Affirmations - Strength of Your Own Thoughts

Affirmations - Strength of Your Own ThoughtsAffirmations are related to positive thinking and perceiving the world with joy and expectations of good things on our journey through life. The reason some people perceive the world positively and others negatively is the most elementary thing - our own thought. Regardless of age, sex, education, fate or chance - it is our own thoughts that are able to shape the reality we experience and the future. Our mind is a magnificent and powerful force we can use to be successful, win a race, be rich, healthy, and so on.

The word "affirmation" originates from Latin and it means "to strengthen, strengthening". Affirmations are based on a spiritual standpoint that life works from the inside out. If we focus on our strong sides and positive qualities, affirmations will help us keep our consciousness directed towards our own goals.

Affirmations are thoughts pronounced internally to which we attune. They express our desires, convictions and wishes. Through affirmations, we change the course of events to our advantage or disadvantage.

Affirmations and Subconsciousness

Dictionaries offer affirmation meaning reassurance, nod or claim and conviction. Each of us uses words to evaluate themselves, their surroundings and their situation, their appearance, actions or moods. It sometimes happens that we utter these evaluations in a bad mood and they are negative; we use them against ourselves unknowingly and we damage ourselves.

Our subconsciousness is storage of information that records everything we think about and say and it stores both positive and negative statements. The subconsciousness prepares such experiences and situations we inserted in it.

When we consciously make the decision to only store positive and kind statements with optimistic spirit, our subconsciousness starts creating and bringing positive situations and beneficial experiences. If we utter the right and positive affirmations daily, our consciousness rewires and helps us focus on our own strength and ability to shape life to fit our wishes. The power of affirmations is great whether we realise and admit it or not. Affirmations are like seeds planted to the earth; it takes time before they grow and blossom.

The change for the better doesn't always have to be difficult - one or two positive thoughts every day and your life will get more joyful, shinier and happier over time.

Sometimes short affirmations are the most efficient ones since we can repeat them around and around all the time.

"I become what I believe" - your conviction will be stored in the consciousness and you will start living and functioning by them without even realising it. If you refuse a negative thought and replace it with an honest positive affirmation, you can form a positive change in your life.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Each thought that we have, that runs through our brains as well as each word we say, is an affirmation. It happens that we use negative convictions, words and affirmations unknowingly and we don't realise how much these convictions can influence our lives. Only we can determine what our thoughts will be for ourselves. When you say such an affirmation for the first time, virtually nothing happens, but eventually, as you start saying it over and over, you put more and more energy into it and it grows. This applies to both negative and positive thoughts.

An affirmation is like a seed planted to the earth and your consciousness starts to notice it. Same as plants, our thoughts also need time to blossom to the full potential. The more frequently you repeat the affirmation, the faster it will grow. It is also necessary that you believe in such an affirmation; it is likely it won't work without trust. If you noticed it, prefer a new affirmation, an affirmation containing positive statements that make you believe in them and be in complete accordance with them. Affirming is also about patience; it requires practice and it takes time before it gains some effect and the changes start happening.

Positive affirmations will help you bring something new and improved to your life, they will help you get rid of things you find unsatisfactory in your life. You can also sing the affirmations or write them somewhere on a visible place, e.g. on the fridge, nightstand, monitor, bathroom, etc.

The goal of creating and using affirmations is trying to improve your life. Such affirmations definitely shouldn't be a punishment or unpleasant.

What Affirmations Should You Choose for Yourself? 

There are two main ways to affirm. The first possibility and path is to use affirmations created by someone else, the second is to form your own affirmations to fit your needs.

In the former case, you can get a book of affirmations, affirmation cards or let your friends recommend something.

If you want to make your own affirmations, there are various recommendations on how to go about it and it certainly suitable to get acquainted with affirmations from various sources first. Affirmations have to be made in the right form and be truly positive. 

How to Form Your Own Affirmations?

Making your own affirmations can be fun. It is a process during during which actual transformations set off and you gradually acquire a new perspective of yourself and your life. You start the path of self-knowing where you may encounter various forms of your Self and realise what you do not want and find out what is it that will make you happy in life and utter it out loud. Affirmations will help you develop your potential and your creativity; don't be afraid to involve your imagination and become a creator of your life. 

  • Take your time - the process of making affirmations may take even several weeks
  • be patient
  • make time for yourself, sit back at home with a cup of good tea or go for a walk to enjoy the countryside
  • relax, breathe calmly, close your eyes and let all disrupting thoughts flow away
  • when you close your eyes, try writing down what you would like to get rid of, clarify what you do not want in order to find out what is it that you desire and what you truly wish for
  • then make a list: "What do I want":
  • then assess the items you wrote and pick those that appeal to you the most and begin forming affirmations on their basis
  • repeat each affirmation that you make out loud and feel it; also try to perceive how it acts upon you
  • if you are not happy with the affirmation, modify it to make it pleasant and acceptable for you
  • when you complete an affirmation, write it on a piece of paper; you may even decorate it with some illustrations
  • place the affirmation or the list of affirmations to a place you can see at all times
  • repeat the affirmation every day 

When Creating Affirmations, Remember That: 

  • an affirmation should always be positive
  • pronounce affirmations in the first person
  • avoid saying "no" in affirmations (write I want to be healthy rather than I don't want to get sick)
  • affirm in present tense
  • formulate your intention clearly
  • do not use conditionals or wish-words in affirmations /would, I wish, hope, perhaps, it would help if...)
  • open yourself to affirmations and pronounce them enthusiastically
  • as soon as you form an affirmation, start using it
  • perceive what you say and how you say it

How to Pronounce Affirmations: 

  • take several deep breaths
  • pronounce your affirmation every morning and every evening, or even more frequently, if possible
  • learn to say your affirmations by heart and utter it every time any doubts occur
  • imagine a solution to the situation the affirmation concerns
  • imagine yourself as a happy, healthy and rich individual
  • be grateful for all steps, even the smallest ones, for any improvement to your situation, for any change in your life 

You may also find yourself in a situation when your physical body will respond to the affirmation by pressure in your stomach, narrowed throat, etc. Try to accept these symptoms, experience them and realise that they point to the places where your energy is blocked.

These symptoms are not uncommon and your body uses them to tell you how you could cleanse it. Then you can replace the affirmation with another one or try to make your peace with the original affirmation. 

Choose Happiness and Joy in Life

Affirmations - Strength of Your Own Thoughts

Every day, you have the option to decide whether you will be happy or unhappy. This decision is born in your mind. When you choose love, success, happiness and prosperity, you will be happier and generally feel that you are holding your life in your own hands. With positive affirmations, every day will be happier for you than the day before.

Try to realise what was your last thought before falling asleep and what was the first one in the morning. Are they affirmations or words that contribute to your life's quality? 

Each of the thoughts that run through your brain, each word you say becomes a sort of an affirmation - information of your state of mind and on what comes next. For example if you dislike your job, you say to yourself "I hate working here". But unfortunately, that will not bring you any new job. Even the fact that you leave your old job angry and agitated is not very good since you will carry this affect further and push the hatred into a new place. This applies mainly in terms of relationships between partners, friends, co-workers and of your body.

Short and clear affirmations are the best because it is easy to keep saying them round and round all the time. You can use them to attune to new opportunities and possibilities or shape them into a short verse or jig. If you let the affirmation work, it will help you compensate for your previous negative attitude.

The main goal of affirmations is to free yourself and create a new and better life. Affirmations should not mean punishment or unpleasant things for you. Utter your affirmations with an open heart, joy and enthusiasm. They will act faster. Beware of everything you say - your affirmations may change your life. 

Examples of affirmations 

  • I am happy with my health and with my body.
  • I am strong and immune.
  • I feel great.
  • I am having a wonderful day today.
  • I am full of energy.
  • I succeed at anything I put my mind to.
  • I am grateful for my income and abundance I enjoy.
  • I have brilliant ideas.

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