Autumn Natural Body Detoxification

Detoxifying your body in autumn has positive effects on the interior cleansing of your body and its preparation for the cold winter months. It is a several-day cleanse that is to be applied not only in spring but also in autumn. After summer, the body is flooded with toxins. The autumn detoxification will strengthen your body and help it prepare for the period of colds, running nose, coughing, temperatures and flu.

Symptoms of Toxins in Your Body

  • metabolic problems (flatulence, full feeling, belching)
  • headache
  • joint ache
  • overall fatigue
  • bad concentration
  • problems with sleep, waking up frequently during the night, insomnia
  • bad mood, depression
  • physical exhaustion
  • health problems - frequent anginas, flu, colds, coughs, respiratory problems

Adjust Your Diet

The most essential and probably the simplest way to start cleansing your body is to adjust your diet. During the detox cleanse, refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee, black teas and from smoking. We can guess the main sins against healthy diet by ourselves; fried foods, overly salty, sweetened or fat foods. Ready-to-cook foods and foods with many additives are also a no go. Even in a cleanse, changes are to be introduced gradually; sudden and significant changes could do us more harm than good.

Gradually prepare your body for the detoxification process by omitting the most dangerous foods from your diet and add walks to your weekly or best daily routine. Let your body rest and decompress by relaxation exercises and cleansing baths; a quality massage can do miracles to your health.

Body detoxification is best taken from square one by cleansing the liver and the gall bladder which are places with the highest amount of pollutants settling. Liver is very important for our body. They contribute to blood and urea production. Few people know that liver also influences eyesight so we can expect our vision to clear and sharpen when we cleanse the liver. Clean liver also increases the overall immune ability of the body, it prevents acne from occurring as well as some types of eczemas.

Foods Suitable for Body Detoxification


There are several natural ways to cleanse your liver. The best step is to use lemon juice. This cleanse requires maintaining a diet. Lemon juice prepared from one lemon and mixed with 2 dcl of water does wonders to your body when you drink it each morning before breakfast. It will generally adjust your metabolism and enhance the liver.

Milk Thistle

The most powerful herb for a correct function of liver is milk thistle which supports growth of new liver cells. You can even make milk thistle teas and drink them through the day. Ginger tea is also good.

Red Beets

Red beets support activity of liver and kidneys, they support toxin discharge from the body. Throughout centuries, this plant has been considered a perfect source of vitamins, fertility, vitality, energy in general and longevity. Salads from fresh red beets are wonderful, but we can also make a delicious beet spread. Beet soups or borscht are also delicious. We can preserve red beets or pickle them. They will always guarantee a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals for us.

Red Beet Spread

Grate the beets, add grated cheese or a soft cheese, pressed garlic, salt and pepper and mix everything together. Serve with wholemeal bread.


Another excellent way to accelerate your body detoxification is enriching your diet with typical fruits of autumn - apples. Apples help tremendously in diets and losing weight.

Apples are anti-inflammatory, they have microbial effects and they help generate blood. If we eat one (chemically untreated) apple in the morning or in the evening, we adjust bowel activity. Positive effects of apples can be used in various metabolic diseases, dropsy, vertigo or even cold. Apple vinegar reduces the feeling of hunger; it burns fats and reduces excess weight. We can eat apples not only fresh, but we can make a kompot or juice out of them. Apart from their influence on immunity, they are also beneficial for human psyche. We can make a delicious autumn kompot with apples.

Autumn Apple Kompot

Peel the apples and remove the cores. We chop the apples into pieces, put them in a pot and add some cinnamon and some clove. We don't even need to add any sugar if the apples are sweet enough on their own. We boil the mixture on medium flame until the mixture starts foaming. Then we turn the stove off and we let the pot finish boiling. Subsequently, we can combine it with pears, plumes, etc. We can eat the kompot hot or cold.


The meat of this typical autumn plant contains a lot of minerals, iron, potassium, magnesium and sodium. The Hokkaido pumpkin has recently found a great popularity in the Czech cuisine. We use it to prepare very thick soups. Here are some recipes for your inspiration: Hokkaido pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin Soup

Peel the onion, chop it into pieces and fry it in a pan on oil until it turns gold. Add chopped pumpkin and pour broth over everything. Let the mixture boil for 20 minutes until it gets soft. Then put it off the stove and let it cool down. Then blend the soup and add some salt, pepper and curry. Boil it for another bit on medium flame. We can serve the soup with a little low-fat yoghurt, with parsley or basil.

We can also prepare pumpkin as part of various vegetable mixtures with potatoes baked in the oven in a baking bowl. Pumpkin is also a great improvement to various dry desserts.


Cauliflower is a very popular vegetable and it is a great helper with detoxification and weight reduction. It has diuretic effects; it modifies intestinal activity and reduces blood pressure. A hundred grams of cauliflower contains the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Healthy types of processing are boiling or baking.

Cauliflower mixture aka Brains

Boil the cauliflower until it softens, let it cool down and chop into pieces. Mix it with fried onions, add salt and pepper and pour mixed eggs over it. Mix everything together until it connects and shrinks.


Spinach is a perfect vegetable for autumn fatigued and weak body since it is a source of antioxidants, reduces cholesterol and helps control the feeling of hunger. Spinach contains a wide variety of nutrients. It has vitamins A, E and K, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. We recommend cooking spinach only shortly as it loses many of its advantages when exposed to high temperatures. You can use raw spinach for salads, add it on canapés; it also makes a fine side-dish to meat or as part or filling of dough. Spinach juice is excellent for cleansing your bowels.


Ginger also helps nicely against autumn tiredness, it supports metabolism, has positive effects against inflammatory processes and viruses. It is a great prevention against colds and cancer. Ginger is excellent for making teas or adding it grated into salads. Ginger taste is very intense, if you don't feel like having ginger tea, try making a ginger drink.

Ginger Drink

Pour a small amount of boiling water over chopped ginger. Boil it for one minute. Strain it, sweeten it and let it cool down. Add any amount of water you feel like drinking and add orange, apple, cranberry or another juice to your taste. There is a small bonus of ginger having aphrodisiacal effects as well.

Herbs and Herb Teas

Many herbs are popular in terms of body detoxification, but the top herb that makes it into many products in cosmetics as well is aloe vera.

Nettle teas are also known for their detoxification effects, they cleans the body, get rid of excess water in it and act beneficially on the lymphatic system. Nettles are antiseptic, antivirus, against cough, flu and they have positive influence on urinary and respiratory tracts. They also positively influence stomach; they support metabolism and bowel activity. They also support hematopoiesis.

When it comes to various health problems, sea-buckthorn is also a suitable solution, since it helps with trouble concerning stomach and bowels and stomach ulcers. They have anti-inflammatory influence on bowels and lungs. They positively influence our stress levels, blood circulation and immune system. Sea-buckthorn juice is a perfect tool of autumn detoxification. It contains a range of vitamins, mainly vitamin C, minerals and other active substances.

Dog rose (Rose canina), known for its fruits called hips, contains vitamins C, B, P and K. Hip tea makes our body stronger in general, it is diuretic and it increases our endurance against infections.

The most powerful herb for a correct function of liver is milk thistle which supports growth of new liver cells. You can even make milk thistle teas and drink them through the day.

Echinacea is used to prevent infectious diseases and to enhance the immune system in general. It is suitable when treating respiratory diseases, flu, angina, cold, chronic bladder inflammations, and inflammations of female genitals, prostate, inflammation of lymph nodes.

Chamomile is one of the basic healing herbs. It has positive effects in treatment of inflammations, it helps the pain and healing and it makes us relax. It releases spasms in the digestive system; it helps in stomach or intestinal problems.

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