Colour Typology Will Help You with Outfits, Make-Up and Accessorising

Colour Typology Will Help You with Outfits, Make-Up and AccessorisingInheritance of characteristic features we take after our parents and ancestors endows each of us with a certain type and tone of skin, eye and hair colour. Well-selected colours and tones of make-up, clothes and accessories help us highlight natural beauty and harmonize it and on the contrary certain tones, shapes and colours do not fit certain types of people and may even ruin the overall intended impression. Colour typology may help you avoid such mistakes.

Colours selected correctly can make you look younger and your complexion fresher. Colours we wear may even influence our surroundings as well as the impression we make on others. Knowing the colour typology is therefore not only the first step towards gaining more self-confidence, but it may even help us communicate.

Colour Typology Distinguishes Four Basic Types

The basic colour typology consists of four types stemming from the theory of seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter. Apart from these basic levels, each of these types has three subtypes. Distinguishing and understanding which colour type is your type facilitates the choice of colour toning of your clothes and make-up. The colour typology helps determine your type. A stylist can help you determine your type for sure, but with a little bit of talent for observation you will be able to recognize your colour type by yourselves.

Make sure you determine your colour type in daylight. You should pull your hair back so that it doesn't disrupt the overall impression and your complexion should be washed and unmade. In order to determine your colour type, use a so-called shawl test. However, large sheets of paper of warm colours will do the trick as well: yellow scale, yellow-salmon, light pink, blueish pink. Place them near your complexion and evaluate the effect the colour has on your overall appearance.

Colour Typology Will Help You with Outfits, Make-Up and Accessorising

The spring and autumn type favour warm colours, i.e. yellow, yellow-salmon. They make the complexion look shiny, healthy and fresh. However, next to blue-pink colour the complexion and the overall impression is tired, bleak and bland.

Summer and winter types of complexion are natural and clear next to blue-scale colours; however, cool colours will always make complexion look a little tired, highlight dark circles under the eyes, etc.

Let's have a look at individual colour typology types and recommendations to attune their clothes, make-up, accessories and jewellery.

Colour Typology - SPRING TYPE

Colour Typology Will Help You with Outfits, Make-Up and AccessorisingSpring types give tender impression. The complexion is usually light, with translucent, goldish tone, it usually has a propensity to seasonal freckles. Spring-type lips may be slightly blue, pink or very light-red. The eye colour is usually light-blue, richly blue, blue-grey, grey-green or walnut brown. Blond or light-brown hair colour is usually golden.

Spring types should wear light, delicate and sweet make-up. The biggest mistake a spring type can make is wearing sharp contrasting make-up. The perfect base make-up for spring types is transparent; it can be either yellow-beige or ivory. Blush colour should be salmon or bronze. Lipstick should be again in tones of salmon or pink. You should definitely not overdo lipstick; put on only thin layers and make the lipstick more translucent with colourless lip gloss. Spring types usually have blue eye which is why eye shadow should be in tender pastel tones of pink, apricot, green and grey. Eye lines look good in grey or light-brown colour as well as in pastel blue or grey. Spring types should refrain from using black eye-liner.

In terms of make-up, spring types should avoid anything sharp, too contrasting and "mask-like". Typically, the best colours for spring types are fresh, clear, delicate and tender pastel tones.

Suitable clothes colours are in the similar spirit as the make-up colours - sweet pink, pink, turquoise, beige, gold, light and gold shades of brown, apricot, blue-green, grey, etc. We recommend tender or flowery patterns. Black or pure white in terms of clothes should be taboo for spring types.

Accessories and jewellery for spring women should be small and tender, since large-format decorations seem improper and crude. We recommend ivory jewellery, pearls, turquoise, coral red, yellow and red-gold jewellery.

Colour Typology - SUMMER TYPE

Colour Typology Will Help You with Outfits, Make-Up and Accessorising

Summer-type women are somewhat similar to spring types, but they are "cooler". Discerning the type is more difficult for summer types because the subtypes vary greatly. The complexion ranges from very light, sometimes olive and rarely even dark. Hair colours range across the entire range - from light platinum to dark brown. Eye colour also varies throughout the colour range - grey, grey-blue, grey-green, blue-green, dark blue, hazel or dark brown. Summer type is rather frequent in our country. The shade of the skin-colour base make-up is determined by the concrete type of complexion - neutral beige or pink. Most suitable blushers are pink and toned-down colours. For lipstick, it is also suitable to choose tender, toned-down colours; summer types can afford to use lipsticks ranging from pink tones, across violet to slightly bluish, the risk is that most summer types seem overly made-up when using lipstick to begin with.

Eye shadow colours summer types can use straight-out are grey, lilac, tender pink, some shades of brown or rather grey-brown. In some cases even blue, light yellow or silvery white. Summer types fancy cool, smoky shades. Eyeliners are best blue, grey and green.

The advantage of summer types is that their make-up can influence the impression of their face very much; from sporty and slightly rough to very tender, fragile impression, without make-up seeming inappropriate or unnatural.

In clothing, summer-type women or girls can go with any light pastel tone which has a matt undertone of grey or blue. They look exquisite in damask colour which makes other types look bleaker optically; however, in summer types, it highlights their natural beauty.

Summer types don't work well with golden jewellery, but goes perfectly with silver and all kinds of matt jewellery, best damask-colour pearls and semi-precious stones with milky shade. Other precious stones that fit summer types are garnets and rubies.

Colour Typology - AUTUMN TYPE

Colour Typology Will Help You with Outfits, Make-Up and Accessorising

In autumn types, complexion is often characterized by beige colour to golden, apricot or ivory. If freckled, autumn types are freckled all over the body. These women do not sunbathe well because they burn fast. They have lively eye colour - shiny blue, green or brown. They tend to have fair, brown or red hair, always with a tone of gold and red.

Autumn types choose skin-coloured make-up in transparent warm colours. Lips go well in brick red, bright red, orange, copper and bright salmon. Suitable eye shadows for autumn types are any warm, dark tones. Eyeliners in brown, green or full blue.

Autumn types are also very variable in terms of make-up, where they may seem fragile when using a more matted natural make-up or on the contrary dramatically magnificent when using bold colours.

Olive or pea green, khaki, brick red, orange, copper - all these are the right colours for clothes for red-haired autumn types.

Autumn women or girls look best in jewellery made of natural materials, such as wood, semi-precious stones, leather or horn. They also work well with red coral, jasper or agates with warm colour tones.

Colour Typology - WINTER TYPE

Colour Typology Will Help You with Outfits, Make-Up and Accessorising

Typical winter type complexion is slightly bluish, porcelain or with an olive undertone. Hair is dark, ranging from dark brown, brown-black to black with bluish shine. Even eyebrows and eyelashes of winter types are dark and bold. In eye colour, grey, grey-blue, dark brown to black or even icy-blue prevail.

Winter types seem bold and contrasting. In make-up, winter types should strive to underline their contrast; they don't have to be afraid of bold colours. The base make-up for winter types is light and applied in a very thin layer, with light pink blush. Lips look great in red, violet or pink. Eye shadows work well in tones of icy-blue, green, grey and violet. Winter types wear black eyeliners.

Unlike other colour types, winter types don't have to be afraid of black and white combinations. Dark blue is also a good choice. Black in combination with clear cool colours will make a winter-type woman or girl shine; geometrical shapes can only flatter. However, winter women should refrain from wearing "pale" green and shades of brown (apart from the dark chocolate brown). If you are a winter type not too keen on fashion drama, you may also use pastel colours, dark blue, bold green, bold pink and cherry red.

Winter types look best in shiny, big, extravagant jewellery. Jewellery of bold colours is perfect, such as semi-precious stones such as onyx, dark-red ruby, obsidian, malachite. Winter types can also wear jewellery made of less traditional materials, e.g. plexi glass.

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