Colours of Aura And Their Meanings

Barevné spektrum aury je velmi široké, každý odstín vyjadřuje něco jiného.It is a phenomenon impossible to prove by means of scientific experiments, but there are many people who see aura from time to time and you may also encounter photographic devices which can take a picture of a person's aura. According to alternative medicine and parapsychology, aura is an energy coating surrounding every living organism. Not only humans and animals have their personal aura, but also plants and trees.

Aura Characteristics

There is a large amount of energy in every organism that keeps flowing between the organism itself and its surroundings. Aura is not electro-magnetic and therefore it is not measurable by scientific methods. Scientists maintain that a picture of aura is an optical illusion. Despite that, there are many people who believe in seeing aura.

There are several basic qualities of aura:

  • The first lead is its size. In some individuals, the energy only overlaps by a few centimetres, in others (especially in spiritually mature ones), it can overlap as far as more than one meter.
  • Other qualities of aura are its colours and colourfulness. Aura may have all the colours of the rainbow, but in most people, only two or three colours prevail.
  • Aura has a stable component and a so-called mood component. Both may change in the course of years. Stable aura shows the stage in which a given person is, their physical and mental health, spiritual maturity, etc. The mood component shows the momentary condition of the person and concerns only the nearest days and hours. Even individual organs and body parts may have their own aura.
  • If the given individual is in harmony, the aura is complete. In case of mental or health problems, the aura body shows cracks and ripples, different stripe colouring, narrowed aura, fading colours, etc.

Colours of Aura And Their Meanings

It is only possible to assess aura as a whole, but individual interpretation of aura colours may help us understand its meaning. Even shades of the individual colours carry different information.

Red Colour

The colour red symbolizes these values: physicality, sensuality, vitality, aggression, strong ego and the ability to achieve success. People whose aura is red in colour are usually strong and resilient individuals, they often get leading and responsible positions; they are destined to succeed. They are emotionally oriented by nature and tend to have a good heart. These individuals usually have a highly developed ability to activate and inspire their entire surroundings. Negative symptoms include short temper, aggression, excessive self-love, egocentricity. "Surplus" in red aura can cause tendencies towards nervous issue and nervous overstress. From the astrological point of view, the red colour corresponds to the planet Mars and properties it bears; from suddenness to brute force.

The colour shades are very important:

  • Strong or even scarlet red symbolizes usually very strong ego or even preoccupation in oneself; it appears in the aura of selfish people.
  • The deep red belongs to the people with great energy and temperament; these individuals tend to have a strong will, a desire for self-assertion, a tendency to leadership and courage. The weakness is anger, rage, malice. Gray flashes in aura of this colour show fatigue and mental exhaustion.
  • Light red colour represents joy, sensuality and sexuality, also love, but also anxiety and impulsiveness.

Pink Colour

Pink colour is perceived and interpreted as a milder, sweeter flavour of red. It expresses inner feelings of love at the highest spiritual level. it means sensitivity, gentleness, emotionality, love, sentimentality, sometimes also "vain longing." It often occurs in the aura of young people; in the elderly, it may symbolize a disturbed relationship to reality. Subconscious attempt to perceive the world through "rose-coloured glasses".

Orange Colour

This colour in the aura represents harmony and ability to cooperate with others. Such a person is naturally intuitive, tactful, easy to get along with, with the ability to calm the emotions of others and is also quite practical. Orange also symbolizes sexuality, but unlike the aggressive red, a person with a predominant orange colour creates sexual relations at a much finer level. It symbolizes love connected with ardent feelings and desires. People with plenty of orange in their aura usually manage difficulties of life with ease, they do not lack the necessary confidence. Within the astrological symbolism, orange is coupled with qualities of the Sun, i.e. energy, dynamics, heat, development and energy of life. But not only to praise "orange", we must also state its negative qualities, such as laziness and sloppiness.

Let us also mention the main shades of orange:

  • golden orange expresses the fullness of life
  • brown-orange symbolizes subdued ambition, indifference or even laziness
  • soft pastel orange, apricot colour is seen as a very positive colour. It brings energy recovery and energy circulation
  • red-orange symbolizes excessive desire for adventure, pleasure, excitement

Yellow Colour

Pure yellow aura is the colour of health, mind, intellect and intelligence. Persons with a predominance of yellow in the aura tend to have organizational talent and are well self-disciplined. Excessive yellow indicates overestimation of oneself, expectation of something from others. Such a person gets enthusiastic over something easily, but varies very much People with yellow aura have social conscience and love long debates and discussions. They learn easily, but sometimes take on many things at once, which can lead to overloading of the body. From the astrological point of view, yellow colour corresponds to the planet Mercury, which bears the characteristics of communication, thinking, but also writing. As with the other colours in the aura, the shade of yellow is important.

Shades of yellow in aura:

  • golden yellow symbolizes universal love, ideals, generosity, magnanimity
  • yellow-orange is a sign of confidence, diligence and intellect
  • yellow tint to the vermilion is a symbol of shyness, timidity, weakness of will, the behaviour is manifested by feelings of inferiority and indecision
  • yellow-green, it is a empathy, sympathy, honesty, communication, peacefulness


Pro vidění aury je velmi důležitá koncentrace.

Green Colour

Green is the colour of nature, healing, peace and healing abilities. It is also the colour of service and devotion, harmony and peace and hope. The negative side can be stagnation and rigidity of thought.

Again, it is also important to be oriented to various shades of green:

  • dark green is the colour of dignity and prestige, it indicates materialistic approach
  • teal green colour increases strength and expresses reliability
  • emerald green is the colour of people who like to help others; it is called also the colour of physicians
  • green-blue increases strength, indicates reliability

Blue Colour

The blue colour in aura symbolizes strength. It is the colour of faith and dedication but also of desire for knowledge. Blue has respect for order and obligations. People whose aura is predominantly blue are independent, borderline loners; they are mostly introvert and loyal to their ideals. The negative side can be their moodiness.

Shades of blue:

  • Light blue usually belongs to path-seekers. These are people who are devoted to some ideals, but seek spiritual essence. Sometimes, they tend to be quarrelsome.
  • Dark blue tends to be in aura of people who have already found their way, their mission and are completely absorbed in work, focused on achieving their goal.

Indigo Colour

This colour symbolizes concern and care for others. People with indigo colour in the aura often work in the humanitarian field. Sometimes it is called the colour of redemption. It occurs in the elderly.


Purple is the colour of intuition, spiritual life, clairvoyance. A person with such an aura colour is spiritually evolving throughout life.


It is quite unusual to find it to be the main colour in the aura; it is rather a complementary colour. It symbolizes intuition, idealism, dreams and visions. Such a person is idealistic, but usually impractical. The negative side of such people is excessive dreaming and frequent loss of motivation.


If this colour occurs in the aura, it gives the person a tremendous ability to achieve their objectives and set targets. Such a person is calm and exudes charm. They usually achieve their success later in life.

Seeing Aura


In order to glance aura and learn to see it over time, it is necessary to manage to relax, learn to feel the aura and eventually learn to see it. At first, you may see only a few centimetres around the body, but this exercise will improve your ability. In order to see aura, you need light; the stronger the light, the better you see it.

With normal sight, eyes take in light, light is a form of energy. The lens focuses the light energy and its own perception of light is based on the sensitivity of the visual pigments to light. Light breaks the visual pigments, starting a chain of chemical reactions. These lead to the transfer of signals into electrical potential, an excitation which continues to transmit information to the visual centres of the brain. The brain then evaluates these signals as images.


 Vidění aury můžeme cvičit i pozorováním modré oblohy.

Exercises for Aura Seeing

1. Observing the Sky

During good weather, when the whole sky is blue, or grey, focus your eyes in one place and keep them there. After a while, we begin to see small flashes and lights. If these glimpses move identically as we move our eyes, then they are not flashes aura, but a visual defect or damage to the retina.

2. Clasping Hands And Eye Focusing

Clasp your hands so that the tips of your left hand are touching the tips of your right hand. Put your hands about 50 cm from the body, palms apart. Observe the background through the fingers, such as a white wall or ceiling. Keep looking through and do not re-focus your sight at your hands. After a while, distance your hands observe what you see.

3. Observing Aura Above Trees and Plants

Stare at the top a tree and see what they radiate. Maybe you will perceive it as a sort of fountain. Aura trees varies during the year.

4. Human Aura

The human aura is a glow around the human body; it reflects our current state of mind: feelings, emotions and illnesses. It pulsates and expands and contracts as a living thing. You will see it best when there is a white wall behind the person you wish to inspect. You can train seeing aura by concentrating on the fingertips and catching a glimpse of aura around them.

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