Cellulite - What To Do About It?

Cellulite is a scare for women in the countries of the developed world. It is not a disease in the true meaning of the word, the problem is rather aesthetic, but it is true that cellulite that goes on long untreated may lead to further health complications such as leg ulcers and swelling in lower limbs. Dimpling and nodular skin affects mainly women but in some cases, men have it too. We often encounter the term "orange peel skin".

The term comes from France, as cellulite is called peau d'orange in French because the dimpling in the affected regions of the skin resembles dimples in orange skin. Some body parts, such as thighs and buttocks, have a propensity to cellulite. Occurrence of cellulite is often related to periods of hormonal changes in the body. These periods include puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Hormonal contraception may also cause cellulite.

How Does Cellulite Occur?

Most people with cellulite have a problem with obesity. Weight gain results in enlarged fat cells. Rigid bundles of connective tissue run between the skin and deeper tissues; they are firmly anchored which makes clusters of fat cells protrude in the only way possible - upward against the skin. This accounts for the typical dimples of cellulite. Furthermore, insufficient lymphatic circulation may also develop cellulite significantly. Lymph is a milky-coloured liquid that runs waste substances and toxins away from tissues intercellular spaces through lymph vessels. If a lymph becomes clogged, the entire lymphatic system becomes insufficient, causing these side products to settle in the tissues. This explains the occurrence of cellulite in women who are not obese.

Cellulite Symptoms

Dimply and nodular skin resembling orange peel most frequently occurs on thighs, buttocks and hips. In some cases, it may also occur on arms or stomach.



Options of mitigation or treatment


Traces of orange peel skin are only visible when we pinch the skin

It is no problem remove it with regular care


Orange peel skin is visible when we clench our muscles or sit on hard surface

There is no certainty of complete removal, but regular care can greatly mitigate it


Dimples in the skin are always visible, regardless of whether we are sitting, clenching muscles or just standing

The symptoms can be mitigated with thorough care and maintaining recommended treatment


Significant topographical dimpling, visible, a consequence of untreated cellulite.

This stage is irreversible

Prevention of Orange Peel Skin

Prevention is always better than actual treatment. The basic prerequisite of prevention is to maintain your weight reasonably. Beware of fast and uncontrolled weight gain. Regular movement and exercise are also great forms of prevention. Exercise will support both lymph and blood circulation and help you lose excessive fat. Exercise mainly muscles in calves and buttocks. Drink plenty of water, avoid drinking alcohol and do not drink caffeinated beverages. Eat fruits or vegetables five times a day.

Cellulite Risk Factors

No 100%, adjusting your diet and regular exercise may help

Risk factor

Onset stage


Change in hormones in blood

Puberty, Menopause, Pregnancy

No 100%, adjusting your diet and regular exercise may help

Hormonal contraception

Throughout the whole period of using hormonal contraception and even after going off of it

Avoid further supply of estrogen, in food or in various medicinal drugs and supplements

Weakening of the connective tissue and obesity

At any time during our life

Regular exercise and balanced diet

Bad liver activity

At any time during our life

Supporting metabolism; milk thistle supports the liver activity


At any time during our life

Effort to remove other risk factors for cellulite

Detoxification Diet

The basis of a detoxification diet is sufficient drinking regime based on fresh water. Even diluted fruit and vegetable juices and herb teas are suitable. You should completely refrain from drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages. You should put as much fresh and raw vegetables and fruits into your diet. Fruits and vegetables contain loads of vitamins, dietary fibre and other important substances which are easily digestible and they are the type of foods that may help your skin get firmer. Cereal or bean sprouts and various seeds are also suitable. Reduce your intake of animal products and animal fats. Dairy products do not help detoxification either. This type of diet should rid the body of excess fluids, waste substances and toxins.

Jump Start Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a set of biochemical processes in the body during which calories accepted in food transition into energy. Approximately 70% of these calories are used for basic processes and body functions, including breathing, blood circulation and thermoregulation; another 20% is used for physical activity when walking and exercising, and the body needs the remaining 10% to digest food. Metabolism pace depends mainly on our genetic predispositions we were given by our parents. Women's metabolism is frequently slower than men's; furthermore, women's body has a tendency to maintain more fat for a potential pregnancy. However, there are some processes to help accelerate metabolism.

  • The main rule of metabolism acceleration is to not forget breakfasts. At night, the metabolic processes slow down considerably and it is therefore necessary to jump start them properly in the morning. People underestimating breakfasts usually have tendencies to overeat in the afternoons. Cortisol is a hormone that helps use calories for muscle matter building. In the morning, the cortisol level in the body is at its peak and so your breakfast and calories in it are ready to be turned into muscle matter
  • Another rule for healthy metabolism is to eat regularly. Omitting a meal leaves metabolism with nothing to do. If you do not eat longer than 4 hours, the body proclaims an emergency and starts to store fat. The best solution is to eat in smaller portions multiple times a day. All-day sitting by the computer slows metabolism down although you exercise earnestly and regularly. If you have a sedentary job, make sure you don't spend your entire day sitting. Enjoy at least a bit of movement every 2-3 hours in your daily routine, even a short walk is helpful..
  • You can also accelerate metabolism with green tea, apples, soy and some spicy foods such as chilli, tabasco or fresh ginger.



How to Make Your Blood and Lymphs Run

In order to prevent occurrence and further development of cellulite is healthy and functional blood and lymph circulation. Both systems thrive if we do not overburden them with fat and unbalanced diet. We can enhance their correct functioning by drinking a sufficient amount of fresh water, diluted fruit and vegetable juices and unsweetened tea. A good way to make lymph run in your body is showering alternately with warm and cold water and going to sauna. Another efficient method is taking lymphatic massages that cleans the lymphatic system and help unclog its passages. Even a home massage of the affected parts is good; use a lufa or a rough massage glove with circular moves every day after shower.

Treating Cellulite at Home

In case you suffer from primary or secondary cellulite, begin its treatment with home-made aids. Apart from the aforementioned advice on adjusting your diet, metabolism, regular movement or massages, you can help get rid of cellulite with various poultices, creams and baths in your home.

Cellulite Ivy Cream

Quality ivy creams are commonly available for purchase; however, if you wish to make your own home-made cream, the following recipe may help you.


  • 10 ml beeswax 
  • 5 ml emulsifying beeswax 
  • 15 ml almond oil 
  • 5 ml avocado oil 
  • 60 ml ivy extract (double concentration) 
  • 8 drops of oregano, fennel and rosemary essential oils


Melt the waxes in a double-bottomed bowl, heat up the oils and add them to the waxes. Whip the ivy extract into the mixture and let it cool. After the mixture has cooled down, add the essential oils. Put the mixture into little jars.

Fotolia_595048_XSWrap of Mud from the Dead Sea

The mud from the Dead Sea contains high concentration of salts and minerals. Toxins bound by fat cells get released and discharged from the body. The unique composition of the Dead Sea mud provides immediate effect by activating the lymph system and making the body to respond right away.

Dietary Supplements and Vitamins

  • Aloe Vera: contains enzymes and minerals that help the body fight cellulite 
  • Ginkgo biloba: supports correct functioning of the cardiovascular system 
  • Grape extract: is good in both prevention and treatment of cellulite
  • Lactic acid: supportive influence against complexion ageing
  • Glycolic acid: accelerates cellular regeneration

Machine Treatment to Cellulite

Cellulite can be treated and reduced by means of various machines used in treatment of various diseases but they were also proven useful in cellulite treatment.

Shockwave therapy is a painless non-invasive method that is used mainly in orthopedy to treat the musculoskeletal system. The shock pulses induce regeneration and healing processes within tissues. Acoustic waves disturb the fat deposits, it strengthens the connective tissue and therefore also smoothens the skin and the hypodermis. The skin gets strengthened and its texture improved, its natural flexibility restored, connective tissue activated and the cellulite volume reduced. The aesthetic use of shockwave helps improve not only cellulite, but also treatment and mitigation of striae, miniature scars in places where the skin changed due to fast changes in weight or during pregnancy. The shockwave can be used also for overall strengthening of the skin and for improving its elasticity; it can even remove lymph swellings. The shockwave cellulite treatment should involve at least six sessions, ideally two sessions a week and the treatment is always applied to the same region of the body. After 4 sessions, the skin structure gets improved and strengthened. In order to enhance the treatment effects, a maintaining application is recommended to take place once a month. Improvement comes gradually; the results are usually visible after several weeks or months. You may also encounter the term AWT treatment.

Another way to treat cellulite is with ultrasound. Ultrasound liposuction is non-invasive and painless. The ultrasound machine makes fat tissues melt down during the treatment. During the ultrasound liposuction, the fat cells are actively split but the subcutaneous connective tissue is stretched and strengthened and the lymph system is activated and cleared.

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