self-criticism. They tend to be critical towards their surroundings. They are demanding on others and on themselves, and they are not easy to get along with well. They have problems both in friendships and in love relationships.

SUNFLOWER 1 August - 10 August

Sunflowers are usually attractive for other people by their personality and individuality, however, their life is not easy. They are often egocentric and their plans and ideas are borderline unbelievable. They are not classic dreamers; they are able to follow through with their plans and sometimes also use people around them to do it. They usually get along best with those who flatter them the most. Sunflowers love praise.

CHICORY 11 August - 20 August

Chicory people are patient and willing and popular among people around them because they are always glad to help and make for pleasant companions. They have a gift of natural self-confidence, they do not get mad, they are not touchy and they are eayy to get along with in relationships. Their strong-mindedness helps them make something great with their lives.

FORGET-ME-NOT 21 August - 31 August

People born in this sign like strong individuals they can rely upon in life. Support is the very thing Forget-Me-Nots needs. They are perceptive and sensitive, flexible in relationships. Even a small problem can throw them off, they tend to get melancholic and depressive. They seek harmonious partners able to support them sufficiently.

WATER LILY 1 September - 10 September

Same as this plant, people born in this sign are extraordinary and interesting. They are often interested in spirituality and supernatural phenomena, they love secrets. They are talented in arts and creative. Living with them is not only very tempting, but also very interesting.

SNOWDROP 11 September - 20 September

These people are gentle and sensitive, same as fragile snowdrops. On the other hand, they are capable of asserting themselves and they are very creative. They are ambitious, always go straight up, they never take any shortcuts. Their behaviour is consistent and tactful. They like similar types who also like to pursue their goals.

BELLFLOWER 21 September - 30 September

These people tend to be successful in life. They are characterized as straightforward and attractive for people around them. Universe usually plays along with them and they are lucky in their relationships and love. Bellflowers are assertive and intelligent; however, sometimes they are able to promise more they can do.

DAHLIA 1 October - 10 October

Dahlias like to be surrounded by a posse of admirers, which may lead to trouble in their relationships. They are usually indecisive. They are interesting and extraordinary and can be very strong-minded and hard-working, if the given job is fulfilling for them and enjoyable. If not, they desire new stimuli and look for them.

HYACINTH 11 October - 20 October

Hyacinth people are attractive personalities with a strange charisma. They are reliable; if you choose to trust them, there is nothing they cannot do. They are intelligent as well as intuitive. They make for good companions both in friendships and in love relationships. Reliability is one of their best qualities.

FREESIA 21 October - 31 October

Freesia people have a tendency to mood swings and instability. They submit to fashion trends and shopping frenzies, they have plenty of acquaintances, but only on a superficial level. They often have trouble settling down, because nothing is good enough for them and they do not like cutting back on their standards. They have trouble holding on to love, although they establish relationships easily.

CHRYSANTHEMUM 1 November - 10 November

Chrysanthemum personalities tend to be a little moody. These people are very intelligent, have great goals, but they have to learn patience and love. They tend to be a little calculating in their relationships; they look for partners who are able to provide for them financially.

DAFFODIL 11 November - 20 November

Daffodils tend to be egocentric and they may sometimes be a little superficial. They constantly seek new opportunities to show off. They have problems in love and friendships; they are unable to maintain relationships, they often change partners as well as jobs. They get excited by everything new and they tend to calm down only in later age.

ORCHID 21 November - 30 November

This flower is beautiful and exotic, it can catch your eye at the first sight. This also applies to people born in this period. They care about their image, they love fashion, cosmetics and expensive accessories. It may be troublesome to writhe free from under their influence.

SQUARROSE KNAPWEED 1 December - 10 December

These people are energetic and courageous. They have high ambitions and they are not afraid to follow them. They are not afraid of anything new, they have leadership abilities and they are able to control others. They make for great friends and they always support their loved ones, but they tend to have problems in relationships.

VIBURNUM 11 December - 20 December

People born in the viburnum sign tend to have big swings in their lives; for them, life is a journey full of ups and downs due to their strong emotions and complicated nature. They are usually by themselves, because find nothing is good enough. In a partnership, they need someone who has no problems complying to them.

MISTLETOE 21 December - 31 December

People born at this time tend to be modest and ordinary at the first sight. The do not show off and they do not need to be in the centre of attention; they rather work on their plans and goals in the background and hidden. They often suffer from low self-esteem and they are not very certain about what they want to do with their lives. Having good and harmonious relationships is very important to them.

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