Astral Travel

Astral travel is one of the forms of OBE (out of body experience). Such an experience takes place in the brain and it consists in separating the "astral body" from the physical body. This phenomenon has been described in various times, regions and cultures, in people of various ages and from various social strata. In short, astral travel is not a privilege of a certain group of people, but almost anyone can experience it.

What Is Astral Travel

Astral travel is based on the fact that each person has both a physical body and an astral body that you can separate from your physical vessel using your will. These two bodies are connected with a kind of fibre (also called a silver cord) which is a way back to "our time and space".

Even though astral travel is a phenomenon many experts have examined using state-of-the-art research methods, it is still unclear. However, it is certain that anyone can experience astral travel thanks to various meditation techniques. During the experience, you can also take control of the situation entirely and gradually adjust astral travel to suit your needs.

For most people, it is naturally a very attractive idea that they can leave their physical body and travel to any place they can think of, to fly, go through walls and limitlessly visit any people. Astral travel is not limited by place or time, it depends solely on our consciousness and the ability to completely let go of our thoughts that are essentially the only disturbing factor. However, it is a matter of long-term practice to keep our thoughts in control and only a small percentage of people attempting astral travel are able to persist despite repeated failures.

At the beginning, the desire to try astral travel is driven by desire for adventure and for experiencing absolute freedom without the limitations of the physical vessel; to watch known places from different perspectives as well as to go to places man has not examined yet. But astral travel has so much more to offer than to exploring the world from a different perspective. People who made astral travel a common part of their life describe these experiences as somewhat of a path to the desired enlightenment.

Is Astral Travel Dangerous?

Well, it is and it isn't. During astral travel, you visit a world entirely different from ours and after some exploring time, you can communicate with beings inhabiting it. It is up to each individual what forces are they willing to play with. Same as in "our world", you can encounter both good creatures and creatures that will try to harm you. It is up to you as to how far you will let them do it.

How to Prepare Yourself and Your Surroundings for Astral Travel

You have to set the conditions for astral travel in such a way as to eliminate disturbing elements. Therefore, it is almost necessary to:


  • Pick a place where no other people can disturb you.
  • Remove all disturbing objects (clocks, electric wires, shiny objects, etc.).
  • Set pleasant temperature in the room (ca 22°C).
  • Close the curtains to make the room dark (even at night, to shade the room from streetlamp light).
  • Lie on a comfortable bed.
  • Do not eat at least 2 hours before the experience.


How to Astral Travel - First Experience

1.    Learn to Relax

The most important factor of success in astral travel is the right relaxation. You must be absolutely relaxed, which is impossible e.g. at the time of illness, on a full stomach or hungry. In order to learn to relax properly, it helps if you learn how to breathe correctly. Focus on breathing and on nothing else. Even if you don't experience astral travel after, it is a very calming form of relaxation. Yoga could help as well.

2.    Be Patient

Lie on your back with your arms along your body and just breathe for a while, nothing more. Gradually, start imagining that your "astral body" is separating from your physical body very slowly and it is rising upward. This step may take long since there are always many disturbing elements, and at the beginning and with no practice, it is difficult only to relax. Do not get discouraged by many futile attempts; even those for whom astral travel is a daily bread have been through those initial obstacles.

3.    Keep Calm

As soon you relax enough to stop feeling your body, the next step is to get rid of all your thoughts, even though you have a great many of them. You will recognize the moment when it is possible to leave your physical body. Some people describe it as buzzing, others as whistling, vibrations or sudden feeling of warmth - this stimulus is clearly entirely idiosyncratic. It usually happens that the first experience of leaving the physical body ends in a huge startle from an entirely unknown feeling when you realise that you are awake and looking at your own physical body. This startle causes you to return to your body for a short moment, which is accompanied with a twitch, and in some cases this quick return is followed by tremor. Practice and nothing but practice will help you shake off these not entirely pleasant feelings.

We asked Mr Rene about his personal experience of astral travel.

How did you manage to "travel out of your body"? Was it purposeful or was it a coincidence?

I was definitely not trying to do it. I've always had a problem meditating at peace. I get a lot of back pain and my train of thoughts is pretty unstoppable, so just trying to meditate for five minutes is tough enough for me. It happened that I went to visit my friends who were doing one of their courses, this time it was an automatic drawing course. And during the evenings, we held long talks with my friends, usually until the sun came up, and during the day, we were resting on the rocks above the dam or taking some parts of the course. So I was still in a sort of "active meditation", but mainly I got physically really tired, and that is the main reason, I think. Sleep deprivation played its role as well. It was a pleasant balanced tiredness. I think that was the main reason it happened. My ego just left, it doesn't want anything to do with these things and the tiredness caused that I was in no condition to think about stuff and I was less aware of my aching back. And so it happened. I was sitting with a friend of mine by the fire, my legs crossed, and I feel nice. I thought to myself that I could meditate, that this time it could really work. And as soon as I thought about it, I felt I was slipping away into "nothingness". And there was a last thought. "this is the real meditation". I realised I was happy. I started feeling really well, as if snuggled into some velvet blanket where you'll feel well forever. At the same time, I felt or heard some kind of cracking in my ears, it caught my attention and I opened my eyes. Try to sit and look around. You see your hands, legs, even your body. But I saw none of that.

How would you describe your feelings when your "astral body" got separated from the physical vessel?

I guess I'll disappoint you, but it was very fast. When I discovered I was no longer able to "see myself", I got startled and aware that I was outside my own physical body. The startle caused that it popped me right back. But before I opened my eyes and "saw that I couldn't see myself" the feelings were very nice. Maybe a child in her mother's womb feels like that :)

Some people say that when they got back in their body, they felt a strong twitch, tremor or even feared for their life. How did you experience it?

I think the startle or the shock from knowing that something like that happened caused that the return was terrible. I would just say that I was simply in shock, scientifically speaking, so I responded accordingly. I started shivering incredibly and I felt as if I was about to jump right out of my head or fly up and never come back. I got scared. Just scared that I'm gonna fly away and never come back, that I'll just die or something. After half an hour (by my estimate), the shakes cooled off and my friends helped me get to my room so that I could get to bed and sleep it off. I felt like I couldn't walk at all, as if my legs were made of stone... And when I managed to walk, I spontaneously looked behind, thinking that I left my half there - the physical one. I had a very intense feeling that I had to stop every other step to let my body "catch up with me". I think that when you get out of your body calmly and smoothly, you have to re-enter in the say way. As soon as it "throws" you back, as if the astral body is not able to fit right back just yet and it takes a while to make it work again. That's why the shakes. But that's only what I assume.

Would you like to repeat this experience?

Truthfully, the actual experience that I was not ready for was terrible :) However, there was a certain consequence on the next day; when I woke up, I got a beautiful gift for a single day in my life. I guess that because I was tuned to "significantly higher vibrations" thanks to the exit from the body, the vibrations kept coming back during the entire day after before I fully came back to being myself as before. In any case, I had amazing experience when I participated in the second day of the automatic drawing course. We were supposed to draw vibrations of some plant spontaneously. I borrowed an oak lead eagerly and I let my hand draw without thinking about what I was doing. In the end, everybody was able to recognize my picture captured oak energy and the lady who gave me that leaf surprised me by telling me that I drew the exact number of oaks she was picking from on one meadow and also exact rates of their distance and disposition. My later research confirmed it. I also knew what everyone else was thinking about. All I had to do was look at someone and it was as if I was inside of their head or consciousness... I don't even know how to put it... but I knew what they were thinking and feeling. That's how I realised how "reading thoughts" worked. I also perceived my surroundings differently; I perceived everything so purely, as if I saw the very structure of things. The entire day was original. Thanks to keeping my "higher vibrations" I was able to enjoy becoming a real sorcerer or mage for a moment and gain abilities that I only knew from books or movies. I have always been perceptive, but this was the only time I experience reading thoughts. I was a person with extraordinary abilities for one day. And I was definitely not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and I wasn't crazy, it was just natural. If I am to experience something like that ever again, I wanna be better prepared and not scared, it would be worth it!

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