Choose Healing Stones Against Illness of the Body and Soul

Healing stones and their power were used already by our ancestors for their physical and spiritual troubles. Their effect may help in many areas of life, but only in case you learn to use them correctly. In order for the healing stones to work, you need to know how to choose the right ones and how to take care of them properly.

Healing Stones in the Past and in the Present

At present, when we live more and more naturally in a world of modern technologies, it also shows more and more how important it is for our health and well-being to be connected to nature and its natural order. One of the possibilities how to "connect" with nature is the path of stones, mainly expensive and rare stones. Our ancestors used the tremendous power and energy the healing stones bring to their bearer. Precious stones may influence various physical and mental processes in the body, they connect us with nature, have healing powers and bring us luck and positive energy. Moreover, they are decorative and aesthetically pleasing when set in jewellery. Precious stones were used in production of amulets and charms already in Antiquity; people used to wear them on their bodies or had them placed in their homes. They were even included in potions, magical rituals, meditations, etc.

How to Choose the Right Stone for You 

There are several options and criteria of choosing the right stone for you. We can take our pick according to the Sun horoscope where each zodiac sign has its own assigned stone in order for it to influence positively various mental aspects and health conditions of the sign. Another option to choose a stone is its influence on a given problem or illness. If you want to use stones to unblock your chakras, take its colour into account. In case you don't have the stone with the appropriate chakra colour, use crystal or rose quartz. The best lead is your intuition and personal feelings. Various stones impress various people in various ways. Personal preferences, i.e. your impressions of the stone and how the stone attunes with you, are usually the most exact criteria.

Each of the healing stones has its characteristic origin, composition, colouring, various abilities, power and energy. 

Cleansing and "Recharging" the Stone

After we bring the healing stone to our home, we should cleanse it correctly first. It is also advisable to cleanse the stone after each use, and in certain interval even if we wear it. Precious stones also work as transmitters of energies they encounter and they are often exposed to a wide range of influences during the day. This happens even in cases when their wearer is strongly influenced by stress and emotions or illness. If you don't recharge and cleanse the stone, it loses its healing powers.

ametyst_fullsizeTraditionally, healing stones were cleansed in clean running water, in a stream or a brook; tap water is not very suitable for this particular purpose. Some healing stones such as malachite, hematite or turquoise must not be cleansed with water. The alternative is to submerge the stones into a bowl filled with water and salt. Some stones (opal, turquoise) become more fragile in water. A good cleansing method suitable for all kinds of stones is fumigating them in a bowl with burning fumigating agent. The stones also cleanse well under direct sunlight. However, most light-blue stones and some rose stones may lose their colour a little under direct sunlight.

Methods of Using Stones for Healing Purposes

There are several basic procedures on how to use precious stones for healing purposes. Apart from its decorative function, a stone may have positive influence merely by placing it somewhere in our home or workplace. We can also wear the stones for long-term effect; apart from wearing them as pendants or in bracelets, we can wear the stones in the pocket or even firmly glued to the affected area.

By placing a stone to the place of desired influence, we achieve the stone acting on the given organ. We can also use our knowledge of chakras or acupuncture points.

Any stone can be used for meditation, but the most commonly and traditionally used ones are crystal and obsidian.

Washing the affected area with water made of leach of the given precious stone.

Placing stones on chakras, basically according to appropriate colours corresponding to the chakra colours.



The Colour of the Stones

Stone colourings provide some basic orientation system for us since each colour bears certain vibration, energies and abilities of the stone.

White and Transparent

These healing stones symbolize cleanness, neutrality, acceptance, equilibration. They symbolize perfection and creative energy. White or transparent precious stones include crystal, magnesite and white agate.


Pink stones are typically represented by rose quartz. Stones of this colour bring energy of empathy and emotions, ability to forgive.


Red stones symbolize energy, sensitiveness, sensuality. They accelerate life energy and intensity of experience. Rubies, red jaspers and Czech garnets represent this colour.


Orange stones improve and support the joy of living. They also support internal harmony, bravery and creative power. They are for example carnelians and calcites.


Yellow precious stones bring luck, feeling of security, they rid us of depressions and worries; they activize us and support agility and happiness. Citrine is the typical yellow stone.


Green stones cleanse, balance energies, heal and bring optimism. They are for example emeralds, aquamarines and moldavites.


Amethysts are usually purple; they make us calm and they support spiritual balance and consciousness.


Blue stands for loosening, peace, honesty and search for the truth. Blue stones are e.g. lapis lazuli, azurites and others.


Endurance, melting blocks and support to our focus - these are the main effects of black-coloured stones. They are e.g. obsidian and onyx.

Brown or Gold-brown

They rid us of stress and tension, they are earthy and anchor us to security. If you are looking for a brown stone, try smoky quartz or tiger's eye.

Healing Stones According to the Sun Horoscope

Healing stones recommended according to the Sun horoscope may sometimes vary in individual sellers. If you want to wear a precious stone of your zodiac sign, consider its other effects and energies it bears. Traditionally, the following stones are assigned to the individual zodiac signs:



21.3. -20. 4. Amethyst, carnelian, jasper, ruby, diamond
TAURUS 21.4. - 21.5. Agate, aventurine, malachite, rose quartz
GEMINI 22.5 - 21.6. Tiger's eye, amber, citrine, topaz
CANCER 22.6. - 22.7. Chalcedony, moonstone, pearls, amber
LEO 23.7 - 23.8. Amber, crystal, diamond, emerald, sunstone
VIRGO 24.8. -23.9. Agate, citrine, garnet, carnelian, lazurite
LIBRA 24.9. - 23.10. Obsidian, topaz, aquamarine, rose quartz, pearl, coral
SCORPIO 24.10 - 23.11. Magnetite, hematite, red tiger's eye, garnet, ruby, topaz
SAGITTARIUS 24.11. - 21.12. Sodalite, sapphire, labradorite, obsidian, turquoise, smoky quartz
CAPRICORN 22.12. - 19.1. Rose quartz, ruby, crystal, turquoise, smoky quartz
AQUARIUS 20.1 - 18.2. Jasper, amber, aquamarine, crystal, charoite
PISCES 19.2. - 20.3. Coral, turquoise, opal, jasper, moonstone

Illnesses and Problems and Efficient Healing Stones


Allergies, asthma: aquamarine is a variety of beryl, it is blue or blue-green and it supports calmness and movement forward

Belligerence, internal aggression: feelings of aggression, anger and exhaustion will be quenched by rose quartz or aquamarine

Emotional or partner blocks: fire opal, obsidian, tiger's eye, amethyst, rose quartz

Headaches: crystal with tourmaline roots, massage your temples with a processed nugget

Aches in joints and bones: chiastolite – so called cross stone. Place on the affected area or wash with chiastolite water

Back ache: smoky quartz – massage the affected area with a nugget

Celulitis: smoky quartz, Place on the affected area or wash with smoky quartz water

Anaemia, blood problems: ruby or red jasper, carry them near your heart

Diet: support the diet regime by drinking magnesite water; drink several sips in the morning before eating anything and then before each meal as it reduces appetite

Depression: feelings of depression and destruction will be mitigated by spodumene, opal, aquamarine, garnet, citrine, pink and dark-red coral and gold

Energy, life energy: crystal charges their wearer with life energy, stimulates the psyche, supports independence, it harmonizes, symbolizes cleanness in all levels and forms. If you severely lack energy, try hematite and its power; however do not wear it too often as it may cause headaches. If you wish to slow the aging process, try wearing emeralds, washing your skin with emerald water helps postpone wrinkle formation


Epilepsy: emerald, jasper and green tourmaline are recommended with this illness as well as silver and copper; they may mitigate the course of the illness and prevent occurrence of epileptic seizures

Immunity: tourmaline strengthens the entire body and regenerates it

Liver: place citrine or ruby to support liver function

Cough, cold, angina: prevent them by wearing aquamarine, which also mitigates the problems when they have already set in

Kidneys: sapphire water cleanses not only kidneys but also the rest of the body from toxins; jade helps with kidney stones and other kidney problems

Menstruation and women problems in general: moon stone is a general female stone: it mitigates painful menstruation, helps moderate problems and hormonal swings in the menopause period, it protects women against onsetting gynaecological problems, degrades mental blocks when trying to conceive, it is suitable for wearing during pregnancy (in such case we recommend a moon stone bracelet) and supports lactation. It also supports the lymphatic system.

Red jasper will help you correct your irregular menstruation. When the body is exhausted after menstruation and after bloodloss, use hematite to support your organism's functions; ruby also works well.

Insomnia: rose quartz or crystal may help. The combination of crystal, rose quartz and black tourmaline is the best as it absorbs negative geopathogenic zones.

Lack of sexual appetite: you can use garnet or ruby; you can carry these in your pocket, near your genitalia. Men's potency will be supported by agate or pearls.

Heart: Rubysupport the heart function; it strengthens the heart and lowers the blood pressure. We can also harmonize heart work with rose quartz.

Stress: stress and other similar civilization problems can be mitigated with crystal, citrine, amethyste

Ovaries, Fallopian tubes: striped agate or red jasperhelp heal and mitigate inflammations and infections

Addictions: astrophylite, smoky quartz and durmotieritehelp breaking free from them and shaking your bad habits

Fractures, bones: magnesite and calcite help accelerate the healing process and boost general quality and strength of bones




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