Fight Jitters and Nervousness with Right Habits

Nervousness and jitters, two conspirators who are sometimes able to complicate things in a way that is almost comical. Those who have never had to deal with this problem often fail to understand why is someone unable to make a sound in certain situations or starts shaking. However, people suffering from nervousness and jitters cannot imagine that it is possible to get rid of these unpleasant feelings. If you learn to work with jitters or nervousness in the right way, you can use it to your advantage because it will stimulate you to a better performance or focus.

Nervousness is not only a burden to the life of the affected person but also of others. A nervous person may be irritable and project their negative moods into their environment through inappropriate behaviour. That is why it is necessary to view these conditions as a complex problem and search for its causes not only in a person's character, but also in their lifestyle. People often cause their tendencies towards jitters and nervous moods by themselves for the bigger part.

What Is Nervousness and Jitters

Nervousness is actually a state of restlessness and unpleasant feelings of tension that project into the overall behaviour or physiological processes in the body. Almost everyone has felt a sinking sensation in their stomach before an important situation or hands shaky with jitters. Jitters are usually closely related to nervousness and it concerns emotions and experiences directly related to it. However, both states have a common denominator - stress that causes them. In some people, nervousness is a temporary matter. In others, it can project into their personality characteristics and becomes one of their qualities. A permanently nervous person is a catastrophe for people around them who then have to deal with the nervous person's eternal negativism, unhappiness and bad mood. In very severe cases, nervousness may even overgrow into complicated mental problems - neuroses and anxieties requiring treatment.

How to Deal With These States?

Even though people suffering from nervousness or jitters may think that they will have to fight them throughout their entire lives, negative symptoms may be overcome with patience and will. Sometimes a person is able to help oneself, sometimes it is better to consult a psychologist to find the best process; the psychologist may be able to find out the cause of the nervousness. There are various paths to take on the way to a more peaceful life. Some are more suitable than others, but their common goal is relaxation and relief. That is why some people reach for a glass of alcohol while others make do listening to their favourite music. The basic goal is to be able to relax, moderate the hectic way of life and be able to motivate yourself. In prevention to nervousness and jitters, the following principles apply as well as in any complication stemming from psyche that gets tested daily. If you want to help yourself in this matter, concentrate to:

  • have enough quality sleep
  • have enough free time to rest and relax (sports, entertainment, hobbies)
  • provide substances necessary for your body through balanced lifestyle

If you suffer from nervousness or jitters on regular basis, e.g. before an important exam or appointment with the authorities, try to find a ritual to calm you down. Stop, relax, take a deep breath and exhale slowly and tell yourself that you will do just fine and there is no reason to be afraid or stressed.

Nature against Nervousness

You may use various agents to support your effort to get rid of annoying nervousness. In such case, what can be better than natural agents? So what herbs may help whether you use them in the form of tincture, tea or extracts in pills, etc.?

  • lavender
  • sage
  • hypericum
  • mint
  • balm
  • valerian
  • chamomile

Even though nervousness and jitters may seem like something that complicates our lives unnecessarily, you can learn how to use them to your advantage. Jitters is the fear of failure; you should concentrate on giving as good performance as you can, which will stimulate you to do your best. Don't be afraid to work with nervousness and jitters; a healthy amount of stress may even have positive influence on life even though this may seem crazy at the first sight.

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